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    Can water be given to a newborn baby?

    Till now I have heard that a newborn baby should only be given mother's milk for six months and nothing else; not even water. This really amaze me; how it is possible?

    Is it not possible that boiled water and then when that water gets into normal temperature can be given to a baby with the help of bottle? Please advice me; if it is possible to do so and if not then why?
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    As per your question, I would say that it is not safe to give any type of water to your child. The very reason for this practice is that if you give water to your baby then it can happen that this water will hinder nutrition absorption. Mother milk have all the nutrients inside it and if water is given to the baby then it can happen that the will hinder the absorption of the milk nutrients. So this is the reason why water is not given to newly born baby. Yes after the baby is of around 6 months you can give him water.
    If the baby is suffering from loose motions then doctor will give you the desired liquid to be given to the baby.

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    Yes not giving water to their newborns is very hard for mothers. But due to some major water bourne diseases like rotta virus, new borns are not given water at all till they are 6 months old.

    Mother's milk has sufficient water content in it and it totally satisfies the babies water requirement.

    Baby's body is very sensitive. Even simple diarrhoea is not good for baby's health. Because it straightaway reduces your baby's weight which hinders his/her growth.
    Water is the major source of many fatal diseases. So introducing water is just not recommended because that can expose your baby to some serious health issues. Its better to be on the safer side.

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    No, water can't be given to newly born up to six months as water is source of major child infections like diarrhea and vomiting. Mother's milk contains sufficient amount of water and other nutrients needed for the child.

    But sometimes mother is not able to produce milk in adequate amount. In that case, extra foods and well sterilized water should be given to the child with the advice of the pediatrician.

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    Water is not advised due to water born disease. But due to fear of diseases not giving water is not option. water which is free from infection is advised to give. When baby have diarrhea and milk is also not given because due to milk there is increase in loose motion. Then option is water and This is distilled water. First option is boil and then after become cold give to baby. Second option is distilled water from market. That is Bislery bottle or other. This is very safe option for giving water.
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    Please remember one thing.A new born baby should not be given anything except breast milk till the baby attains six months of age.This is a dictum.Most mothers donot follow this.What happens when we dont follow this is,baby is prone to malnutrition,diarrhoea,cerebral palsy,septicaemia,meningitis.A baby may be given liquid medication in the form of syrup, other than mothers milk,that too when prescribed by a paediatrician.So,parents beware of this.You are putting your children at risk even if you give boiled water.Some mothers claim that they are not getting sufficient milk.Well,that is just psychological problem and you just need to consult a paediatrician for that, and your problem will be solved.

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    Medical experts recommend breastfeeding as the best choice for newborns. Specifically, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for about the first 6 months. Following the introduction of solid foods, breastfeeding should continue through the first year of life and beyond, if desired.

    Breastfeeding may not be possible or preferable for all women. Deciding to breastfeed or bottle feed a baby is usually based on the mother's comfort level with breastfeeding as well as her lifestyle, but breastfeeding may not be recommended for some mothers and babies. If you have any questions about whether to breastfeed, talk to your pediatrician.

    Remember, your baby's nutritional and emotional needs will be met whether you choose to breastfeed or formula fee

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    There are millions micro organisms around us. We are submerged in a micro organism stream. Boiling of water kills all micro organisms present on that particular glass of water. Whenever the temperature becomes normal, the water gets infected by thousands micro organisms instantly. So, it may cause infection to the baby. So, it is always a bad idea.
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    Of course there is no replacement for mother's milk which is the best for feeding a baby. And in fact mother's milk contains lot of water content in it. And it is even true that the water available is fully polluted / contaminated. However, the baby can be given boiled and cooled water which has to be strained on cooling and stored in a BPA free bottle / stainless bottle and few spoons of this water can be given to the baby. Or else even boiling dry dates and dry grapes in water and mixing little powdered sugar candy on cooling will make an ideal drink for the babies which gives them enough hydration. However, this liquid / solution should not be given too much quantity as this might create a bloating sensation in the stomach. Hence, only one or two spoons of this liquid can be given in the afternoon time to quench the baby's thirst.
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    up to 6 months no need to give water to baby, because the mother milk contains 98% of water and 2% will be remaining nutrients. So baby's needs will be fulfilled with that water.

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    The Answer to your question is no. As already mentioned by my fellow members, I would like to add -
    Till 6 months nothing except brest milk should be given to the baby. As the baby digestive system is still not used to food in other words is immature to handle food and water.
    Breast milk is complete food meeting the caloric, nutritional, and water requirement of the baby. Its is also easy on the baby's stomach and is easily digestible.
    Mother milk also contains antibodies which is protective for the baby. One bad effect of giving water to child is it will affect the appetite of the child and furthermore reduce it. And giving any other artificial feed, food supplements actually all are gimmicks to fool parents and can cause actually more harm than good.
    It is always a good practice to Breast feed child on demand and not bottle feed. It helps in mother child bonding and also prevents bottle born disease a child may have.

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    There is no need to give water to a new born baby up to six months. Because the nature has provided stores of calories in baby's liver. These calories together with breast milk is sufficient for the baby in the first few days. The yellow milk that comes in the first few days is called colostrum. It contains a number of anti infective substances to prevent infections and vitamins that are important for the baby. So you must feed this milk.
    A breastfed baby is totally on a liquid diet of milk which is 89% of water. The first part of breast milk is mostly water and quenches the baby's thirst. The later part of milk contains more fat and satisfies the baby's hunger. So breast milk satisfies both the thirst and hunger of the baby and the baby does not require additional water.
    By checking the weight of the baby you can find out that the baby is getting enough milk. A baby should put on 100 to 150 gms in a week. Otherwise you can check it by counting the the number of times the baby passes urine. A baby should pass dilute urine more than 6-8 times a day, indicates that baby is getting enough milk.
    When a baby feeds at a bottle there is a continuous free flow of milk, by breast feeding milk first comes in drops and then the flow increases. If the baby is given a bottle feed, the baby will find breastfeeding difficult, will not suckle at the breast and milk production will then decrease.
    For first six months you should give only breast milk and atlest for two years you should give breast milk with other foods.


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    No, not at all. We should not give any liquid or solid food to the new born up to the age of six months. Mother's milk is sufficient to the new born baby.

    But if mother is not lactating properly, then it is matter of consideration and new born should be given extra supplement according to the suggestion of pediatrician.

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    Thw main reason why new born babies have given the mother's milk is to provide all the nutrition to baby which is possible only through mother's milk and not through water. Water dilutes the nutritional value which may affect the complete nutritional level required by a baby. Mother's milk is full of those nutritions to be supplied to the new born baby as required. If in case new born baby is sufferring from any other problem then please ensure to treat with the doctor.
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    Yes the baby should be exclusively breastfeed up to first six months. Then only the baby should be started healthy weaning foods. The mother's milk secretion varies as follows
    . From birth to 24 hours, colostrum averages about 37 ml
    *. From 24 to 96 hours, there is a slow rise in volume
    *. Day 5: approximately 500 ml/day
    *. 3 to 5 months: 750 ml/day
    *. 6 months: 800 ml/day. Since the mother's milk contains 90% water there is no need of excess water from the outside which is no way necessary for the baby. The extra water may increase the volume of the blood which may cause some cardiac stress. The mother's milk is highly nutritious for the growth and development of the baby till six months.


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    it is advised that a baby should have only mother's milk till the age of 4 months and top feed if required like lactogen . mother's milk contains water which can fulfill a baby's needs and is very nutritious for the baby. and when u give top feed also u mix the formula in warm water , hence baby is getting water in that way also. you can boiled and cooled water to baby once she is 4 months.

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    As per as your post the child is just new born so giving water to the child will be not ok. Because as the child is just new born the immunity power of that baby is not as power full like a grown the baby can not protect the hazards.But if in case you have to give water to the baby do not use water from any water purifier machine,use only boiled water.but one think we should remember that too much water can prove toxifying so wait until the baby has solids and after that not too much water.You should wait at least 8 to 10 months.
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