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    How to convert a scanned hand-written document into an editable text?

    Do you want to know how to convert scanned hand-written document into an editable text ? Read the experts suggestion on this regard to find out more.

    As a part of my work, I often need to convert lengthy hand-written documents into editable text documents in Microsoft Office, which is later on printed. For that I type the document in Microsoft Office, which is very time consuming and boring. Is there any other method which can save my time, as the documents which I have to convert run into 3-4 pages of A-4 type.

    I posted a similar query five months back and some members suggested different software but none of them was effective enough to solve my problem, except OCR to some extent. What I want is that I scan the hand-written document, put it in a software and it should convert it into an editable text which I should be able to paste in MS Office later on. Is it possible in anyway?

    Is there any such software which converts a scanned copy of a hand-written document into an editable text which can be later on pasted in MS office? Please guide.
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    The automatic conversion of hand written scanned images into editable word by softwares is called as character recognisation.It is of two types:
    Optical character recognisation(OCR)
    Intelligent character recognisation(ICR).
    Of this ICR is most advanced. Few softwares like ABBY fine reader provide OCR and ICR.But there is no software that is 100% accurate.You will get limited results.If the hand written text is in cursive writing then the chances are nearly zero.

    I guess you are doing data entry

    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

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    Hi Gypsy,
    Abbyy Fine Reader is one of the best solutions for converting the scanned hand written documents into editable text format. I used Abbyy Fine Reader version 9.0. an year ago. I guess the latest one available is 11.0. With the trail software, I was able to convert the maximum of 50 documents. You can give a try with the trail version from official website

    While I was searching for similiar kind of software an year ago, I heard that HP scanners will be available with a free license CD to convert scanned written documents to editable text format. But I'm not sure about the name of that software.

    K K

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    I recently came to know about this feature in OneNote from MS Office 2007. You can try it out. It took only a few minutes to test it on various typed/scanned pages. Didn't try on handwritten scans.

    Open OneNote Start/All Programs/Microsoft Office/OneNote.
    Screen opens up, with tabs on left edge and on top edge.
    Select OneNote 2007 Guide from left edge tabs.
    Select More Cool Features from top edge tabs.
    From the list on the right, select Text Recognition in Pictures.
    Instructions are given.

    If it works for you, great!

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    First find out the format of your scanned image.Once you got the format, say pdf google it with the querry "pdf to doc" convertor.You can either choose an online pdf to doc convertor or download any application.This doc refers to the word document extension.

    Once you convert your scanned format to word document format you can easily edit it as your wish!

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    Yes, I support Kranthi Kumar. Abbyy Finereader is the best OCR software available in the market. If you are looking for professional content recognition on a massive scale, the Abbyy FineReader is perhaps the only software to serve your purpose. Only, as the old adage goes, nothing good is free. It is not a freeware, but you can buy ABBYY FineReader 11 online from the official website. There is also a corporate version of Abbyy FineReader 11.

    Before you purchase, have a look at the Abbyy FineReader Review at our partner site,

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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