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    What cause the skin colour of the baby to be fair or dark?

    I have always wonder that how the colour of the baby skin is determined. From the day I came to know that I am pregnant; people started suggestion me every possible fruits; dishes and beverages to get a fair looking child.

    And it is really confusing how is that possible? Is that for real that if you eat the right food or fruits then you will get a fair looking child. I have eaten almost all the suggestion stuff and I will be due in two weeks; but let me know what is the resonance behind the skin colour of a baby?
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    Yes, what ever you heard is true. In many ways we can increase the pigmentation of the baby. Example if you take 1-2 pomogranate daily it will increase the hemoeglobin lever of your blood. For ladies it is 9 but if you eat daily it might increase upto 11. When the heamoglobin level increases the your color pigmentation also increases. As you know what ever you eat, baby consumes the same so here if you take Pomogranate daily it will not only increases the pigmentation of your skin but inturn it will increase the pigmentation of your baby also.

    The best items which will increase the pigmentation are pomegranate,water melon,milk,strawberry,rose petals.
    If you drink rose milk daily also your pigmentation will be increases.(Not the one which is in shop) but you have to prepare your own rose syrub to mix with milk.


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    Skin colour of the baby does not depend on the diet. It is genetic which is inherited from either of the parent. Skin colour depends on the pigment called melanin. If melanin is more, skin is dark. If it is less, the skin will be fair.

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    There is scientific view that I want to suggest. Everyone have genetic information coded in every cell. This information contains each and every organ and color and other information in genes. there is genes that decide color of baby. That is reason black parent have black color child and white have white.
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    Diet only works to make your baby healthy. It is true healthy baby's colour looks fair but the colour of your baby does not decided what your diet is is totally genetic. But if you take plenty water eg. nariyal pani etc. and healthy food your baby will also be healthy. So keep it up to make your food healthy full of vitamins, calcium and minerals.
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    Biologically the skin color of the fetus is determined by the genes that are inherited from the parents. The usually the genes that are dominant are responsible in determining the color of the fetus. However, as per your question healthy food is extremely important for the overall health of a person and a pregnant lady in particular for the health of the lady as well as for the health of the fetus.

    And the intake of certain eating stuff like saffron in milk are considered very good for the skin as well as blood of the fetus. In view of its health benefit it saffron is taken on a regular basis right from early pregnancy - from the embryo stage - it helps in a rich supply of clean and pure blood to the fetus and thus helps in making the complexion of the skin fairer. As blood pureness in general helps in giving a good / fair complexion to the skin.

    Hence, even though the complexion of the skin of the fetus is determined by the genes that are inherited yet in take of highly nutritious food from the early stages of pregnancy helps in the supply of rich and pure blood to the fetus and thus it gets a fair complexion of the skin.

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    It is genetic and cannot be altered. The colour of the skin is usually the color the parents have. If we try to understand it biologically also we will arrive at the same conclusion. The child will have a DNA/Gene combination of both father and mother so he will have the traits and physical appearance of either or both of them.

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