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    How to take care of oily scalp?

    If you are facing problems because of oily scalp this post would be helpful to you. Find out about how to deal with oily scalp problems and tips to prevent hairfall and hair damage.

    I have oily scalp due to which I have to wash my hair everyday. If I skip hair wash, by afternoon the hair looks like oil has been applied.
    One of my friend has the same problem of oily scalp for which she visited the doctor. The doctor told her not to oil her hair in the scalp. As her scalp is already producing natural oils, addition of more oil will only make it worse.
    The doctor was right, as I had noticed that whenever I used to oil my hair, keep it overnight and wash it the other morning, I used to experience more hairfall compared to washing dry hair.

    I did like to know what special care should be taken of oily scalp?
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    Oily hair often looks flat and feels heavy, even soon after washing.wash your hair frequently, especially in summer or after physical activity. shampooing every two days. This will prevent residues from accumulating from the scalp causing more oil to released. Skip the conditioner unless the ends are dry.

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    Oily scalp can lead to oily hair and then to hair loss.Its always advised to frequently wash and clean hair and scalp who have a high concentration of oil in it.

    Well, the first thing to remember is that never pour shampoo directly on scalp, because over time and due to its high concentration, it will damage the scalp.Avoid using shampoos which have oil concentration, this can be checked in the ingredients section of the bottle or tube.

    There is also a home remedy which you can try out. First, make a mixture of lemon and hibiscus flower with a few drops of curd or yoghurt in it. Use it on your hair and keep it for about 20 minutes and then shampoo. After shampooing, again put a mixture of hibiscus flower and 2-3 drops of curd or yoghurt, excluding the lemon this time. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash it of.
    Avoid using dryer or anything like that to your hair. Avoid using hot water on your scalp while bathing.

    Do this for two week and you will be able to see the positive results.

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    As the scalp is producing natural oils that are required for a healthy growth of the hair, you need not oil your hair externally and stop further oiling the hair. And even while washing your hair avoid using commercially available shampoos instead go for some herbal products or wash your hair with Girijan products like Girijan shikai powder or Girijan rita powder. Or else you can even use the juice extracted from the whole ritas by little crushing these and then boiling in water to extract the juice. This would be very effective in making the hair dry and is mostly suggested for the people with oily hair. But don't use this on a regular basis as the hair might become too dry, so use it at least once a week while on the other days you can use jut water mixed in gram flour for shampooing the hair. As besan / gram flour has the quality to take out oil from the area and leaves the area dry. Hence you can use besan and this not only takes out the oil from the scalp but also leaves the hair smooth and shiny as well. So you can try out these natural products for getting rid of your oily scalp and stop the external application of oil till you feel that you need to oil it.

    However, you need not worry about the natural oils produced by the scalp as it is good for a healthy growth of the hair. And sometimes either it might be hereditary or due to the intake of some foods. Hence stop worrying about the oily hair and use natural products for shampooing hair on a regular basis instead of using the commercial hair shampoos.

    Thanks & Regards

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    To take care of oily scalp you have to apply 1 lemon to your hairs regularly. It keeps your hair fresh. You can also apply any type of shampoo which makes your hair
    smmooth silky without any oil.

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    I am also suffering from the same problem and was advised a home made remedy for the purpose.
    Mix some all purpose flour(maida,what it is usually called)with the lemon juice and wash the hair after some time.It helps to soak the excess of the oil from the scalp of it if you do not intend to involve yourself in a mess then the other remedy is soak a towel in luke-warm water and wrap it around your head.Practice it for a few days and after some time,you'll see remarkable difference.
    Other alternatives are frequent and perhaps less effective visits to the parlours,which are highly costly.


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    I have oily hair too, for better treatment you must have two teaspoon baking soda and add little water in it then gently apply this paste in your scalp. Massage very carefully so as not to break. Massage atleast seven minutes then leave it for fifteen minutes. Then wash it with natural herbal shampoo.
    Don't use chemical based shampoo. Use baking soda therapy in every alternative day.

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