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    Could I get new copy of mt Transfer Certificate (TC)?

    I was completed my BE on 2005. I kept my Transfer Certificate in my leaf file. When remove it from the file some of the text in the sheet got stuck in the leaf, so now my TC have missing text. So i need new copy of TC. And also i need to change some spelling for my father's name in the doc. So is it possible for me to get new copy of TC from my college?
    - Karthikeyan
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    Often such situation come in the life. But, every problem has a solution. And this problem can also be solved. You should contact your college authorities for your queries. Tell them your problem and the reason for new transfer certificate. They will tell you the procedure and apply for the same. I hope you will get the copy of transfer certificate without any hurdle.

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    Hai Karthikeyan ,
    This is a commom issue with students. They do misplace or loose their transfer certificate due to carelessness.
    You can apply for a new one with the help of your institution.

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    You have to check with your college office, where they will be issuing the new TC. But take your old TC and explain them the reason for the new copy.

    They will be issuing it, once if you fill the form and submit in the office.


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    As i know you can apply for a new copy of Transfer Certificate.
    You have to visit your school/college and speak to the consened person.
    Give an application that you have lost your TC.
    here you have to give the details why you need the TC and also if you are joining in anyother institute, do mention that and better it would be if you take a letter from the institute you are joining so that the process takes less time.
    mention that in the letter about your detials like name, date of birth, register number, dates of joining and leaving.
    This will give idea for the officer to get your Tc soon.


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    Well throughout our life, we have to careful regarding the certificates of our educational qualifications. The Transfer Certificate is a necessary document during joining in higher courses, as your Transfer Certificate is damaged better to apply for a new Transfer Certificate. Go and contact the educational institution or college in which s you have previously studied and wrote an application requesting for a new Transfer certificate stating the reasons. In that application, mention all details of your course and year of study and admission number. Concerned official staff will issue the certificate after fulfillment of all proceedings; you even have to furnish some amount as fee.

    Up-to your second query, you wants to change your father's name spelling but you haven't mentioned in which certificate, either it educational marks certificate or any other certificate. If it is the Transfer certificate then with the application attest a Xerox copy of any of your educational qualification certificate in which your father 's name is printed with correct spelling . Better to attest the copy of 10 th class /S.S.C certificate as the name spelling printed on this certificate is as mandatory for all other certificates. If you want to change the name spelling in your educational qualification then you have to apply the concerned educational board or university with all essential documents.

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    It is possible to get second or third copy of TC from your college. But for this you have to submit an affidavit for the same. Once you will submit affidavit principal will issue you a new TC. Also you have to pay some fees for the same.

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    MOstlycolleges will only isue Duplicate TC in cases .. However as you are already holding an old TC with you.. On request Most of the management will agree for a replacement of the form Considring it to be damaged

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