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    How to remove blackheads from nose ?

    Do you want to know how to remove blackheads on your nose? Let us see what the experts say on best and cheap solutions for removing blackeads on the nose.

    I want to remove blackheads on my nose how to make vanished.I merely got 2 to 5 of blackheads on my nose please give me some suggestion how to finished them all for forever.Please give me some if any home remedies solution,which cannot cost me lot to solve my problem.

    Thank you
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    You will get blackhead removal strips from any medical store. First of all, buy a packet of blackhead removal strips from a good company, such as Ponds or Johnson & Johnson. Then boil water in a small bowl and let the steam touch your face. The pores in your face will get open. Apply and spread a few drops of water to the strip. The plastic layering will come off. Peel off the plastic layering. Then the strip will have a narrow coating of glue on the side from which you peeled the layering off. Now place the strip to your nose, with the glue coated side facing the skin. Smooth out the air bubbles. In a few seconds, the strip will become dry and stiff. Once it becomes so, peel the strip off. Do this thrice a week. Blackheads will disappear. It does not costs much.

    You can also opt for a vegetable peeling. This can be done in a beauty parlor, but it is not cheap like the above-said method.

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    It is not easy to remove black heads permanently using any of the home remedies or other cosmetics available today in the market. The only solution to remove blackheads permanently from your face is to do electro-
    cottery. Consult a skin specialist of any reputed hospital . It does not cost much.

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    Remedies to remove blackhead from nose.
    1. Steam you face ans scrub gently when the pores become soft.
    2. Apply potato juice as a face mask. After 20 minutes, wash with lukewarm water. This will reduce the black head.
    3. Apply lime juice to remove black heads.
    4. Prepare the paste of neem leaves and mix a pinch of turmeric and apply on affected area. Neem leaves have medicinal values which are beneficial in removing blackheads.
    5. Do not use facewash having harsh chemicals.
    6. Wash and cleanse the face daily.
    7. Drink plenty of water to remove the toxins.
    8. Do not consume oily foods.
    9. Do not apply oil face cream.


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    1. First cleanse your face using a cleanser.
    2. Scrub your face (specially the areas where you have blackhead) nicely till the time the area becomes a little soft
    3. With the help of a backhead remover, remove the blackhead.
    4. Apply a toner and a face mask. Let the mask dry and then wash your face with cold water.
    5. After that apply some moisturizer.

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    Black heads can be removed by using the black head removing strips like cool n cool, or by rubbing the end of the towel on the nose with the edge of the towel cleanses the black heads.

    The other method to remove black heads is to steam and then with a small piece of cotton make like candle with cotton and roll on the nose and follow this once in a fortnight.

    Black head cannot be removed permanently.

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    The best way to remove the black heads from your nose is

    1:- Take steam of about 10-15 min.

    2:- And after steam, apply an oily cream on the black

    heads, and scrub on it to about 2-3 min.

    3:- Take a hair pin, which usually girls use on there

    hair. Use the back side of pin.

    4:- Put the back side of pin just at the corner of the
    black head. Push the pin slightly inward direction.

    5:- Your black head will removed. Apply a cream on the open pores. Keep in mind that the cream should not be oily.

    This is the most cheapest way to remove the black head from nose.



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    To remove blackheads from nose:

    You have to use some facial tips . during facial blackheads can be removed with the help of a special kind of instrument made for removing blackheads.
    You have to wash your face with the waste particles of wheat that are collected through the time of cleaning it.

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    Blackheads appear when there is accumulation of dirt and dust in the pores along with increase in oil levels. So the primary aim would be cleaning of pores rather than treating symptomatically. Here are few tips to get rid of black heads at home:

    1)Open The Pores

    This is the key. No picking, no scratching, no squeezing. Using a warm towel on your face, open the pores around the nose and any area of your skin which is affected. Blackheads are caused by a build up of oil and grime in the pores - to remove blackheads, we first need to get access to the root of the problem. When you perspire, your pores open, so the warmer the towel, the quicker your pores will open.

    2)Remove The Blackheads

    Using an adhesive strip (available at all good chemists, pharmacies and shops), you can now literally lift out the blackhead. Place the adhesive strip on the affected area, leave for a few moments and then careful lift. You can see the evidence on the back of the strip. Hopefully it will be covered in blackheads that you've successfully removed.


    Exfoliating will remove dead skin and stubborn dirt. Dead skin blocks the pores, blocked pores lead to blackheads - you can work out why this is very important. Use an exfoliating scrub or course flannel.


    Once you've got rid of your blackheads, you'll want to keep them away. Do this by introducing a regular cleansing routine. You don't need harsh cleansers, but you do need to cleanse gently on a regular basis. Try to use an all natural cleanser and absolutely avoid at all costs anything that contains alcohol and moisturiser. Alcohol will dry out the skin too much and moisturiser on an already oily part of your skin is a very bad idea.


    Minor changes in lifestyle should be sufficient to ensure that you never suffer from or need to remove blackheads again.

    Drink plenty of water
    Avoid excess sugar
    Take a steam at least once a month to open the pores
    Have one day a month to detox (drink as much water as you can, eat raw veg, avoid coffee, alcohol, sugar and dairy)
    Be disciplined with your cleansing regime. Regular (twice a day) gentle cleansing sessions, gentle exfoliation are essential.

    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

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    Black heads are accumulation of minute dust particles deposited on the gaps in skin. Over a period of time, they form a thick residue invisible to naked eye. Gentle face care routine at home can do wonders to stop blackheads. I am giving you my personal experience and with a simple tip that my grandmother gave me, I have eradicated the problem of black heads from my face. Even the beauty parlor staff cannot find a single black head when I go for facial occasionally.

    Soak khuskhus (found in all Indian kitchens) in milk overnight.
    Cleanse your face with fresh water the next morning.
    Gently rub this khuskhus on the face for at least 5-6 minutes in a circular motion.
    Leave it for a minute on the skin and then wash it off with water.

    Within few days, you will start seeing the difference and since milk is added, it gives a bright glow to the face.
    You can soak khuskhus and store it in refregirator for 3-4 days as per the climate. Please do follow this for sure shot result apart from regular skin care remedies of drinking more water and eating fruits and vegetables. Once totally eradicated,you can follow this routine twice a week only. Artificial methods can only remove them temporarily, they might re-surface in a bad shape again. So, as far as possible try to use only natural kitchen items on skin to have a long lasting effect.

    Aparna Shankarraman

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