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    What happen if baking soda is used on teeth ?

    I had been known that baking soda whitens our teeth.I want to know what happens if it is use on teeth regularly.What reactions take place.I want to know its beneficial ways and damages after using it.If it is not helpful to result better so please suggest me.
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    We can certainly apply baking soda on our teeth because that acts like a whitener for teeth. That is also useful for the cleaning purpose of teeth. When we apply baking soda along with water that removes stains present on teeth. Hence when baking soda dissolve in water gives best results if applied on teeth.

    Tip: Use this method once in a 15 days.

    What will happen if baking soda used regularly?

    Baking soda is abrasive in nature hence can damage enamel of teeth. Hence we have to avoid the regular use of it.

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    It is not advisable to use baking soda to clean the teeth regularly.To clean teeth with baking soda, along with water also add little salt to it.
    Baking soda after dissolving in water can easily remove the yellow and brown stains that form with age and certain habits.
    It is the phenomenon of the free radicals from water dissolved baking soda that penetrate the teeth's enamel, So to avoid the danger of more erosion of teeth and gum, it is advised to clean teeth once in a fortnight with baking soda.

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    When baking soda paste is applied on the teeth, it penetrates in the enamel of the tooth and combines with the stains. Then it breaks the carbon bond of the stains which helps in whitening the teeth.

    Baking soda has abrasive and alkaline nature. When it is used regularly on teeth it corrodes the enamel of the teeth. Hence it should be used rarely. The frequency of using baking soda on the teeth must be once in every two week.

    People who are wearing tooth braces or use retainer should avoid the use of baking soda as it has property to dissolve orthodontic glue.


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    In my opinion baking soda removes the yellow strains on teeth. But it must be limited to twice or trice a week as it damages the enamel.
    The yellow strains can also be removed by polishing teeth, it cost about 2,000 and polishing will retain till one year or more or brushing twice a day removes yellow strain on teeth.
    By using baking soda it effect the enamel and enamel lost cannot be retained back by any dental care this result in constant tooth pain.

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    Using baking soda on daily basis is not advisable as it can damage the layer of enamel on your teeth. If applied with a little water and salt, once in a bluemoon, then it is fine. Also, if you really want to keep your teeth white then follow the steps below. They will help keep your teeth white without going for the Baking soda option.

    1. Brush your teeth twice a day.
    2. Always rinse your mouth with water after having meals.
    3. Daily have an apple without peeling it off. It has good anti-oxidants and would help keep your teeth clean.
    4. Visit your dentist once in 6 months.

    Thanks & Regards,

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