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Causes and solutions for no heartbeat in foetus

Date: 03 Apr 2012   Group: Doctors    Category: Gynaecology   

Six months back, my sister conceived (for the first time . She went in for a check up in the 6th week but the sonography showed no heartbeat in the foetus. As per doctors advise, she waited for a further period of 2 weeks and again went in for a scan. Again there was no foetal heartbeat. It was also confirmed via intra-vaginal scan. Doctors advised a D/C to abort the foetus.

Now, six months later, she again conceived and the same thing has happened. Again no foetal heartbeat. Initial scan at 5th week and a subsequent scan at 8th week showed no cardiac activity. The report said the foetus had not grown after the 5th week. Her gynaec gave her oral pills to abort the foetus.

What could be causing this ? My sisters blood tests, thyroid tests all appear to be normal. Both she and her husband are Rh+ve. What could be the reason for the foetus not developing heartbeat both times ? The gynaec has advised further blood tests, sperm tests reports of which are awaited. Is genetic testing necessary here ? What kind of medical intervention is necessary to start cardiac activity in the foetus ?

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Author: Dr.S.R.Sree Gouri    21 Apr 2012      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

You didn't mentioned whether your sister's marriage is consanguineous or not. In case of consanguineous marriage better to go for genetic testing. Have you tested the genetic mapping of dead fetus after evacuation? This will give some information. One more test advisable is anti phospholipid antibody testing. If all are normal better she should be under cover of progesterone from the begging of the pregnancy.
For care to be taken during pregnancy you can visit my article 'antenatal care' in my blog. Any doubts are welcome.


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