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    How to improve digestion naturally

    After fever or sick, sometime hard to have food or meals. How to improve digestion power naturally?
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    Lot of people are affected by this problem of 'not having the perfect digestve'. Some people are having really hard time to tackle this problem. Following are some of the actual way by which you can improve your digestive system.
    1) Drink plenty of water after 1 hour having the meal.
    2) Try to have salad in your food. Salad is high source of fibres which helps in digestion.
    3) Taking the fermented food like curd which helps in proper digestion of food.
    4) Star taking the food in natural state like carrot. Take frsh carrot and eat it whole.
    5) This is the most important of the natural digestion. Don't try to put strees on your weight.

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    by doing exercise and taking high fibers are the keys for better digestion.

    Intake of water and seasonal fruits also valuable for this purpose.

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    Digestion is said to be healthy when the essential nutrients of the food is absorbed in the body. Here are the tips to improve digestion naturally.
    1. Chew your food properly.
    2. Drink plenty of water. But avoid drinking water in between your diet.
    3. Take the largest meal during lunch time. Eat 2 hours before going to bed in night.
    4. Increase the intake of fibrous diet that is eat more amount of fruits and vegetables.
    5. Consume curd, papaya to improve digestion.
    6. Do not overeat.
    7. Avoid intake of tea or coffee half an hour before and after the meal.


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    There are lots of natural ways to increase the appetite.

    1. While cooking we can use hung powder (Asafetida powder) in almost all the dishes, which will increase the appetite.
    2. You can use dry ginger powder (sukku) available as spices in almost all super market. A small pinch of sukku with honey daily morning with empty stomach will improve the digestion.
    3. You can do some sort of exercise which will makes us more hunger.
    4. You have to take light food like rice with Dhal and rasam. This will increase the increase the appetite, rather than taking heavy food like chapatti.
    5. You can also include citrus fruits like orange, watermelon and also some papaya food which will helps in proper digestion.


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    after fever and other illness there is reduction in appetite. this is due to infection and weakness in body.
    You have to some specific action to improve appetite.
    1.Do not eat food directly if you don't have appetite.
    2.Make water of boiled rice and this water is taken time to time also add ginger and other digestive material in this water.
    3.Make semisolid rice and drink. This is taken step by step to improve your appetite.
    You have increase appetite day by day and is good for improving appetite.

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    To improve digestion in a natural way:

    • In the beginning while recovery from illness, consume simple and easily digestible food and avoid taking too spicy food as this would be hard to digest and might even lead to acidity problem
    • Increase the intake of water as this helps in digestion
    • Avoid too much consumption of tea or coffee
    • Stop taking food in the outdoor dhabas and the like
    • Do not sleep immediately after taking meals rather involve in some light exercise like after dinner walk or so.
    • Take dinner at least two - three hours prior to going to bed
    • Avoid taking too much of oily food instead depend on stead cooked food in the beginning like phulkas, idlis and the like which are easy for digestion
    • Do not keep the stomach empty for long hours, instead take little food at small gaps of time.
    • Take half a spoon of ginger extract / juice, mix equal quantities of honey and betel leaves extract to it and take it in the morning with empty stomach for few days and this will surely improve the digestive system.
    • You can even take cumin seeds / jeera water which can be prepared at home. Dry roast jeera till it becomes brown and then boil it in a big container full of water. Keep boiling till the water becomes nearly half the quantity and then on cooling you can take this water as and when required as this helps in digestion.
    • The other important thing to keep in mind is that cooking food and taking food in hygienic conditions is very effective in improving digestion. Unhygienic surroundings attract house flies and other disease-carrying germs and these in turn affect the digestion of a person and thus make him / her sick. Hence hygienic conditions for cooking and eating as well are to he kept in mind.

    Thanks & Regards

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    When ever we are sick it is natural that the first main system to get affected after immune system in our body is the digestive system. So, it becomes a bit difficult for the system to function normally and have chances of recovering fast when we take care of our body properly.

    Here are some tips which will help your digestive system recover fast after a brief illness.

    1. Time maintenance

    In our busy day to day life it becomes difficult for us to maintain time properly and consume food on time. But, once when you are sick or recovering from sickness it is necessary for you to maintain time and consume food in exact intervals. This gives rest to your digestive system properly and also protects the inner line of stomach from acids which usually come out when we don't take food for long time and these forms gas inside our stomach which again is a problem for digestive system.

    2. Take more liquids

    It becomes difficult for the digestive system to digest hard food than liquids. So, take more number of liquids like soup, fruit juice, milk shakes etc. Liquids not only contain essential nutrients and vitamins but also the re-hydrate the body and maintain the water levels in the body. By taking more liquids one can have the best chances of recovering his digestive power fast.

    3. Avoid intake of meat for some time

    As a known fact meat is a rich source of protein and even it contains fat. So it is difficult for the digestive system for breaking down the proteins present in the meat than present in vegetarian food. So it is better if you take vegetarian food for some time.

    4. Care for your Liver

    Take foods that keep your liver healthy and increase your bile flow. Foods such as ginger,lemon etc are good to enhance the flow of bile. Never drink water before consuming food and while consuming food.

    5. Intake of fiber Enriched foods

    Consume foods that contain fiber because fibers digest easily than carbohydrates and proteins. Some foods rich in fiber content are Oats, Pear, Apple etc.

    R Gautham Shenoy.

    R. Gautham Shenoy.

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    You can make your digestion strong by doing some exercise and making your eating habits proper.
    Eating more and acidic things may cause acidity. Eating junk, fried food and taking less water may cause constipation.
    Sleeping just after dinner, lack of exercise, irregular routine may cause gastric problem.
    Even when you are in worry or sorrow your digestion system becomes week.
    So if you want to make strong your digestion avoid the things mentioned above. With this you should start exercise, pranayama and take in plenty of water.
    But still your problem is same go for USG for your abdomen. The other reason could be enlargement of your liver. improper function of liver, gallbladder. Gallbladder/kidney stone etc. If you are suffering from these thing you need to take treatment of these disease first.
    Sometimes you get poor digestion after a long disease. So it is better to eat less and light in short frequencies of time. You can start with fruit, soups.
    Also taking rich fiber fruits, salads will help your bowl functioning proper.

    Piyoosh Goswami
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    You can improve digestion by the following ways:
    1. Use more fibrous food in your meal since it is necessary for digestion.
    2. Take leafy vegetable daily.
    3. Use soup of different vegetables to increase digestion and absorption of food.
    4. Do regular exercise.
    5. Drink water as much as possible.
    6. Avoid spicy and oily materials in your meals until your digestion process does not get normal.

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    Dear friend digestion is a natural process. It get disturbed by our unnatural activity i.e. by taking unhealthy food and our hectic n stressful lifestyle. We can improve our digestion power by many natural way as following-
    (1) Take plenty of water i.e. 5-7 liters in summer n 3-5 liters in winter.
    (2)Take fibrous rich diet like green leafy vegetables (spinach, bottle guard ,smoothguard, beans, methi etc.)
    (3)Take much quantity of salad in diet(cucumber, carrot, tomato, beat etc.).They are rich source of fibers n fluids.
    (4.) We should take our food on regular time i.e. diet routine must be regular.
    (5) Always take breakfast and never live empty stomach.
    (6) Take good sleep and rest.
    (7) Take whole fruit.
    (8) Do some yoga i.e. vajrasan, pavanmuttasan,pranayams.

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    The simple and the most appropriate answer to this question is that to improve digestion naturally just drink about 10-15 glasses of water per day and also take a small walk this will really improve your digestion with very less efforts .i can suggest another simple and ayurvedic method for your digestion to consume the juice of carrot as it really improve digestion

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    Eating blue berries helps in blood circulation to brain as well as improves digestion naturally.

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    The simplest and the easiest way to make your liver strong and
    healthy is:
    1. At your sleeping time eat (3-4) dry figs chew it such that every
    seed of it gets crushed after that drink hot milk or hot water
    repeat it for (10-15)days you will feel its a miracle.
    2. Have milk thistle (1000 mg) tablets this will make your liver
    strong and healthy also it rejuvenate the liver.
    3. Drink plenty of pure water.
    4. Eat cucumber ,carrot ,radish,cabbage.
    5. Its better you start your day by drinking freshly prepared
    lemon juice its is very good for the liver it detoxifies the liver.

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    Digestion is the main part of the human body. It will digestion the food and suck the juice in glucose to transfer the add in blood and serve all body of the parts. Sometimes a oily and spicy heavy food to eat it will struck the good digestion and some anti medicine take it. This medicine not cures for the good digestion and also a solution of Ayurvedic medicine cures as some home remedies.

    Home Remedies and improve the digestion of some tips.

    1. Karakkaya (Haritaki) Powder available in siddha medical showroom. You can get this powder and mix with butter milk.
    2. After food, you drink that powder it will cure the good digestion of the health.
    3. Aloe Vera juice is always cure the digestion of the acidity and stomach irritation problem also.
    4. Lemon Juice with add in sugar or salt mix it and drink before food in before 30 minutes.
    5. It will helps unwanted dust and gas remove easily and also help for good digestion.
    6. Elathy Chooranam is the best medicine for good digestion in ayurvedic products. The pills also available and take a hot water and pills dip in water to mix it.
    7. Drink daily after food. It will cure the stomach gas sounds and help for good digestion.
    8. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking it will decrease the food digestion.

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