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    How to control diabetes?

    Diabetes is one of the common diseases. Read to know the measures to check your blood sugar levels.

    My fasting blood sugar level is around 300 mg/dL. How can it be brought under control without taking medicines? I am 70 years old. Is medication compulsory. What diet is suggested for me in this condition. What type of a diabetes is it?
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    Dear friend,
    Please consult a good doctor,preferably your family doctor-though he is not a diabetic specialist.
    Further you please follow the below mentioned in strict manner.
    1.Daily walking is must
    2.Avoid toor dhaal in meals instead use moong dhaal.
    3.Avoid fried items
    4.Have your eating in splitter manner.

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    There are various ways to control your blood sugar.
    1. You should do regular physical training and exercise like jogging, walking, yoga which is one of the most efficient way to control blood sugar.
    2. Eat a lot of green and non-starchy vegetable and fruit, pulses, chicken, fish, cereal, bread as they are very good in reducing glucose. Food which are rich in high fibers and vitamins are really good in controlling sugar level.
    3. Take your medication regularly and keep a sharp track of your glucose level.
    4. Keep stress, anxiety, anger away as much as possible and try to be happy all the time.
    5. Stop taking alcohol and quit smoking.
    6. Recent research also show that by losing weight we can decrease our sugar level.
    7. Avoid high sugar food and also soft drinks and soda.

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    What is diabetes?
    Diabetes means high level of blood sugar. It causes due to lack of insulin or absence of insulin in the body. This disease is more common in those who are overweight and over age 40.

    What are the types of diabetes?
    There are two types of diabetes:
    1. Type-1 diabetes:
    In this diabetes, the body become unsuccessful in producing insulin or produces very less insulin. It usually occurs in childhood.
    2. Type-2 diabetes:
    In this type, body is unsuccessful to use the insulin produced by the pancreas. It usually occurs among adults but it can be easily controlled by diet, regular exercise and weight control.

    What are the remedies for controlling diabetes:
    Diabetes can be control by various ways given as follow:
    1. Use of bitter gourd are very helpful in controlling diabetes.
    2. Take bitter melon in your diet.
    3. Fenugreek seeds are very helpful to control diabetes. One cup juice of fenugreek is also effective.
    4. Blood sugar level can also be normal by chewing curry leaves in empty stomach.
    5. Make juice from Indian plum and mango by taking it in equal proportion and drink it 2-3 times in a day.
    6. Mango leaves are also effective for controlling diabetes.
    7. Use garlic, onion, turmeric, cinnamon in your diet daily, all of these are very useful in controlling blood sugar level.

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    Taking a meal at exact time and doing lot of exercises and you don't have make yourself as hunger,taking a meal at correct time is important for someone having diabetes.
    Use sugarless coffee or tea.

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    Dear Sukdevji,

    In-order to control diabetes at this age you have to be very strict with regards to your eating habits and daily routines.

    Below are some tips to control diabetes

    1. Avoid eating rice as the content of carbohydrate is high.
    2. Eat green leaves and vegetables
    3. Avoid fish and meet
    4. Avoid everything that is sweet - Fruits, chocolates etc
    5. Walk daily for sometime
    6. Practice yoga
    7. Do some simple exercise as you are too old for heavy exercises
    8. Drink bitter guard juice. It is an ayurvedic methods of controlling and treating diabetes.
    9. Chewing curry leaves is good
    10. Monitor diabetes regularly
    11. Eat little and have a healthy diet
    12. Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol
    13. Timely consulting the doctor and Proper intake of medicines
    14. Avoid stress and fear as far as possible
    15. Eat food and leaves that have more fibre

    Also consult a doctor immediately when you have a cut or a wound.

    Take care of your health

    Long live



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    Dear Sukhdevji,

    Diabetes has two or more levels, and each level has a different scenario and different do's and dont's.

    One to ten paragraphs are not enough to describe here. You may check and find exact answer for your query at ISC sister site

    Get well soon.

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    diabetes mellitus is commonly referred to as diabetes which is caused by high amount of glucose level in blood.It is caused beacause the body dont produce insulin or lower level of insulin production.
    1) frequent urination
    2) increased thirst
    3) increased hunger
    4) vision change
    5) skin rashes may occur
    1) lack of excercise
    2) obesity
    3) Smoking
    4) high blood pressure
    5) Elevated cholesterol
    How to control diabetes:
    1) Healthy eating
    2) Be active daily atleast 30 minutes by excercise
    3) Take medicines as directed
    4) Check diabetes at prescribed intervals
    5) Dont smoke
    6) Control cholesterol
    7) clean teeth and floss.

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    Sukhdev Sir,

    Try out the following tips:
    1. Avoid food items with sugar
    2. Exercise regularly
    3. Eat healthy food like oats, wholegrains etc
    4. Add salad to your diet
    5. Avoid white rice, bread, potato etc
    6. Take insulin injections if necessary
    7. Karela juice is supposed to help reduce sugar level in blood
    8. If you don't want to take long term allopathic medicines, you can try out Ayurvedic medicines which have no harmful effects. Consult a diabetician.

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    Please know which type of diabetic you are. Is it Type-I or Type-II because each type of diabetes has different type of approach.

    Type-I diabetes is insulin dependent diabetes in which there is no release of insulin hormone at all due to destruction of beta cells in pancreas. It is an auto immune disorder.

    Type-II diabetes is seen in adults where body cells show insulin resistance and they reject the hormone resulting in increase of blood glucose levels. But whatever might be the cause the final outcome is increase in glucose quantity in blood.
    To reduce blood glucose levels follow some basic steps:
    1)Consume low calorie diet
    2)Do aerobic exercises
    3)Walking is best and stress free exercise
    4)Avoid smoking
    5)Eat very little rice at night or completely avoid rice and eat chapatis instead(Maximum 3)

    Finally get proper diagnosis from nearest doctor for appropriate medication since type-I and type-II have different types of approach. I guess you will be 99.99% type-II because type is seen in early stages of life and is called as juvenile diabetes. So for type-II diabetes your preferable tablet is Metformin. This is a suggestion only and don't take it as a advice. Please consult your nearest physician immediately.

    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

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    I think you must avoid food that causes to increase blood level in your sugar.Also try to keep your body active by doing simple exercises.My grandfather is suffering from the same disease and he is consulting the same doctor from last 25 years or more, I don't know exactly, his age is now around 90 years, so I would like to suggest that look for good doctor in your city and keep consulting only the same doctor.As we know there are no treatments available today to cure this desease, you must try to keep it in control.
    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
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    @Sofia, you are wrong in saying Diabetes causes skin rashes and the causes of Diabetes as smoking, high blodd pressure and cholesterol. Even obesity is not always the cause of Diabetes though it creates insulin resistance. The most important cause you skipped is Genetic inheritance.
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    @Chitra, I dont think avoiding fish is good for diabetics. Fish contain healthy fat(omega3fatty acids), important vitamins that can keep your heart and mind healthy.

    @Meera. please elaborate regarding kerala juice.

    @Sukhdevji. Sir please stress on split meals concept and exercise.

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    Sukhdev sb,
    Diabetes is a curable disease which requires strict timetable.
    I have been going through the answer on how to control diabetes. Some of the replies on how to control diabetes have been contradicted but this is a matter of the people and everyone has one or the other way to reason.
    There is a simple remedy to control diabetes but many people are not considering it as it is not known to many.
    Remedy to control diabetes:
    Once you have taken your supper you should brush your teeth and then apply some common salt over your teeth. (Don't rub hard otherwise the gums will start to bleed) Go to bed without rinsing your mouth and this will help to control diabetes.
    This remedy may sound vague to the people who are relating on the medical or other sciences. I have had experience of this as my father used to do it regularly. He died at an age of 72 without a slightest effect of Diabetes. Just before a month of his death he went to his doctor friend and when the doctor asked him to get diabetes checked he got wild. To prove the doctor wrong he got the test done and explained to the doctor why he was assertive over his statement of not having diabetes.
    Reason to use this remedy to control diabetes: What all we eat has starch and this when reacts with our saliva germinates germ which are cause of increase of diabetes in our body. When one applies salt starch is nullified and thus helps to control diabetes.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    @Nadeem sir, you have mentioned in the first line of your answer that diabetes is a curable disease. But to my knowledge diabetes is not a curable disease but it is a controllable disease. It makes a lot of difference between these two.

    @Sukhdev sir, fasting blood sugar levels being 300 mg/dl is in fact quite an alarming situation and I think this is really a cause of concern. I am sure a diabetic patient needs to depend on insulin injection when the sugar levels are so high, however apart from insulin injection, here are some steps to be followed:

    • Completely avoid sugar in coffee / tea, not even sugar-free pills like equal.
    • No sweets at all
    • not fruits that are high in sugar like ripe mangoes , bananas and the like
    • Stop taking rice till the sugar levels are under control and even after the sugar is under control reduce the quantity of rice that you take as this is full of carbohydrates which easily gets converted into sugar in the blood stream
    • Instead depend on only phulkas and just boiled vegetables till sugar is under control
    • Even afterwards increase the intake of phulkas or dalia / cracked wheat as a substitute to rice.
    • If you can, go for a brisk walk for at least half-an-hour a day, preferably in the mornings as the air is fresh with good supply of oxygen.
    • Keep yourself away from any kind of stress / tension / anxiety
    • Take sprouted grains / sprouted Bengal gram by making salad with it.
    • Consume foods that take longer time to digest than the foods that digest quickly as this helps in slowing down the release of sugar in the blood stream thereby keeping the levels of sugar under control.
    • Do not spend much time by sitting, rather keep yourself engaged in walking even within the house. As this would be help in burning calories to some extent.
    • Consume fruits like jamoon and guava which are effective in keeping the sugar levels under control.
    • Do not stay with empty stomach for long hours but consume very little food at small intervals of time.
    • Avoid taking fruit juices
    • Avoid oily foods and reduce the intake of oil
    • Strictly follow the diabetic diet like taking only one idli for breakfast / sprouted grains / oats (oats are considered an ideal breakfast for controlling diabetes, a fruit like apple or few pieces of papaya as an intermittent meal, then for lunch either very little rice with much of curries, dal and curd or cracked wheat to substitute rice. Then light snack in the evening if possible a fruit as well. And finally only one / two phulkas with enough curries for night dinner.
    • Completely avoid potatoes as these are full of starch and enhance sugar levels in the blood.
    • Moreover make the life disciplined and strictly follow timings for having diet.
    • Finally keep your mind engaged in some spiritual activities which gives much solace to the mind and thereby keeps the mind calm which is very essential for controlling any kind of disease.

    Hope the above mentioned methods would be of some help to you in keeping the sugar levels under control.

    Thanks & Regards

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    To controlling on diabetes you should eat grams, green vegetables are compulsory to you.
    You have to drink 10 to 12 glaases of water in a day.
    You need to go for morning walk daily.
    You have to stop eat fried things.
    You have to stop eat sugar.
    Eat grams.

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    Diabetes is fully curable either in acute or chronic stage. According to allopaths diabetes is not a curable disease as you told. But Homeopathy and Aayurveda has proved that it is completely curable. Yes, It may take a long time to get cured fully. Because any disease does not come instantly. It takes a long time to come and in the same it it takes long time to go.
    As told by all of my friends that walking is the best exercise for diabetes patients. Other eating habits which should be done also has been told by my friends. But I want to give a short synthesis of diabetes.
    Sugar is a compulsory part of human. Pancreas controls the level of sugar in our blood. But when sometime our pancreas are fail to digest glucose the level of sugar is increased in our body. There are two parts of diabetes. In type 1 level of sugar is increased. That is the most common type of diabetes. But sometimes when this level is decreased, it is called diabetes type second.
    As told in the problem the patient has type 1 diabetes. It is also known as the disease of rich persons, because the main reason of this disease is unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy life style stress, anxiety etc.
    So first of all we need to plan our routine so that we can come up with these problems. Oily food, consuming more sweets, late night waking habits, stress, tension, lack of exercise, obesity are the main cause of these disease.
    Homeopathy works wonderfully in this disease. A complete physical and mental symptoms are taken before giving treatment. If you are taking allopathy treatment I will suggest you not to discontinue your medicines while taking homeopathy treatment. As soon your diabetes will be controlled the quantity of medicine is also been reduced. Proper medications on proper time can control your sugar level.
    But proper diet and exercise is also compulsory till the sugar level is controlled fully and even after controlled sugar level. Some of homeopathy medicines for diabetes are Syzerium Jambolinum Q - 20 drops - three times before meal, Dibonil, Diaboherb etc.
    Note:- Don't start these medicines without consulting a homeopath. Don't discontinue allopathy medicines until prescribed by homeopath.

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    Diabetes is not curable ,it has to be controled . The best way to control diabetes is to maintain a strict diet and regular exercise(if possible )or walking. My father has diabetes ,doctor had suggested that he should regularly walk for 1hr morning and evening. For a diet i think you should consult a dietitian, as he prescribes a perfect diet.

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    Diabetes causes due to high amount of glucose level in blood. When our body does not make or use insulin it causes Diabetes. Today it is a common disease found generally in over weight & after the age of 40. Sir, there is no need to worry for diabetes. It can be control. At this age you have to follow strictly some routine.

    1.First thing you have to do physical exercise like jogging, yoga etc. Walk daily.

    2. Take your food at time.

    3. Avoid sugar, sweets, tea, coffee etc.

    4. Avoid eating white rice, potato, meat, fish etc.

    5. Take salad daily.

    6. Eat more fruits, green leaves, vegetables.

    7. Take one tea spoon of jamun seed (black plum seed)with water early in the morning before taking any breakfast. It will help you to control your diabetes level.

    8. Drink water as much as you can.

    9. Stop smoking,drinking.

    10. Check your blood pressure, blood sugar once in a month.

    11. If necessary then consult with your doctor.

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    For controlling diabetes, You should do this,

    1. Do exercise daily.
    2. Daily walk is very important.
    3. Eat green vegetables.
    4. Stop smoking.
    5. Avoid meat and fish.
    6. Drink Karela juice regularly.
    7. Avoid stress.


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    When I asked this question on April 29, 2012 my fasting blood sugar level was 300 mg / dl. I consulted a doctor on May 2, 2012 who prescribed Azulix one tablet daily before breakfast and asked me to consult him again after 15 days with fresh FBS/PLBS tests. The tests taken on 14.5.12 showed fasting blood sugar level of 171 mg/dl and post lunch blood sugar level of 215 mg/dl. Today is 25.5.12 and my fasting blood sugar level has come down to 125 mg/dl. The doctor changed the tablet to Zoryl M1 Forte on 15.5.12. I exercise daily for over one hour and do not take any sweets and fruits except guava and papaya occasionally.

    Can someone advise me if the progress in controlling my diabetes satisfactory or not over a period of 25 days.

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    Sukhdev Singh
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    I believe Diabetes is a controllable disease. My Uncle too had diabetes, but he has managed to bring it down considerably over the last few years. To bring diabetes under control or to bring blood sugar level under control, he shared the below tips with me:

    -Try water therapy. After waking up in the morning, drink atleast 4-5 glasses of water before having tea/coffee or breakfast. If possible, have warm water. During the day, drink as much water as possible (atleast 15-18 glasses of water in 1 day).

    -Whenever you feel hungry, drink 1-2 glasses of water and then have your food. This will reduce your food consumption to a certain extent.

    -Avoid sweets, chocolates, fried food or any other high calorie food.

    -Eat lots of green vegetables, salads, guava, etc.

    -Walk for atleast 45 minutes in the early morning sunlight. Sunlight before 7:45 a.m. is very good for health.

    -Make a habit of walking for atleast 10-15 minutes after every meal for proper digestion.

    -Drink tea and coffee without sugar or using a low-calorie sweetener. If possible, avoid drinking them for more than 1-2 times a day.

    -Start doing yoga.

    -Instead of having two heavy meals, try having lighter meals at short intervals of time.

    Most of the above tips helped my Uncle to reduce sugar levels considerably and bring Diabetes down to a level where it is almost normal (though becoming completely normal seems very very difficult). Important thing is to persist with the tips for a longer period of time.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Diabetes is of two types : one is insulin dependant and another one is non-insulin dependant . So diabetes is controlled by following measures and these are as follow:
    1. Nutrition : take diet which include less carbohydrate , more protein and green leafy vegetables
    2. Exercise : do exercises which reduces the calorie of the body
    3. Medication: take medication on time that reduces the blood sugar level prescribed by physician
    4. Estimation blood glucose level regularly
    5. Avoiding injuries
    6. Regular check up

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    Dear friend,
    I will suggest following steps for controlling the sugar.
    1. Since you are 70 yrs old sufferring from Diabetes, I suspect you must talk to a good diabetologist about this before starting any other preacautionary measure.
    2. Please do the regular exercise like walking, jogging if possible everyday regourously.
    3. Avoid any dal in the meal.
    4. Try to avoid consumption if rice durung meal at least in the night.
    5. Avoid drinking alcohols.

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    There are two types of diabetes, type1 and type2. In type1 diabetes the pancreas stops the production of insulin. In type 2 diabetes pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin. Type1 diabetes is found in children and young adults. Type2 diabetes is found with the people above 40 years of age.
    Insulin is a hormone that enables the body to use glucose found in foods for energy. In human beings the normal level of blood sugar is between 80 and 120. Below 80 will cause low blood sugar level and above 120 it cause high blood sugar level. When too much glucose is present in blood it lead to so many complications such as heart attacks, kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage, strokes and blood vessel decrease. So we should control blood sugar at any cost.

    I will suggest some points to reduce blood sugar, other than medicines. It will helps to reduce the quantity of medicine we intake.
    1)Simple excercise such as 1 hour daily morning walk will helps to reduce blood sugar

    2)Include so much vegitables such as green leafy vegitables and salad with your food items

    3)Avoid stress, tension and angry.

    4)Avoid fried items, fast foods and bakery items.

    5) Practice meditation like yoga and pranayama.

    As a conclusion you should control blood sugar level to avoid complications arising from high blood sugar.



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    Dear Sukhdev Singh,
    You should take regular intake of medicines for your blood sugar level. There is no other way. You cannot escape from intake of medicines. The diabetes you have is Type 2 diabetes. It is much often seen in the people of age more than 50. But you can do some regular exercises so that you could control your blood sugar level little. Regular exercises and eating more fiber enriched foods like oats and chapatti is recommended. Avoid intake of rice in your food. Check your blood sugar level regularly and act upon it.
    Click here to see more about diabetes and its types and treatments.

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    With the grace of god and the members'suggestions, good advices and prayers, my sugar level has been brought down to 104 mg/dL fasting and 130 mg/dL post lunch. For the last two months, I am under treatment of an MD doctor who specialises in diabetes cases. For the first 15 days, I was administered 1 tablet of Azulix IMF and then the doctor replaced it by Zoryl M1 forte to be taken at the rate of one tablet before breakfast. Though, I am 70 years of age, I regularly exercise body now for about 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening including walking. In addition, I do not take any sugary substances including fruits. Of course, I occasionally eat papaya, guava and Jamuns. I eat lot of salads and avoid rice as far as possible. Now the doctor has asked me visit him after two months with fresh reports.
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    Sukhdev Singh
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    Good to hear Sukhdev Ji. You can continue the same practice for a long time to keep normal everything, and nothing to worry on diabetes issue - this is most common, it will give you trouble only if you think a lot about it.

    Generally, human has somewhat health issue every time or every now and then if he/she check his/her physical and health report even in good health condition, so, just ignore them and keep normal life with peace of mind which will help you out on this.

    Roohana M.

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    Without medicine , you can control your Diabetes in the following ways:
    1. Do regular Exercise.
    2.Eat Fiber Foods
    3. Go for whole Grains

    Thanks and Regards,
    Varsha Naik

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    I have insulin resistance which was diagnosed via GTT test as I have PCOS. I know that in due course I will become a full blown diabetic like my father. I am wondering if the homeo meds mentioned here by Dr. Savita Goswami can work for me to prevent such a situation from arising. I have recently been put on thyroid meds which resulted in my losing weight but I still have a long way to go. I feel like my adrenals need some help as my cortisol levels are not up to par when I take a 4-sample diurnal adrenal test.

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