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    What is the main reason of getting pimples on face?

    I want to know the best answer for what reason we get pimples on face?
    What are the common things we can do to avoid pimples on face?
    Is there any permanent solution so that we will never have any pimples on our face?
    do we need to go to doctor if we face pimples problem seriously?
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    There are mainly two reasons behind Pimples. First is your food has too much oil which does not give nutrition to your body. So Don't take fast food. Drink 4 to 5 litter water per day and take fruits.

    Second Reason is Behind pimple is that your Face Wash or face cream which does not suit to your skin.

    Pankil Agrawal

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    "Harmonal Imbalance" is the main reason behind having pimples on the face at teenage.
    The problem of pimples is faced majorly by those who are having oily skin. Pimples also arise when you have digestion problem. To avoid pimples, wash your face with JUST Water, no face wash, no cream, nothing at all, it is as simple, at teenage, 4-5 times a day, don't worry washing face more times just doesn't hurt. Make sure you always keep your stomach CLEAN.
    To cure pimples, simply keep a plant of aloe vera at your home and at the slightest hint of the pimple, put it on the pimple and the pimple will not grow further and will vanish.
    By trying the above remedies, I don't think you will face any problem of pimple anymore. You will have a clean, glowing and baby soft (in case of girls! Wow!) skin.
    Vikram Jain


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    Pimples or acne occur when the sebaceous glands present on the skin get blocked. Sebaceous or oil glands are present mostly on face, upper half of arms and chest and upper half of dorsal surface. Any blockage in the opening of sebaceous glands leads to their blockage and inflammation resulting in pimples. Spicy foods are contraindicated and regular washing of face with mild facewash is advised in cases of acne.

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    There are lot of reason for us to get pimples on face like,

    1) Eating more oily food
    2) Pollution and also the moisture lever in the air determines (eg, in sea shore areas like chennai we will get our face more oily so this can be a cause of pimple)
    3) Using the advertisement new products like soap and face wash and changing them very often.
    4) Have to wash the face stleast 3 times a day with good and cleen soap.
    5) Harmone changes - From age 11-30 mainly for ladies can cause bumps in chin and cheek area.
    6) If you have more dandruff in hair then if the dandruff falls on your face cause pimples.
    7) Water can best ast a 'Neutralizing' agent.Drinking less water with more hot(chilly) food can cause bumps.


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    The main reason can be the dust, cosmetics you apply.
    Use the cosmetics of good brand so that you can be saved from pimples.
    Oily food do cause growth of pimples.
    Try applying the Besan powder mixed in water daily, else you can wash your face with the besan powder daily to get rid of pimples.

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    Simple and strignt answer is digestive system.
    K K

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    Pimples on faces are due to the accumulation of fat. It can be removed by regularly applying ripen Papaya as in its hard form.
    Failure is not an option.

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    Pimples on face are the main problem of teenagers who are goes under hormonal imbalance. This problem remains till 20-25 years age group persons.

    The other reasons of pimples are follows.

    1.Digestive system problems.
    2.Taking unhealthy foods like fast foods, junk foods and oily foods.
    3.Less amount of water drinking.
    4.Not proper caring of face.

    prevention or solutions for pimples.

    1.Drink plentiful water about 3-5 liter daily.
    2.Avoid as much as possible unhealthy foods like fast foods, junk foods and oily foods.
    3.Use good face-wash shop or gel for face washing 2-3 times daily.
    4.Use natural remedies like curd and besan powder paste , lemon juice and Multani soil paste on face for face massage and cleaning.

    For more information please visit following reference URL.

    Rajendra Singh
    I am not the BEST,
    but I am not like the REST........

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    I had also the same problem but after controlling on unhealthy foods taking and drinking 4-5 liter water daily with daily face washing and massage I got much relief from pimples on face.

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    Pimples are actually some oil glands. When these glands are attacked by some bacteria, then it becomes very vulgar for us.
    In surface of our skin, there are some glands known as sebecious gland. This produce sebum. This sebum contain some bacterias.
    Sebum is secreated trough pores present under the hair. When the pores are blocked, acne will form. Due to dust particle present in the atmosphere causes the acne.


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    Digestive system and food items are doesn't affect the skin in the case of acne. Which is not scientificaly proved.

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    First you should make your skin neat and clean. you can use tissue paper for wiping your skin in order to remove the oil and dust particles over your face.

    Second, you should go for a fiber rich diet in order to make your bowel movements on the right track. As constipation can be the main reason for pimples.

    Third, you should go for juicy fruits with rich source of vitamin C which make your skin healthy and glowing. These fruits also have antioxidants which reduces damage of fibers below the skin and make your skin smooth and shiny.

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    Pimples are due to hormonal changes during the teen age of boy and girl.But there are other reasons also such as taking non healthy foods,low water consumption,not regularly washing face etc.
    So you take precautions such take antioxidants containin food which removes waste or poisonous substance from your body ,drink lots of water about 2-3 liter daily, use good skin cream for removal of pimples.

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