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    Do we need to have a bank account for using adsense

    hello guys,
    I am totally confused,
    Do we need to have a bank account for using adsense.
    Because yesterday I got an offer on my Youtube channel, so I decided to sign up for Adsense but they ask the payee name. so I am little bit confuse should i give my parents account name or should I wait until I create my own Bank account.
    Also how does the Adsense work?
    I have some Blogs also so ,If I create One Adsense account will I able to link that to ISC and my blogs to make more money. If yes, Please tell me the Procedure...
    thanking you .... :)
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    It is completely optional to have a bank account.If you dont have bank account i would suggest you to use your parent name instead of yours.Payee name here means that when google makes payment to you they either transfer the amount or write a cheque to person you enterd in payee name.

    In addition, yes if you get approved by Google adsense team you can associate that account to anywhere you want. ISC too

    If you received offer on YouTube channel for sign up just go ahead, and follow the onscreen option. It is very hard to get approved, however you should try your luck.

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    According to my knowledge and belief we don't require any bank account to sign for adsense but when you reach their threshold payment you need your bank account because adsense gives you only account payee cheque.Also you must enter same name on bank account, if you open it aftr signing up for adsense.
    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
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    First of all, congratulations for getting such rare offer from YouTube channel. It is good to see before applying for an Ad-sense account you have posted this question to clear your doubts. Google Ad-sense team sends checques to the account holders to the address provided in the account. The checque contains the payee name which is mentioned by the account holder during applying for a new account. Payee name is must for receiving earnings from Ad-sense; Hence member can give his account name as payee name or his nearest relative name. Well the account holder should have the exact same name mentioned in the payee name in his bank account name or his nearest relative account name in order to avoid the problems during the clearance of the checque. Ad-sense team sends cheque whenever your earnings reaches payment threshold such as minimum of 100 dollars by the end of any month.

    Well you can give your parent's account name as the payee name but friend as your association for Ad-sense continues regularly it is good to have your account name as the payee name. So I would like to suggest opening an account with your name and share the same as the payee name in Ad Sense account. Once given payee name never be replaced or edited, hence while mentioning payee name you have to be careful and have to give the opt account name as payee name.

    Yes you can share and make money through your blogs also. After creating a new Ad-sense account add your blogs in the third party sharing section in your account section of Google Ad-sense account.

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    No problem if you don't have your bank account. When filling adsense application just give your parent name in the field of payee name. Thats all!

    If your adsense will approve then you can simply use it with any of your blogs which will suits the adsense terms and conditions. Just you need to associate your adsense accound with your blog.

    Sabrez Alam
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    Yes , for google adsence registration you should have a bank account with your name .But google provide an option you can give your parent name in the the payee colum, who has a bank account.You can change payee name any time as you have bank account.
    Rajendra Singh
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    There are no any issue, if you have not bank account. Google pay money through cheque. Payment mode is selected by account holder. Google send the check end of the month or starting of the next month first week.

    For Google registration applicants need only valid email. Google approved adsense account on email, because Google send all important news to account email id. Google INC provide an option you can give your parent name in the the payee column, who has a bank account.

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    It is not necessary to have bank account of your name; you can use that of your parents or siblings. Google team will transfer the amount which you will earn from it to your account or it will send you check to the name of the bank account holder.

    Only for this two reason they are asking for payee name; so you need to give your or anyone who you can trust bank account name and some more details.

    Veena Sharma.

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    If you do not have any bank account with your name,then you can use your parents bank account number here.But with Google Adsense you have need of a bank account.It does not matter the bank account is your or your parents.
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    For your first question I will say yes you need a bank account to receive payments from Ad-sense. However, you can also use your parents account. Just give your parents name in the payee name. Of course the details given should match the bank details. And yes you can link one Ad-sense account to all of your blogs and ISC too.

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    No you don't need a bank account, you can get the checks mailed to you. However, once you get a check from Ad-sense you need a bank account to en-cash the check, obviously. So having or not having a bank account is not a criteria for ad-sense team to send you a check, but you better have one so that you can en-cash the check into your account.

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