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    How to avoid Gastric problem?

    How to avoid Gastric problem? Do's and Dont's for Gastric problem.
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    Eat often -- after every 2 hours.
    Chew food well and eat slowly --- stomach loss little energy.
    Take plenty of water ---- make stomach cool.
    Do Exercise / yoga regularly in the morning , and go to evening walk. because "Sleep a while after lunch, walk a mile after dinner"
    Avoid products made by sorbitol (ie. sugar-free, medicines)
    Avoid smoking and drinking wine.
    Do not overeat -- When the stomach is full dont sit for long time.

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    Gastric problems have became very common these days. The reason is-changing patterns of food, fast foods, failure to take diet for long hours during office work etc. However, the best way to avoid gastric problems is to take meals at short intervals and to drink milk during night before sleeping. If severe problems such as gastritis occur, antacids may be taken.

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    Avoid acidic foods. Acidic foods are fried foods, fatty foods, junk foods, alcohol and excess of tea/coffee. Eat more basic foods. Basic foods are-Lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, simple rotis, boiled vegetables and boiled rice. Also drink lots of water daily.

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    I too have the same problems. Some effective solutions that I can find are-

    Avoid junk food.

    Do not drink a lot of tea or coffee and if you drink a lot, at least have fresh one each time and drink it hot. Do not keep it for long.

    Do not eat kept over food especially dals of the previous day.

    Drink a lot of water. It is beneficial anyways.

    Do not drink milk empty stomach or better drink it at night if you drink it at all.


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    Dear Hafeez, you did not mention whole problem. There are two reasons of acidity first you feel acidity when you are empty stomach and second is after taking food. The reason of both are also different. If we talk about acidity with empty stomach. It is due to acid increases when our stomach is empty. So it is really compulsary to eat something when you feel hunger. If you will not take something to eat for a long you will feel acidity.
    Second thing is to avoid all acidic things like tea, wine, oily things. They increases acidity. Avoid to take warm milk. replace it with luke warm milk. Take a gap of minimum 2-3 hrs between dinner and sleep. Walk 100 steps after taking food will help you to reduce the problem. If the problem still presists I will suggest you take B.C. 25 (easily available on any homeopathic shop.) three times a day. It will definitely work to reduce your problem but the complete solution is to adjust your life style and eating habits.

    Piyoosh Goswami
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    Intestinal gas, more commonly called stomach gas. It cause discomfort and gas pain. The gastric problems are natural and sometimes it might become serious and affect our daily activities. There are some methods in Ayurveda to avoid this. One of which is to avoid food like dhal in nights, and drink water regularly in a day.
    The eating of food in unusual time will lead to gastric problems, so try to avoid that also. The vegetarian food is good for reducing this problem. Especially leaf contained foods are very much helpful for reducing this problem.

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    Gastric problems may occur due to several reasons. Some of the popular reasons are:
    1. Unusual eating habits.
    2. Irregular eating pattern.
    3. Eating too much spicy food items.
    4. Consuming tea or coffee after the diet.
    5. Keeping the stomach empty for long time.
    This all may lead to gastric problems. To avoid gastric problems, following precautions should be taken.
    1. Eat regularly.
    2. Avoid eating junk food and spicy food.
    3. Drink one glass of cold milk regularly before going to bed.
    4. Keep a break of half an hour after having your diet for consuming tea/coffee.


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    Gastric problem can be easily removed by using such home made tips
    1.In early morning we drink two glass of water.After that we get fresh .
    2.we daily go for walk .
    3.We avoid to eat oily item .
    4.we have to avoid junk food .
    5.Daily drink almost 7 liter water.
    If you face same problem then you should consult with Doctor .

    Thanks and Regards

    Ganesh kumar

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    1. Do not take spicy or oily food
    2. Avoid junk food
    3. Dont take too much coffee or tea
    4. Avoid taking meals at irregular times and intervals
    5. Dont take heavy meals at night. If taken go for a walk after having dinner so that it gets digested.

    1. Drink lots of water
    2. Exercise regularly
    3. Take meals on time
    4. Take some saunf or ajwain with water after every meal

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Best remedy to this problem is develop a habit of eating many times instead of taking lots of food in two or three times a day. Keep eating some foods in small amount all day.
    And be regular with your exercise. And if you can't implement my first advice of eating less but all the day, then eat regularly in right times. By right time, I mean eat exactly on the time everyday. Don't delay on eating times.

    Ataul Haque
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    To control gastric problem -

    • Take simple and easily digestible food.
    • Take little quantity of food at a time and take food a small / equal intervals of time
    • Increase the intake of water, if possible follow hydrotheraphy. Refer: Hydrotherapy
    • Keep the mind diverted on some interested activities
    • Go for a regular walk - morning walk is the best as there is fresh air around.
    • Take bottle gourd / lauki frequently
    • Take very thin butter milk / lassi


    • Avoid taking spicy / junk / fast foods
    • Do not keep the stomach empty for a long period
    • Avoid eating food in a hurry rather eat slowly and chew the food well which helps in easy digestion.
    • Avoid taking raw vegetables particular cucumber which enhances gastric trouble.
    • Avoid taking sour curd / butter milk

    Thanks & Regards

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    Gastric irritation(gastritis) is due to over secretion of hydro chloric acid by parietal cells of gastric cells which damage gastric mucosa and cause irritation/inflamation.It generally occurs as a response to hunger.But in uncontrolled release of acid there is a need of immediate attention.Avoid spicy and masala foods.In some people even milk causes gastritis.If the hydrogen ions are blocked the production of acid will be minimised.So use proton pump inhibitors like Zientac/Rantac.Seek doctors advice.
    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

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    Do's Steps

    1. Drink daily milk at night will help for good sleep and gastric issues.
    2. Walk a bit daily after food taken and help to avoid gas and good digestion.
    3. Pure Honey mix with hot water to drink it will cure in stomach of unwanted waste and gas reduces.
    4. Pomegranate juice or Syurp mix with hot water to drink daily before food.
    5. Drink Gastric oil a spoon in early morning by a weekly once it will unwanted waste in stomach wash out
    6. Drink a plenty of water to daily to gas reduces in stomach.
    7. Regular can take physical exercises to break in to a sweat improves the process of metabolism and assimilated in the body.

    Dont's Steps

    1. Must avoid this hot and spicy food with salty foods also.
    2. In your mouth to grinding a food of small quantities to eat food
    3. Avoid chew gums
    4. Avoid more to eat in onion
    5. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking.
    6. Avoid carbonated drinks to gas heavily
    7. Stress level in your body to reduce
    8. Must avoid exercises after a meal

    Some Home remedies

    1. Take a tablespoon of Omam Powder it will mix hot water to drink after food it will cure gas in stomach.
    2. One lemon to take and juice to it and add some salt mixes it well and drinks this mixture before your meals.
    3. Crush mint leaves in bowl to add a glass of water and mix well to take up for two weeks daily.
    4. Elathi Chooranam Tablet takes 2 pills and grind and take hot water to mix it well and drink after food. It will cure gas trouble on stomach.

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