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    Suggest me the best Engineering Course

    I am doing my Final Year Higher Secondary Examination and now I am really confused! To which Engineering course I should go I don't know which one to choose. Everyone suggests me diffrent. As experts are here, Suggest me the best? If u know any other best Courses suggest it for me.
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    As per to my experience in the student field the perfect courses now a days from private as well as government colleges or universities are electronics and communication,mechanical engineering,.
    B-tech from private does not provide you a too good package so i recommend to choose the trade chemical engineering or biotechnology these both trades prevail mainly in private universities and after graduation offers a good pay scale my brother did his B-Tech in bio-technolgy from Shoolini university and now he is working in the Fermanta with the starting package of 35000 hence at last i would recommend these trades after +2.

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    According to my point of view you should take mechanical chemical or electrical branch of engineering but not the biotechnology or biomedical.Because mechanical chemical or electrical are evergreen branch of engineering after completed engineering you get job in many sector like private or government easily than biotechnology and biomedical engineering.Every company need mechanical chemical or electrical engineers.So do engineering with god engineering college whose placement record is good.

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    Well brother, I suggest You take the course in which You are most interested. Take the course in which you believe you will excel and achieve success. That is the best option. Don't see the salaries of people taking courses and judge the course. It's your ability in a particular field that matters. If you are more able and can prove your skills, more is the opportunity for you. So take the course that fits you and the one in which you are interested, not arandomn one seeing others. Try to be unique. Take your own decisions, and try not to depend on others, so that you can correct yourselves when you go wrong.

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    First of all don't confused about your carrier only you can decide what will be you in your future.You carrier is your choice not others so think more on that which branch of engineering which you like most than others and in which flied your real interest.The field of engineering you take most interest an also like take it as carrier.

    I am M tech professional so, I want to say you that you should take only those branch of engineering which are evergreen and companies from the institutes pick up that branch professional mostly from campus placement cells.

    As my personal experience mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineers get higher placements than other branch's and priority over other branch.There are lots of companies and industries in private or government sectors also than others engineering fields.

    Biotechnology, biomedical , nanotechnology are very new branches of engineering they have very few core companies or industries and need of these professional is very low in India so if you take it you not got placement easily than other branch's of engineering..

    Rajendra Singh
    I am not the BEST,
    but I am not like the REST........

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    Choosing of course and career is one's own wish. Well suggestions are important but one have to choose the course and study which is of his/her own interest. Engineering is a professional course which has various specializations. The selection of course plays a vital role in the future career. Student first has to analyze his/her own skills and knowledge and capabilities. Engineering supplies many branches computers. Information Technology, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, Civil Instrumentation. Biomedical and Mechatronics etc. All courses have the bright future and lots of career options after the successful completion of the course. All courses are selectable for you but the fact is that you have to study well from the very first day of the course. If you personally interests in Computers then CSE is good same as if you interest in automobiles and machines then Mechanical is apt. Selection of course is not important but performing well in the due time of the study is more important. So select the course as per your choice in the available options and work-hard and perform well with your skills.
    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    To choose the particular course depends upon the student's interest and how he likes that course. And while choosing the engineering course keep in mind the job opportunity related to that course in near future.

    According to me and my personal experience mechanical engineering is best engineering stream. Mechanical engineering is evergreen engineering trade. Job availability in mechanical engineering is more than all other engineering stream. You will get the job easily after doing the mechanical engineering in any private companies. There is lots of chance to get the job in campus selection in the mechanical engineering.

    Second one is Civil engineering. Our government is putting more focus on infrastructure projects. Lots of infrastructure projects are in the pipeline by government. Job opportunity in Civil engineering is good in near future. Civil engineering has always more number of vaccines in government deptt.

    Harjit Singh

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    Well, the choice of a course depends on the interest. But, their are certain factors which can be considered while selection of a course.
    First, the scope of the particular course.
    Second, the college where the course is available.

    If you ask my advice, then I would suggest you to opt for Aerospace engineering. But, this course is available in some colleges only.
    Second, you can go for electronics and communication engineering.
    And not the last, if you have interest in automobiles then you can go for mechanical engineering.


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    Taking any course as the best one is upto us. First of all decide your area of interest. That is find the particular subject which you have separate interest, in which you work a lot, in which you research a lot. Try to find the engineering stream under which your area of interest is falling. For example, if you are interested in circuits, you can opt for Electronics and Communication degree. This type finding the course will only help you to get the best out of it.

    There are some streams in which are called as evergreen courses. These include Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation, etc., There are other courses like Information Technology, Computer Science, Automobile, Aeronautical, etc., There are also some other courses which are available in very few colleges like Food technology, Polymer technology, Mining Engineering, etc., To know what are the courses present, navigate to the courses section of ISC and see the streams under the courses B.E and B.Tech.


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    Hi Mohammed Mazin

    As far as I know Electronics & Communication Engineering is the best course that anyone can select. Because, it will provide you with many scopes for career.

    But choosing the engineering course is all depends on you. Why I am saying this is you know your strength and weakness. So select the course which you like and in which you can perform well. Then only you can come with flying colors finally because of your interest in that field.

    So look from the many perspective for the field you like the most.

    All of us study the engineering for the reason going to place in a good company. So my sincere suggestion for you to take any course which you more interested in. but don't choose the bad college to study that course.
    Because I have a friend who is computer engineer who code java well but did not get the job because of his college having no placement.

    So try to join good college and decide your own field which you like the most.

    Gopi Srinivasulu

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    My opinion on this issue is that,the engineering course choice will depends upon your which field your interest you can select the course.Now days I think most demand is of Civil Engineering,do the Civil engineering,there are number of options available for job and with handsome salary package.I also suggest you one thing,when you join this course select the one of the best college from number of colleges from India.
    Believe in Yourself

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    The choice of course depends on area of interest you are having,you can choose any course that you learn and understand very easily.It may be any course, don't bother
    going to best course.

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    After completing HSC in science Stream there are many engineer courses available, that depend on merit. Whenever some one ask this kind of question, then many of us responding that go as per your interest. But how one can know without knowing courses detail. See in Recent industry evergreen course is Mechanical Engineering. Many jobs available in India itself. Also you can go for Electrical engineering. Electronics and communication engineering is one of the course, which is mixture type field. After EC,only few candidate go for core job. Remaining have to select other job.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nilesh Patel

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    It totally depends on two things. first is your interest in particular course in any field and then its reputation after study or in professional world. Consult with your teachers and your elders, Listen only positive things and do not expect too much from every one. This decision will change your life so, Be positive when you decide to opt any course in engineering.

    I am mechanical engineer by choice and nowadays mechanical engineers are in demand due to their evergreen requirement in every manufacturing and production industry. Look your interest and then decide. Do not select college which is nearest to your home but select what which gives you better education.

    Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    According to me there is nothing like best course.Every course has its own pros and cons.So it is up to you to choose the best one for you.

    Before you choose a course do primary research on it.Engineering is a basically a combination of theory and practical. Keeping this in view and thinking about the course will help you to make decision about you choice.

    Let me give you brief introduction to all engineering courses.
    Let me start with Civil engineering, this is a wonderful course and almost every college have good infrastructure for this, both in terms of faculty and laboratories. On the other hand this is really a tough job and most of it includes going to sites and taking care of construction management stuff. You can not make good money in this field working for someone and starting own company need good investment and contacts, which is difficult for a common Indian family.

    Mechanical Engineering comes with similar issues.It also requires working in shop floor and a tough task.Ofcourse you can choose designing field in mechanical but its low pay and does not have many companies recruiting designers.

    Electronics and Electrical Engineering are very good and highly job oriented courses. No doubts and questions about that fact. But when it comes to faculty and practical experiments most of the colleges does not have sufficient infrastructure. Moreover after finishing most of these engineers work in software companies as there no sufficient companies who work in core areas of Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

    At last we are left with Computer engineering and IT. The infrastructure required for these courses is very easy to provide and if teaching is not good at college finding a tutor outside even in a small town is not a problem. More importantly when google, Microsoft and other top companies come for campus interviews they don't allow any other stream than CS and IT.

    Best in any field is always rare and respected. So I suggest you to work hard and live to the dreams of your parents and make them proud.

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    I can realize what you must be feeling when everyone says "You should select where your interest lies". The fact is at this stage one doesn't know what does he likes. And whether he will like to work in same field in future too?

    I had also undergone the same stage in near past.

    Since, you must have chosen science stream. You should be aware that Science and Engineering are different. Science forms the base and Engineering works as per principle of Science. In your higher secondary class, you have studied Science and not engineering.
    So if you liked what you studied at this level, then you must go for science field. You will get research exposure if you go in this field.

    Courses in this includes:
    1. Four year B.S program
    2. Three year B.Sc degree
    3. Five years integrated M.Sc program

    Some well known colleges are: IISER,IISc,St. Xavier's,NIT,IIT, Delhi University etc

    But if you are interested in "application of science",then engineering is for you.

    Now, if you have decided to go for engineering, there are various branches in it. All the branches are interlinked in first year and then diverges in the subsequent years. Mostly all college offers to interchange branch after first year. So, after one year if you realize that you are not made for this subject then you can change it from next year.(This is for just people you and me who don't have any idea about their liking field).

    Another most important thing you must keep in mind is selection of college. Every year a list is published which ranks top 100 colleges. Most of these colleges have their own criterion for admission. Visit each college link and then apply for it.

    Note: It is always better to give preference to college rather than branch.

    All the best for your future,

    Abhishek Modi

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    i am an engineering student at present and i too had similar dilemmas at the time of my admission .There are several things you must consider while selecting your course.But the first and foremost thing you must consider is your own interest and passion.You must recognize what field of engineering you are really interested in .
    If you are interested in computer field you must select computer science and engineering instead of Information Technology since the course is similar for both branches but Computer science is more sought after branch.
    If you are interested in seeing yourself working with circuits,robots,electronic gadget and communication systems like radars,telecommunication systems then choose electronics and communication.
    if you are interested in dealing with big electrical machines and industrial automation and power systems then choose electrical engineering
    if you are interested in in working with mechanical systems ,machines and automobiles then choose mechanical engineering.
    if you are interested in construction of buildings choose civil engineering
    these are main branches of engineering but there are many other branches which you can decide on depending on your interest.
    Now according to popularity and scope the core branches that is mechanical civil and electrical are the most popular and evergreen whether it be private or government jobs.
    Electronics and communication is also one of the most popular branches in the private sector.
    one advantage of the core branches is that you are eligible for the Indian Engineering Services also.Recently electronics and communication has also been added to the list.
    considering your interest as primary priority and then the scope of the i would suggest you to make a well thought decision and go ahead in building a succesfull career.
    All the best for your future!!!!

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    in my opinion you should wait and do a perfect research on the different aspects. the best option is shortlisting the different streams.
    firstly, as you are a school student it is very difficult for you to gauge fields. like if you love chemistry, doesn't mean that you should choose chemical engineering because it has very less of chemistry.
    Secondly, choose if you would like to stay in or outside India. for example, biotech engineering has very good scope outside india but here it is just developing.
    Next try to focus on different aspects if physics interests you, you can choose electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil, engineering physics.
    Never underestimate a branch or worry about the job opportunities because if you are good and serious all the engineering fields will give you good jobs and a secure future.
    If the world of programming and computers fascinates you, then you should take either computer science or electronics.
    lastly, never choose a field by its name. I have taken civil engineering. but civil doesn't just mean construction but also has different aspects of remote sensing, geoinformatics, hydraulics and environment too.
    All the engineering fields are broad in scope. Do a good research about the course contents of different streams and then choose a stream. in most colleges, the course for first year remains the same, so you have an option to change your stream as well there.

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    Hi Mohammed,
    These days most of the guys go for Engineering course.
    If you want to go for engineering, you have to decide between BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and B-Tech (Bachelor of Technology).

    As you know you can do engineering in many field. Therefore your second decision has to based on it. The common branches out of them are :
    Computer Engineering
    Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Automobiles Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Marine Engineering
    Aeronautical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Industrial Engineering
    Instrumentation and Control Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering
    Environmental Engineering
    There are many other branches of engineering as well. Please check the below link for more information.

    As you have taken up Science, you can go for other course like
    BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) - Computer Science : If you complete BCA and then do MCA, you can work as a Software Engineer.
    Bsc Courses (Bachelor of Science)
    Dietitian Course

    Out of the engineering courses, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanical, Environmental, Industrial and Marine Engineering are the best as these courses provide better job opportunities.

    Final choice is yours as you only knows which subject is convenient for you and in which field you can shine.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Every course is good. Just you need to get the good college. Although if you want to make money then go through the Petroleum, CS, Electrical

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    Everyone has its own interest and choices towards something. I can only suggest you and explain you about every stream of engineering i.e. B.Tech./B.E
    Electronics and communication is a good stream, having jobs in software sector in software and electronics field and few govt. sector vacancies are also there, but the main disadvantage is the very high competition among Electronics and Communication engineers. Computer Science has only software field linked with it, and also there is very high competition there. There is one another problem that, because of very high competition, it will become very difficult with CS & EC to crack GATE examination with a good rank. Also there is no Engineering Entrance examination with CS and IT branch.
    That is why I always prefer and suggest core branches like Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to students as they have a huge government sector jobs, jobs in core private concerns, and they can even move on to IT sector if they are interested. Although these branches have the most difficult course of engineering but still there is normal competition among Electrical and Mechanical engineers in India.
    On the other Civil Engineering has a wide boom now a days, as India is a developing country, thus we can expect that the boom of Civil Engineering will continue till 2020. Also the competition is very less in Civil Engineering but with the drawback that it will be very difficult for them to switch with IT sector.
    Chemical Engineering and BioTech. are also good branches as there scope is increasing day by day, and also there are very few Engineers of those branches in India. Thus they face a little competition in GATE and other competitive examinations. Syllabus is comparatively easy, and never think that Chemical Engineering is totally related with Chemistry. As per my Experience, there are 8 students having ranks in top 100 in GATE-2012 in Chemical Engineering.
    Now Choice is yours, I am suggesting you to complete your Engineering with a core branch. You may consult for further queries.

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    Hello Friend
    No one can tell you the best course in engineering. Every branch of engineering has its own importance. One cannot say that mechanical is good than computer science or vice versa.
    Whether a branch is good or bad it depends on you. One can surely say that this branch is good for me and that is not. If you want to know that best engineering course then you have to consider each course and ask yourself a few question.
    I am providing you two links where you can find the answer to above question.
    1. Which course is best in Engineering?
    2. Which branch is best for me in BTech?
    Further if we talk about the scope of branches in terms of placement then
    IT and Computer Science
    This is such a branch in which you can easily get placement if you are doing good. It is also easy when compared to other branches.
    ECE, this branch is the top preference of students these days.
    Mechanical is said to be an evergreen branch
    The number of job opportunities in Civil and Electrical is said to reach a new height from 2015.


    Every branch is good only you have to decide which suits you the best. That branch that will suit you the best will be the best engineering course for you.

    Success is a journey not a destination.

    Vikram Narang

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