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    How to stop or avoid Hiccups

    Sometime we get Hiccups often, How to stop or avoid Hiccups? Any tips for stopping or avoiding Hiccups naturally?
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    Hello, there are actually numerous ways to stop hiccups. One old and very efficient way is to subject the victim of Hiccups to sudden tension/thought. Like, suddenly scare him/her, do something which will divert his/her attention completely and also surprise and baffle the victim altogether. This is a very efficient way which really works even though it looks hilarious. I myself personally try this many times and most of the times it worked. This shows that it indeed works.

    Coming to the scientific part of this problem, Hiccups are merely an indication of unavailability of enough water in the body. Sometimes, we get too dehydrated and we get Hiccups right when we put something in our mouth to eat. This is totally natural and can be addressed by drinking adequate water when these happen. Also drink water frequently all over the day to avoid facing frequent Hiccups. It is merely an indication that there is lack of water in the body.

    Also, another highly effective and logical method is that of acupressure. This deals with the process of applying pressure on a parts of your palm. To avoid hiccups, I have learnt that one has to apply pressure between the thumb and the index fingers on one of the palms. The pressure has to be applied on the web span between the thumb and the index finger.

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    Hiccups generally occur when some sort of irritation occurs to the pharynx or oesophagus. Such as in the case of eating chilli, hiccups start. It is advisable to drink lots of water. Scaring or giving any surprise to the person may also stop hiccups sometimes

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    Hiccups are majorly caused by 2 reasons.
    1. Lack of water content in body.
    2. Abnormal/misplaced breathing events.

    The first and foremost remedy for Hiccups is to drink plenty of water.

    If the Hiccups are very strong and abnormally repeating, then it may be because of Breathing. In that case you should be calm, look at the cieling, open your mouth and take a deep breath. After that sit, straight with ur neck and head in line with your back. Again Repeat the deep breathing 5 to 10 times.

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    When the inflow of air is disturbed, then hiccups occur. Generally, drinking water helps to stop and avoid hiccups. But, if it occurs continuously, then take a deep breath and release the air. Probably, this will help to avoid the hiccups.

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    To stop hiccups have plenty of water and stop your breath for 2sconds.

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    I found solutions to hiccups naturally without consulting any doctor or anybody else.
    Once hiccups start, take a deep breath immediately and hold it as long as you can. Once you will release your breath, your hiccups will be gone.
    I do not know what happens, but yes, it has always helped me and also to those whom i have told. I am really sensitive to chilly and any chilly or spicy things causes immediate hiccups problem to me and at that moment i use this technique.
    Try it and do reply about the outcome.

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    Take a teaspoon of sugar and swollow it with water. Hiccups will stop within few minutes. It is a tried and tested method. Just give it a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed.
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    I don't know the medical procedures, but the homemade technique is to drink water or eat some pinch of sugar. Eating sugar is very popular as a solution to stop hiccups.
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    Hiccups are due to lack of water content in body. So There are 3 ways to resolve it.

    1) Drink 2-3 glasses of water
    2) Even if there is lack of oxygen then, we will have hiccups so fruit full method is to have one full breath as much as we can between 2 hiccups.And continue this for 4-5 times and this will solve the issue.
    3) Even after drinking water, If somebody have continuous hiccups then if you make them little tensed by scolding them, then in that tension and pressure hiccups will go away.


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    To get rid of hiccups in a natural way:

    • drink or sip very little water at a time, just like how we sip coffee or tea. And this helps in clearing as well as hydrating the throat region and thus one can get rid of hiccups. Do not drink water fast but drink slowly or sip water.
    • as per an age old belief, which sometimes works as well, threatening or frightening the person all of a sudden and he / she should be aware of the fact that he / she is being frightened to get rid of the hiccups. And at times this works. But if the persons knows that he/ she is being frightened to get rid of the hiccups then such a fright or threat will not be effective.

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    Here are few detials how you can make HICUPS reduce

    1)Fisrt of all see to the top whenever you get hicups for few seconds.
    2)Try drinking water and gargle with water to reduce hiccups.
    3)Cover your ears and then drink the water in fast.
    4)You might notice baby hiccups after eating, that is, after feeding the baby. In such
    a case, you can mildly pat the back of the baby to help reduce hicups.
    5)Hold your breath for some moment
    6)Repeatedly breathing into a PAPER bag has been shown to reduce the persistent hicups

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    Long breathing can stop hiccups in a natural way. So follow below instructions when you get hiccups:

    1. Take a long breathing and hold for a few seconds.
    2. Then slowly breathout.
    3. Reapeat both the steps for 3-4 times.

    As this is a natural way there are no any side effects of this. Secondly you can do these steps at any time and any place.

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    The main reason for getting hiccups is because of less amount of water in your body and because of that the position of your neck drys out. So the simplest way to stop the hiccups is to drink a lot of water at a time and after sometime the hiccups will stop.
    Veena Sharma.

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    Talking some strange topics, Giving a spoonful of sugar to dissolve in the mouth etc., will help to stop hiccups. Avoidance is only possible not to drink anything fast.

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