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    How to improve fairness of men?

    How to increase fairness in men? Get tips to improve fairness for men from our beauty experts.

    There are many products for girls fairness but not for men. The skin of men is different from the skin of women. There are no effect of many fairness cream on the skin of men. Do you know the fairness cream which is for men and that is really effective.
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    The men's skin is much thicker than compare to girls' skin and it also contain more hair follicles than girls. As a result, most of the girls' fairness cream are not very effective. But now there are variety of fairness cream for men such as
    1. Garnier lights for men
    2. Fair and Handsome cream
    3. Fair and lovely for men

    Recently 'Olay' has also released a separate fairness cream only for men.

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    Skin is a very sensitive part of our body. It should be taken with utmost care. Many men wish for being a little fair but they tend to use the wrong way to implicate it.

    First and foremost, lessen your using of cosmetics to your face.

    Whenever you come back to home, or when you are bathing, apply a mixture of curd or yogurt and neem plant's(Azadirachta indica) leaves to your face and keep it for 10 minutes.Then wash it with water.
    Do not apply any face wash, because the mixture would not have any effect then.

    Make a paste of smashed potato and cucumber and apply it in places like, under the eye area avoiding any contact with the eye.Keep it for 7 minutes and then wash off.

    While applying shaving cream, use very less as those have chemicals which can tan your skin.

    When you go out, remember to do a face wash from a reputed company like Garnier, Aviance etc. and apply sunscreen cream on a sunny day.
    Be very particular while choosing the right sunscreen cream.More 'SPF' does not mean it will block you from the sun more, so choose wisely, not more than SPF 25 for men.

    Do the above said for four weeks and the results will be visible to you. Hope you liked it and keep asking.

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    Follow these steps to improve the skin of men:
    1. Use morning's dew drops regularly to make your skin fare.
    2. Apply leaves of tulsi(tulsi ptta) on face regularly.
    3. Mix the 'besan' with 'gulabjal'. Apply it on face before taking bath.

    These are some homemade things to improve the fairness.

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    It is not advisable to depend on commercially available fairness creams be it for women or men. Instead it is better to try to increase the fairness of the skin by natural ways. Go through this article: Natural ways of increasing facial glow to know more on the enhancing the fairness of the skin. Please remember that in case there is a family history of dark skin, then it would not be an easy task to get a fair skin. However, cleaning the skin is very important as the skin loses its original luster when you go out for out for your routine work and there is an accumulation of dust and pollutants. the clearness on the skin can be maintained by regular cleaning of the skin using natural cleansers like sour yogurt / curd or the like. Once the skin is clear, it retains its luster and looks a bit fairer. And then you can apply some natural products on the skin for getting the fairness of the skin. Avoid going out in the Sun after applying fairness creams as this will speed up the process of tanning and the skin tends to become darker.

    You can even go through my response in this post to know more fairness of the skin.

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    1.I would like to advise you one thing, there are so many people who are dark in skin but they are so much popular, some of the best example is that of Obama, look he is a dark American than also he is so mart when it comes to over all personality.

    2. Before applying anything on the face make it a point that you test it as some times things which are suiting others may not act in the same way on your skin.

    3. Applying Besan with a bit of Turmeric and lemon will do help, and that is a tried one too.

    4. Also applying the paste made by the powder of dry orange skin with lemon, will also help.

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    Men skin is not so easily get faired by using the farness creams available in the market very easily.
    Its possible to do this by using highly special fareness creams under the supervision of very special dermatologist.
    The names and contact of special dermatologists will be obtained through just dial or through google in the concerned areas.
    Some points to be remember for improving the fareness of men.
    1. Drink lots of water.
    2. Never keep your stomach empty.
    3. Do regular exercise, especially upto 45 minutes every day
    4. Do regular yoga- Especially Bhastrika pranayam will be the right for such issues.
    5. Use fareness lotions from PONDs or GARNIERs make as required as possible.

    I hope this will help you somehow.

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    Men skin takes more time to get fair as compared to women. For improving your skin color, do this,

    1. Use a good quality soap, and wash your face daily.
    2. Use Garnier lights for men or fair and lovely for men twice a day.
    3. Before using cream. take steam for about 5-10 min.
    4. make a paste of besan and used in a day at least one time.


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