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    What is the home made remedies to increase appetite?

    How to increase my appetite? As I have lost my appetite which results me vomiting everyday during day time and feeling very weak due to less quantity of food intake.
    SO I want to get back my appetite as soon as possible so that I can eat regular basis .I do not want to take any medicine if possible tell me some home made remedies to get back my appetite.
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    There are number of home remedies to increase the appetite. One can follow any of the method given below.
    1. Eating cucumber and radish increases the appetite.
    2. Eating a piece of ginger before meals also helps in increasing the appetite. But, some people do not like the taste of ginger. Such people can take take the ginger juice mixed with lemon juice and salt.
    3. Jamun and Ber are two fruits which help in increasing appetite.


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    I too had the same problem. Actually, I used to eat in small quantities. I could not eat all the food together. So, I tried this multivitamin tablet-'Supradyn'. It is very good. I know, you do not want to opt medicines. But try this one for some days. You will feel the difference. Then you can stop it.


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    Follow these home remedies for increasing appetite and increase the intake of food:

    1. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to divert your mind from this problem of yours and keep yourself engaged in the activities of your interest. Never think of your low appetite and low intake of food
    2. If you have a health problem and if you are a Hindu, try to recite Raama Raksha Stotram regularly which gives a tremendous effect in improving health.
    3. Try to exert your body by regular exercises like walking which is the easiest one or else you can even practice easy yogaasanas on a regular basis under the guidance of a yoga practitioner.
    4. Also do meditation on a regular basis at least 15 minutes a day
    5. Initially take simple and easily digestible food and depend much on fresh green and leafy vegetables.
    6. Avoid taking fatty foods as this will further reduce the appetite
    7. Dry roast ajwain, let it become dark in color, then make it to a powder. Daily in the morning meal, add a pinch of ajwain powder to little cooked rice and take it first and then continue with the meal. This helps in increasing the digestion and thus helps in increasing the appetite as well.
    8. Take small quantities of food at a time with an increase in the number of times
    9. Take a spoonful of ginger juice (extract juice from ginger) and add little honey to it and take this in the morning empty stomach. This will increase the appetite and also helps in easy digestion of food. If you want you can even extract juice from the beetel leaves and add little juice to the ginger juice mixed with honey and take it early in the morning with empty stomach.
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    You can increase your appetite by the following things:

    1)The best thing to increase your appetite and health is eat mushroom. this is the best remedy to get back your appetite.
    2)Eat soyabean for protein.protein helps to increase muscle power .
    3)Eat spanish for fulfillment of iron .
    4)Eat corriander which helps in increase of blood.

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    Lack of appetite with vomiting tendency; I would advise you to go for a LFT(liver function test). You have not stated other habits or details of food intake. Irrespective of your intake of alcohol or otherwise, it would be wise to get a liver functionality test done. An added advantage will be to give enough exercise to your body.
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    Without any further delay, go to a qualified Doctor. Get your LFT done from a reputed Lab as the symptoms indicate a very high chances of Hepatitis or an intestinal infection, which can not be taken lightly.
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