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    Which is the best Gearless bike

    Hi Friends,

    I am interested in buying a Gearless two wheeler. I have consulted many of my friends and relatives and finally I came up with five options. I am residing in Bangalore and I want to use the vehicle for travelling to my office daily. I am little bit confused with the reviews given for the vehicles.

    So, I want a help from all of you. Please suggest me a good Gearless two wheeler which should be comfortable on Bangalore roads and also better mileage. Below are the five options. Please suggest me any one of them.

    1) Honda Activa ( People are saying that, recent release of Activa is not good like the old ones and they are not giving 30Kmpl also)

    2) Honda Dio ( Many are complaining about the foot rest and it is not comfortable if you are driving few extra distance than the normal journey, Mileage is about 40kmpl

    3) TVS Wego (Mileage problem, 30 kmpl)

    4) Mahendra Duro (Mileage problem and if anything goes wrong, availability of spare parts and mechanics are less for Mahendra)

    5) Honda Avaitor (Don't know anything about this)

    Please suggest me any one of the above. If there is any best option other than the above, please tell the details of the vehicle.
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    If I want to suggest the gear less bike then I would recommend the Honda Active. The reason is that the manufacturing and engineering of the scooter is very good. This vehicle offers the constant good performance year after year. One interesting fact about it is that ts resale value is very good.
    Breakdown associated with this vehicle is also very less,thanks to the Honda engineering. About the mileage I would say that in cities no vehicle gives good mileage because they are constantly subjected to braking. So this vehicle offers decent mileage.

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    The best gearless two wheeler is honda aviator. I experienced the riding smoothness of this bike. If you dont know about that, i will give some information about that.
    * 109cc engine, 4-stroke
    * Power: 8 Bhp @ 8000 rpm
    * Maximum Torque: 9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
    * on road prise Rs. 53,400.

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    Need is the bike with smooth, powerful motor along with something better fuel efficiency.
    What we have shortlisted are:
    *. Wego TVS.
    *. Honda Activa.
    *. Pleasure HH.
    But we are trying to stay away from Activa, due to its relatively low Fuel guage.

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    Considering the options given, I would either go for Honda Activa or TVS Wego. Honda Activa I am driving myself and I am happy with its performance. TVS Wego I liked on the basis of experts' reviews.

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    Can't tell about others but I am using Honda Activa myself. Its simply great. It is a tough ride, offers decent mileage, low maintenance cost and best for city ride.

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    I would suggest you to go for Mahindra Duro DZ, most of the members are giving preference to Honda Activa, so let us compare the two gearless bikes, the specifications of the bikes are as follows:-
    1. Engine:-
    Mahindra Duro DZ comes with an engine of 125cc (124.6cc to be exact), where as Honda Activa comes with an engine of 109cc.
    More powerful engine for better pick-up.
    2. Suspension:-
    Mahindra Duro comes with Advanced Telescopic Suspension, where as it is not available in Honda Activa.
    Hence better suspension while driving.
    3. Wheel Base:-
    The wheel base of Mahindra Duro is 1270mm, where as in case of Honda Activa it is of 1238mm.
    Hence better stability while driving.
    4. Ground Clearance:-
    In Mahindra Duro it is 155mm, where as it is 145mm in Honda Activa, better for driving in regard to speed breakers.
    5. Storage Space:-
    Storage Space is 20 Liters in Mahindra Duro, where as it is 18 Liters in Honda Activa.
    Hence More Space.
    As well as Mahindra Duro DZ's Engine comes with new DCDI System, which ensures more mileage.


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    Hi Friends,

    I want to go with Mahindra Duro.. Any worst problem in this vehicle? Please inform me as early as possible.

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    go with Honda Avaitor its very good bike

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