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    Which is better MBA or PGDM ?

    For the management there are various courses available but two courses are very popular that is MBA and PGDM. For a graduate which course will be better option, who wants to pursuing the management course. Firstly only MBA is very popular but now a days PGDM also goes popular and many institutes offers this course.What is the advantage to pursuing any of the course.
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    Generally many companies give more advantage to MBA candidates. These people also get good salary. So MBA would be best for you.

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    MBA is a degree course while PGDM is a diploma course. One can opt for PhD after MBA which is not possible after doing PGDM. PGDM is equivalent to MBA and is awarded by the autonomous institutes who cannot award MBA degree for management courses.

    Therefore, it is always better to opt for MBA because it full fledged post graduation course. Whereas, the PGDM course has importance only when it done from top institutes.


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    The difference doesn't matter more in the PG degree or PG Diploma, where there is a placement available with equal chance for MBA or PGDM courses, like some top management institutes.
    Curriculum wise there is no much difference in MBA or PGDM But for pursuing higher qualification in management field like PhD, definitely only PG degree will be preferred.

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    In most of the cases MBA is preferred (PG degree), but both are equivalent

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    MBA program is considered as a master degree course has its own values compared to the PGDM course. It's very good to pursue MBA in high reputed college like IIM (Indian institute of Management). PGDM can be persuaded at any time since it involves only short duration. After completion of MBA it's not necessary for any PGDM course. But if you are undergoing PGDM course many companies during campus recruitment seek only for MBA graduates. So it's better to opt for MBA rather than going for PGDM course.

    The one advantage of seeking PGDM course is because of its fee structure which is very less. But if you really planning to do PDGM course then better choose the course from IIM which is located in 7 cities in India and it has its own values. Also admissions are going on for PGDM courses in IIM, please visit the website for more details.


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    Dear brother, MBA is better than PGDM because MBA is a Master degree in Management whereas PGDM is only a diploma. After complition of the course you can get a better job or career on the basis of degree as compare to diploma. Further any other higher degree such as M.Phil or Ph.D can be obtained which is not possible after PGDM.

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    According to my point of view MBA and PGDM both are good, So you can take any of course for getting management degree. The main difference between them are PGDM is technical diploma course and MBA is degree course.But PGDM is more preferable by technical students and MBA is taken by general degree students.
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