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    Difference between 'award' and 'reward'

    I am not clear about the use of two words, 'award' and 'reward'. Please explain me the differnce of these two words. It seems to me that two words are same. Here I am giving two sentences. Which one is correct?

    1. I was awarded the first prize in the quize contest.
    2. I was rewarded the first prize in the quize contest.
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    Award and reward, its a good question let me explain you with example.

    Award - If you score high mark in the university exam or in Board exam.You will be awarded by the school or collage. For your work, you got appreciation that is award.

    Reward - If you are working on a project and it became very successfull.For that your client is happy with your work since they are benefited by your work they give you a patting and this is called as reward.

    Simple you say - to make you happy if somebody is giving something then it is an award. If you make others happy and they give you something then it is reward.


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    Hello Akhter,
    The difference between award and reward -
    1) Award - Prize given in the form of cup or a medal.
    2) Reward - Prize given as cash for our performance.

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    Award is something which was predetermined and reward which is not fixed and can vary as per the performance.

    E.g. An employee gets a salary of Rs. 20000 p.m., this is his award for working whole month.
    The employee performs very well and employer impressed with work gives him additional Rs. 5000.
    This Rs. 5000 is reward.


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    Generally the award and reward are similar words, but we can distinguise slightly between the two:

    Award is something which is given to recognise your contribution by mass people.Generally this is social recognition which is given through this reward. For example the OSCAR award for the best movies, booker prize to the writer of the best book etc. It is recognition which has very social significance.

    Reward is very personal recognition, which may or may not recognised(awareness) by the society. For example one employee has performed very well in the organisation, and he is rewarded with promotion. We are getting reward point for purchasing throgh credit card above some fixed amount.Cash incentives or kind incentives for achievement of some goal.

    In short,if you are getting some prize which has social relevance (Physical may or may not be) is called award. where as reward is like cash prize, kind, gifts ets(Social relevance may or may not be).

    I can say "I was awarded the first prize in the quize contest". In above sentence, your winning is something recognition among the other competitor as well as in your society. May be that you got a cash prize of some small amount with your token of certificate of winner.

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    Hi Guys,

    The word AWARD mostly used as a synonym for PRIZE.
    And the word REWARD mostly used as a synonym for HONOR.

    Hope this helps!!!
    Cheers :)

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    The term award is quite similar to reward. But the difference between the two is that when we win in a competition, then the prize is award. Whereas when we complete the task given in an effective manner within or before the limited time then its reward.

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    Though they are used in same context, but then also they have a difference.
    Award is the word when it is given on person's or group achievement.
    Reward is the word when a person gets a return for doing some good work.


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