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    Should I do M.B.A. or M.Tech. after my graduation?

    Are you confused about whether to join MBA or M.Tech after completing B.Tech? Read our experts suggestions regarding best study option after doing B.Tech or B.E. and also check out what will be the future opportunities after doing MBA or M.Tech.

    I am a 3rd year B.Tech. student in civil engineering and I am very much confused at this point of time whether to do post graduation or do M.B.A. I am not interested in doing a job and I want to pursue higher studies. This is the right time for me to finally decide which stream to choose. Please guide me on what future opportunities will be there for me in both the cases and going with the time which one is beneficial?
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    Hello Karn.
    It is very good to know that you want to pursue higher studies. Very good decision. But first know exactly what you want. Have a perfect goal and aim for it. DIscuss with all your family members, friends and job holders about the future opportunities in the field which you are about to choose.

    I can't say whether MBA is good or M.Tech is good. All I can say is if you perform well in your academics both of them are good. Just analyze and do some research about future job opportunities and chances in both of them. Then you will have an idea which one suits you best.

    Everything depends on you and your personal interest.
    Wish You all the very best.

    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

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    This is very common problem of engineering students. They have to select one of them either MBA or M Tech. This problem not arise for other background students like for BSc, BBA, BCA and BA students.Engineering students are technically sufficient knowledge at BE or B Tech level but companies not hiring them at good salary package they want post graduate and some more skilled employee than simply graduate. Then many people suggest them do MBA because MBA provide job is management sector which is broad field than their technical degree, in one field of specialization others say do M Tech it provide you more job chances in your field of specialization this causes confusion in students mind. So according to my point of view you do that course which you like most because only you, not any one can decide which is better carrier for you. MBA is a management course and M Tech is purely technical course. Choice always your after all you have to do job, no one come at your place and doing your job. If you not like your job and you not satisfied with it then always you think about your past decisions which is taken by you under pressure of others. So keep theses points in mind and take you decision wisely.
    Rajendra Singh
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    Dear Karn,

    I suggest that you do M-Tech in Civil Engineering. MBA is a trend these days, after completing any degree course, you can do MBA. It is just a management Course. As you have done graduation in civil Engineering I think it is better to go ahead with the same rather than moving on to a managerial course. After all final decision is yours and it all depends upon your interest to various subjects.
    If you are looking for a complete change then you can opt for MBA.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Dear ISC member,

    Please specify the field which you have interest. I am explaining in general.

    1. If you want to work in your core industry then its better to go for MTech.

    But, If you are aiming for any management job or any other jobs then its not suggestable to go for Mtech. Because, now a days, most of the companys are treating Btech and Mtech as same except the difference of a salary of 5 to 10k per month. But that difference is not worthful because if you start working after your Btech, By the end of two years, you would have received two appraisals and your salary will be more than a Mtech fresher.

    2. If you are aiming for any managemnet kind of job and want to be in the field of management, then its advisable to go for MBA.

    Now please sit calm and think in which field you want to work and take a decision. All the best.

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    After further study if you want to go for any core field then M.Tech is better compared to M.B.A. Also if you want to go for teaching field then M.Tech is better. It depends on your interest. For example if you will do M.B.A. in marketing then your B.Tech study in Civil Engineering is useless., M.B.A. students will be your competitor. If you want to take advantage of your B.Tech then go for M.Tech. Before choosing M.Tech, once check scope after M.Tech study. Presently M.B.A is very common, but scope are good.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nilesh Patel

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    If you are aiming for any management job or any other jobs then its not suggestable to go for Mtech.

    Before choosing M.Tech, once check scope after M.Tech study. Presently M.B.A is very common, but scope are good.

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    Dear Karn,
    Its good to ask someone when u are confused on some topic. Don't worry, your question would be answered.
    If u have completed your and want to do some professional course then i'll opt u as its a master course of your basic study. It does not mean that u cannot opt for MBA as the decision is all yours.
    But before going for any step first search for the post u would get after completing the preferred course. Check whose demand is more distinguished among others.
    Consider your queries from an adult in the family or from the person who is highly educated like your teacher or principal.
    Your's Truly.

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    I dont think that doing MBA means a complete diversion from core technical field. I am persuing MBA in Production and Operations after my BE in mechanical Engineering. I got good exposure to various sectors like Purchase, Logistics and transportation, Production planning and control, and offcourse about the vast activities of Corporate world.
    If you are interested in becoming a corporate human asset, go for mba. An engineer becomes a Good Planner rather than plan executor after mba. Is that not a case with M.Tech ?? i dont think so. Production, Purchase and as such managers are always surrounded by core technical decisions, but they also needs to work in synergy with Finance, Marketing, HR, etc... I dont think M.Tech course enhance those skills.
    On the other hand, if you are interested in teaching jobs, I would suggest to go for M.Tech then P.hd, For such jobs technical knowledge forms a major part even at higher managerial level.
    This evaluation should be done on your perspective. After deciding mba or M.Tech, your next big decision should be in what feild to do mba or M.Tech. Hope that answer the question. All the best :)

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    Hi friend,
    I hope u r doing well at your graduation.
    Every undergraduate candidate faces the same question.
    I faced the same question.
    I think one has to think for their own interest either in business or in continuing to work in technology.
    If one is interested in the business or setting up SSI etc., one should go always for MBA in the selective stream as required.
    If somebody is interested in continuing to work in technology, then one should stay with MTech.
    I belive MTech is always important to stay in the current world of technology. It always forces a technologist to think for business too at the stage of maturity.
    I think it helps you out

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    Hi dear friend,
    I think you do not need a lots of lectures or detail on the thing. I will prefer you should look into your own. Which kind of qualities you have? How you use them?
    There are only few things. You should notice yourself then you will get your answer in your own.

    1) Which kind of qualities you have. You feel your self as an engineer or a manager? Now days companies do not look for what your degree is about. They ask for your knowledge and skill. So prefer according to your own strength.

    2) It is all about your aptitude too. It is not always correct that a better engineering student will have a good aptitude. If you have better problem solving technique you should go for MBA. Or if you think that you act after a lot of study in every task then you are better for MTech degree.

    3) Do not look for salary. Both quality persons earns approximately equal. Director of a university or CEO of a company. You can become CEO after doing MTech too. Look at the examples of persons like Steve jobs. He was a good engineer and was a CEO of one of the most famous company Apple.

    So again finally I would like you to for you knowledge. And think in which field you can do better.

    Good luck !

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    Dear friend , mostly engineering students suffer from the same problem. They always confuse between these two courses. People are achieving success and greatness in both the fields , MBA and Engineering, it would be advisable for you to stop and evaluate your options according to your own personal likes and aptitude. There is no point comparing M.Tech with MBA , because both the courses are different and have different jobs and placements scope. will bring you in research field and M.Tech will male you master of your stream. After completing you will have complete knowledge of your subject which leads you to success. If you are interested in research field then you can choose it. After completing you can also get a job as a professor in engineering colleges.

    MBA is usually indispensable to reach the top managerial levels within companies. An MBA gives you the leverage needed to bargain for better terms of employment.A MBA student can reach upto level of CEO in any multinational company. It will enhance your managerial skills. No doubt after completing MBA from good college you have best package job.

    But as your branch is Civil , so you must prefer M.Tech . It will be more beneficial to you in comparison of MBA. MBA is beneficial for IT sector graduates.

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    If you are in your 3rd year of civil engineering and keeping in mind all the points you told I will suggest you to prepare for M.Tech. This is due to following reasons:
    1. You can qualify GATE exams from just your normal preparation from the last 3 years in B.Tech.
    2. If you prepare for MBA then you have to qualify CAT or other exams with great rank otherwise you will get some private institution and they are not better than IIM.
    3. You have to do extra preparation for MBA entrance for instance aptitude and English very deeply. While for GATE you need simple aptitude skills and no extra preparation but little preparation needed.
    4. You said you don't want to do job right now. But after your M.Tech you can get recruited in any government or private institution.
    5. After MBA mainly the option of private sector is open.
    6. There is much more fees for MBA which is comparatively lesser than M.Tech.
    7. After doing M.Tech you can join teaching line and serve for your nation.

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