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    What questions to expect in an English Teacher interview.

    Appearing for English Teacher interview? Find out about some expected important questions that can be asked in an interview for the post of English Teacher.

    A job interview questions differs from the work nature applied for. In the case of an English Teacher interview, what kind of questions are expected to be thrown at the interviewee from employers' end?
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    The aim of an interview is to evaluate one's capability for the post/job. Interviews essentially determines the potential and ability of the interviewee. When it comes to teacher's post, the interviewee can get tested on various aspects, such as, his/her relationship with the students and their parents. The interviewee can also get questions related to her relationship with his/her colleagues. The interviewee can also get questioned to find his/her personal characteristics and other background information. Please let me provide you with a list of the possible questions :

    1. First question, undoubtedly, would be 'your name', followed by your age.

    2. Second question would probably be the reason why you became a teacher or what inspired you to become a teacher.

    3. Third question would target your weaknesses. You can also be questioned about your strengths.

    4. Next question might test your awareness about the current issues going on in your country. You can also get questioned on some general topic.

    5. Next question would be probably like who had inspired you the most in your life. Something like that would be your fifth question.

    6. One of the definite question that would be asked is your plans on how to get closer to the students and know what is in their minds. Similar questions can be asked concerning your colleagues.

    7. You can further be questioned about your hobbies, about your plans for your career and so on.

    If it is a more detailed interview, you can get questioned on even more topics, such as, your expertise in the syllabus, your general knowledge and IQ and so on.

    Finally, all that you need to do, is to prepare yourself very well for the interview. Dress very well. Don't be late for the interview. Don't be scared to face those who interviews you. Do well and all the best.

    Hoping that my post helped you.
    Love you all
    Zamnad Zainuddin

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    First of all they check whether your basic english knowledge. If you answer to the basic questions like grammar etc.Then they will ask you about your education ,your experience etc.
    So,first try to prepare about the basic grammar and they will also check your teaching style , your pronounciation etc.All the best

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    First of all english teacher will ask what is the importance of english ? may be asked to speak about yourself as much as you can explain?
    3.what are your strengths and weakness?
    4.what is the difference between adjective and adverb?

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    Following questions may be asked during the interview for the post of English teacher.
    1)What is your educational qualification?

    2)Why would you like to teach English subject?

    3)What are the different methods of teaching English language?

    4)What are the different maxims of teaching English language?

    5)How will you introduce your lesson in the class?

    6) How will you plan your English lesson?

    7) What are the essential qualities of a good English teacher?

    8) How will you make your lesson interesting?

    9)What do you mean by verb, noun, adverb, preposition, conjunction, adjectives, phrases, proverbs, idioms?

    10) How will you deal with slow learners and mischievous children?

    11) How will you enhance the vocabulary of your students?

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    The possible questions that an interviewer can ask for an English Teacher interview are :

    (a) About teaching aptitude

    (b) Why did you choose teaching as your profession?

    (c) What are the qualities a good teacher should have?

    (d) How do you deal with students?

    (e) What is the best teaching technique according to you?

    (f) What can you do to improve the weak students in your class?

    (g) Do you think latest technologies in education are good when compared to the old methods?

    (h) Why did you choose English as your subject?

    (i) Is English language more important in this century?

    (j) Do you support private tutions?

    (k) Do you have the opinion that students are overloaded these days? If so, what can be done in-order to resolve this issue?

    (l) How can make lessons more interesting to your students?

    (m) As a teacher what is your strength and weakness?

    (n) Why did you choose teaching as your profession?

    Also they will ask you about yourself, your hobbies, qualifications, extra curricular activities and so on.

    Be well prepared. You should be dressed neatly and should reach there on time and should take all the necessary documents with you. Don't be nevrous at all. Use good language, for language is your subject.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    First of all it is most important to ask his/her name?
    Second thing is to say him/her to sit.
    Third one is to check his/her manners of wishing, talking, sitting etc.
    After it all it is important to check all about his/her resume. All her/his qualifications should be checked.
    Then a Question have to ask thathow will he/she teach the students.
    Then ask a Question that how will he/she makes first immpression good on students.
    Then ask question that how will he/she teach his/her weak students or how will he/she helps weak students to mae best.
    Then ask about his experience of teaching and why he/she had live that job.
    Then ask something that had happened in his/her life which mostly inspires him/her.
    At the time asking about all the questions check his/her way of talking, and think about his/her attitude.
    At the last say thanx to him/her.

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    1.I would like to know which class you are going to teach, I mean if you have applied for PRT, TGT, or PGT?

    2. Because there are different questions for the different levels. No one is going to ask you to sing a rhyme when you are applying for the PGT and TGT as they are likely to ask you regarding the subjects you used to teach in your past job.

    3. Also they will ask you some questions related to Grammar, one of the most common one are-
    They will ask you to read a chapter and then frame the question yourself.

    4. For the PRT and TGT they are simply going to do what I have guided you in the above point, but for the PGT, you need to know all the syllabus as it is one of the most important section when it comes to Boards.

    5. They will also look for the ORATOR with in you, as how you speak, your clear speaking, pronunciation etc matters a lot to them.

    All the above mentioned are from my personal experience so you can ask if you have any doubt.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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