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    How can I use my sony vaio laptop effectively

    Do you have a Sony Vaio laptop and want to make best use of your laptop? Let us see our experts opinion on using Sony Vaio laptop effectively.

    Hi friends
    I bought sony vaio laptop, which configuration are
    i5 processor, 500GB hard disk, 4GB RAM.
    I am using windows7 home premium(64-bit).
    Compared to other brand laptops I spend more to buy this, can I use my laptop effectively?
    2.which softwares must I need to install?
    3.some useful tips to increase lifetime of my laptop & also battery?
    4.which accessories I need to buy?
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    Dear member,
    This depends on your need. Always download/install a certified software or application for security reason. Tawte and VeriSign provides these types of certification.

    Below are some references -

    1. Click Here to know some useful tips to prevent your computer from viruses.
    2. Click Here to know how to improve your computer's online security.

    Hope this will help you. All the best!

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    1.In case you need to have some developer software that may depend on the domain and your work area, you need to install them.

    2.But first and foremost is that you need to have a good antivirus in that, that can protect you from unwanted threats and worms, viruses.

    3. You also make sure that you have all the necessary drivers too, sometimes we tend to have a software's but we lack in the requisite drivers for the same.

    4. In order to know more and in detail regarding the Battery Performance tips for the laptop, go through one of the Resource , just submitted regarding the same.

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    Dear Saravana

    * Firstly you need to read the sony vio accessories book and the various instructions inscribed in it.

    * You must install antivirus for protecting your computer from viruses.

    * You should install Microsoft Office for completing your work with different document.

    * You should install any type of Media Player for listening music and for watching movies etc.

    * You should mostly use your computer without battery and always try to charge the battery as you can.

    * Try to laminate your screen and use Keyboard Protection Layer Gaurd.

    * You may purchase Mini Mouse, Head Phone etc.

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    To use your laptop effectively you should purchase these must have software.

    1. Tune up utilities
    This will infact tune up your laptop. It will fix all registry errors, remove dump and temporary files, will provide three modes for extending battery life as per usage and many more functions.

    2. Get Microsoft Security Essential antivirus which is free for those having genuine windows installed. Since you have purchased the laptop with all genuine software you can easily download it from microsoft website. It is free and consumes very little RAM while scanning and also very small hard disk space on your laptop.

    Install these two software and you will need no other precaution for using your laptop effectively and extending you battery life until and unless you use your laptop for real heavy purpose. But considering the configuration it is suitable for personal use only.

    Given below is the link for microsoft antivirus.

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    1. Use the laptop to develop your knowledge. Try to learn new technologies and practise it.
    Dont mainly use it for entertainment purpose.

    2. (i)First you need to install lisenced version of antivirus to protect the system from virus attack.
    (ii)The softwares that are required to gain practical knowledge on new technologies(C,sql, java,ms office,tally etc..).
    (iii) Music player and some games (refreshment purpose)

    3. Try to avoid the graphical wallpapers and adjust the display settings to get better battery performance.

    4. (i) Laptop fan is available in the market. because of that we can control the heat generated from the laptop. So its better to buy that one.
    (ii) mouse, keyboard, headphones, laptop cleaner are things you need to purchase (optional)

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