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    How to create a new blog and earn some good income?

    I want to create my own blog. I want to know some details how to create a blog? I want to earn some money from that blog. What should i do to recognise my blog by google? Should i pay any amount to google to accept my blog? I need complete details about the creation of blog and to be recognised by google?
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    A blog is a website where you can post self written content and finally monetize it for cash if it is really good and you receive a good amount of traffic to your blog. There are to be honest, many hosting websites which allow users to create new blog accounts and blog free of cost.

    You do not need to pay to any of these blog sites. My personal choice would be either WordPress or Blogger. Both these are very good and efficient for blogging. Also they are dynamic in nature and are constantly tuned to suit the users. To create a blog, you just need to go to one of these sites, create an account and then start writing the content. The tutorials for this vary and will be provided on the blogger sites.

    You need not pay any money to Google to be listed on that search Engine. All you need is good and genuine content. You need to post attractive and genuine content which attracts a lot of people to your website. The type of content you posts determines the type of traffic you get. The users mostly search Google first and then are directed to the particular website. Hence you need to learn SEO too. Also, you must keep posting content regularly and in a very nice and attractive way. This will help you develop a good user base. Once your blog is six months old, you can apply for Google Adsense program. Google will check your application individually and approve or deny you depending the site's genuineness, content length and various other factors. Then once Google Adsense account is approved, Ads will be shown on your blog which will generate revenue if a user clicks on the Ads displayed on your page. This is the way to earn from Google Adsense. There are similar other sites like Kontera etc which are similar in nature.

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    Mr. Venkaiahreddy Kota,
    You don’t have to pay anything to Google for getting your blog approved. But here are basic thing which you should understand while writing a blog.
    1. You should write a blog on the topics which you think people will search, be it social, political, travel, science and technology, relationship, education, products, etc.
    2. The title of your blog should be easy and small. Which you think the people will search in any search engine.
    3. You should write the topic in explaining manner.
    4. You should have a good summery to your blog.
    5. If possible add images to your blog to make it more impressive.
    6. After posting a blog link it with the social networking site so that you have more visitors to your blog
    7. Your blog should have nice summary to introduce you particular blog.
    8. You should put effective tags (keywords) which you think are related to your blog.
    9. Your blog should be in good English and with proper grammar.
    10. Your blog should be presentable and nicely divided into paragraphs.
    11. You should add meta tags to your blog and also the feeds which will help the readers to reach to your blog easily.
    12. SEO orientation is much important and for this you should read carefully SEO techniques and help

    Now coming to creation of a blog. There are number of sites which allow you to create blogs and to name a few are Blogger (For non Gmail users), wordpress (Wordpress), etc. After creating your blog you can link you blog to various sites like, digg, indivine, facebook, twitter, etc.

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    To create a blog, you should go to any community blogging websites like WordPress and Blogger. If you have a Gmail account, you need no separate registration to create a blogger blog. To create a WordPress blog, you must register with WordPress. First you must choose a topic/theme to write. A blog becomes a success only when it get a large reader base. Personal blog, i.e., the blogs based on family themes, diary-like blogs, philosophical blogs, creative writing blogs etc strike success very rarely. Sometimes, even excellent blogs go out of the notice of readers. Technology blogs, cookery blogs etc get a wide reader base. Once you decide what to write about, you may select a good catchy name and a suitable look for the blog. Then you can start to write. After started writing, and got a good hit mark, you can approach ad companies like Google AdSense, Kontrea etc. If they approve your request you will get payed per click.To maintain a good reader base, you may publicise your articles through social networking websites, read other blogs and comment them so that they pay visit to your blog too, optimise it for search engine so that you get good traffic and good Google page rank.

    Hope this was helpful.

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    Hey if you want to make a blog you can use blogger or wordpress to make a blog this are the best blog making websites.
    you can use Google Adsense to making money from your blog adsense is a best money making program for blog owners or website owners.
    adsense account approval is very difficult now a days these are the requirements for signing up for an adsense account.
    1. your blog has upto 10 posts.
    2. your blog should be 6 months older.
    if you want your adsense account approved without waiting 6 months you have to buy a top level domain name like .com .org .net then you have to sign up for adsense then you will get approved by Google Adsense.

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    Blog is a website created by us and write content by own and earn. If you wish to earn at the same time you need to think about the topic you wish to write. You need to Google about the keywords on the topic. Select the topic which is mostly browsed.
    Blogger and Wordpress are the two sources which can provide the blog facility. Its your choice to select. Most of the Indians use blogger and other countries use Wordpress. Blogger is easy to use.

    Not only writing a good content you need to publicize your blog by your own. Join in the forums and social networking sites and add your blog url.

    Once you complete 6months of duration you can apply for Google Adsense. Through which you can start earning. You need to learn the basics of SEO to get success in blogging. Don't start a blog in hurry. Think well and write few articles post them in other open blogs check out the response. Find out the mistakes you are doing. Inform your friends about the content. Let them share the content. Get some publicity in your group. When you are done with it then it becomes very easy to get publicity on your blog.

    All the best.

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    if you want to create a blog then you have to work hard for it because if you create a blog which is not give you a good traffic then your all afford goes in to water that's why you should have to create a such type a blog which give you much traffic and apply for adsense.

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    There are certain blogging websites (, that allow you to create your blogs.

    Firstly, you need to select a name for your blog. Once your blog is created, you can customize your blog by
    - choosing suitable template (you can customize the background as for example if you are going to blog about health and fitness, you can choose some health related background, you can choose fonts, font color etc)
    - choosing layout (select widgets that you want like list of your blog posts, followers list, adsense and where you want them to appear - left bar, right bar, after your post etc)

    If you are familiar with CSS language, then you can even modify the template code to suit your needs. But if you are new to blogging, I suggest you do not modify the code and customize from the options available.

    It is difficult to explain step by step process on blog creating, but to start with you can create a gmail account and create a blog with if you are newbie to blogging. Wordpress is best if you know html and css language and want to make your own changes.

    Once you have created your blog, you can explore the available options and if you need any help you are welcome to open a query here again.

    For your other queries, you need not pay google to show your blog in their search results. Initially try to get more hits on your blog rather that concentrating on google. Once your blog gets visitors, google will automatically be able to index it during searching for related terms and with more traffic on your blog, your blog can automatically move to the first page of the google search!

    Remember that if you want to earn money from your blog, it will take time and some hardwork. You cannot create a blog and start earning money from the same instance from your blog.


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    Blogging is a very good option to make money online. In fact blogging is the best way to make money online for a person who does not know technically about computer and internet.
    Knowledge and requirements to start blogging: To start blogging only you does not need any specialization . You should have only little command over English.and a little computer knowledge and that's all.

    How To star blogging(blogging platform) :There is many blogging platforms available online some of them are free and some of them needs some money. But initially i will suggest you to use free blogging platform it will be better to practice your skills and you did not need to invest initially. the two popular free blogging platform that are available online are wordpress and blogger and you can join any one of them.But i will suggest you blogger as you want blogging to make money online because the best way to make money online through blogging that is the adsense is already in build with blogger. As your name suggests that you are from asian continent so you need to work hard on your blog to get approved your adsense account.Once your adsense account approved your blog will be monetized and you will make money from it.

    But in order to make good money from your blog you need to a large traffic to your blog . so you have to need techniques to get good traffic that's called search engine optimization. try it you be successful.

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    hi friend,
    if you really want to earn money from blog, then following points keep in mind
    1. what is blog :- basically a blog is a website on which we can publish our articles,pictures,videos anything.this kind of facility provide by
    2. requirement to make blog:-
    a) you should have your own gmail id
    b) knowledge about internet
    3. steps to create a blog:-
    a) just open
    b) sign-up with your gmail id and password
    c) give your blog title name and blog name
    d) press continue
    e) select templates and follow others instructions
    after following these steps you can create your blog

    4. friend earning money from blog is very easy but only in one condition if your blog is visited by lots of people every day. you can earn money from blog by using Google adsense,info-link or chitka ads on your blog
    5. you do not need have to pay anything to google to popular your blog

    in the last friend my advise is, you first get a Google adsense account after this try to create blog. once you got approval from Google, you can create number of blogs and put Google ads on those blogs to earn money

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    Mr. Venkaiahreddy Kota,
    First thing note in your mind that dont copy and paste any content for your blog. is a site free for a Creat Blog. It is easy step. and Google need new content daily . first make blog then daily update new thing then Approve Google Your blog then you earn then money.


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    Hai friend,you can creat a blog for free with google.The site is blog.Com.It is free to create an account in blog.Com.And to make money with your blog then i suggest another site known as google adsence.You see these in these indiastudychennel.Com but for directly generate money you want to work hard with your account.I will say it little more clearly, after creating the blog you want to work hard with your blog.You want to write artical that get the attention of people.After getting good visit to your account you want to give your blog url to your adsence.If they approve they will give an invitation to you by our gmail id.Hope it helps

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    Blog is a platform where you can post your views, suggestions and information about a particular niche. Its also a way to earn money if your posts are fresh, creative and informative. You can use WordPress or Blogger to create your blog because they are very user friendly and easy for beginners to understand. And you don't need to spend a single penny for this. To earn from a blog you should learn how to get constant traffic.

    Below are some tips:

    * The title of your blog post - Title should be SEO friendly so that you can attract visitors.

    * Update your blog - Post fresh and genuine own written content frequently. Both search engines and visitors like fresh and informative contents.

    * Try social networking sites - Social networking sites can fetch you tons of traffic. Try to build your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    * Connect with other blogs with similar niche - Introduce yourself to other sites or blogs so that you can exchange traffic. It will benefit you both, the other blog or site will get a better SEO ranking and you will be exposed to the visitors of other blog or site.

    * When you get constant traffic to your blog open an AdSense or Adbrite account.

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