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    How do I complaint about carelessness in 'Free Service' of new bike ?

    How do I complaint about carelessness in 'Free Service' of new bike? I own a bike (Hero Honda Splendor Pro bike bought on 24 May-2011.)I am servicing my bike every two months because I get 6 free service in a year from company from date of purchase.

    Actually, My bike has starting problem. When I start the bike in morning, it need more fuel (in form of racing the lever of fuel) if not given much racing, it start giving jerks. But after run of 5 km or more, it runs fine but again after 8-10 hours it appears same when bike is started from cold condition.

    I complained this during 2,3,and 4th service but they told me that my bike is under used. I do not agree with them.

    I now want to make a complain to direct company officer not just showroom or service station person. How do I proceed?
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    Dear Mr.Paresh,
    Please look for the contact information viz. Website, Customer care nos.,Service engineers contact information etc on the SERVICE BOOKLET given to you with the vehicle. Also look for such information on the Manual or Maintenance instruction cards if any. You may write to the Company Authorities with all details like Invoice no,Services availed so far and your concurrent problem not resolved by the dealer.I am sure very soon you will get appropriate response from the company.If you do not get any proper attention,you can file a complaint in the consumer forum at your district place.
    Hope this all will help you out,
    Good luck,
    Prof.Vijay Karmarkar

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    Thank you sir for your response. I have tried to contact with them but somehow they are not taking interest. I need to restart that process. Hope I will get success in it.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    I too had the same problem but when i said that I will reject the bike then they repaired and solved the problem.

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    Hi Paresh
    Usually the service centers are owned by individuals who do not have much of business ethics as they are assured that since they own the agency anybody who purchases a bike will come for service sooner or later. This gives them undue advantage and they do not bother much about problems of the consumer.
    I faced this problem with my bike too since there was only one service center in the city. My problem got resolved after a new service center opened and situation became more competitive.
    I would advice you to look for some other authorized service center of hero honda in your area. They cannot deny free service available.
    But one more thing you need to keep in mind that since hero honda have now parted ways, these problems are bound to arise i.e. of poor service.
    Try other service center maybe your problem will get resolved.


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    In my opinion if they still don't take any interest in correcting your problem then simply go to Consumer court instead of meeting their officer and explain your problem to them and they will give you the result in a few days

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    In my opinion tell them that you will reject the bike and ask you money back because i too had the same problem but after i told them that i will reject the bike they solved my problem.

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    This type of problems with service centers are general. Talking with them will not solve the issue. In my opinion you should visit the company's official website, register your problem there or call them through the given customer support numbers. They will try to sort it out since the company will never like to loose any of its customers or his self-reputation.
    If the problem persist, then you must file your complaint in the Consumer Forum. Because there's no other options left.

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    There are two things you can try out to report out the issue as well as to solve it, first one go to particular company's website and complain about the centre from where you are facing problem of after sells service, as the dealer is associated with the company and this is affecting company's reputation, they will take care of it.
    Another option you have is to complain about in the consumer forum and your problem will be solved as well as you might receive some sort of compensation.
    I would suggest you to go with the 1st option, as second is a quite hectic process.


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