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    What all precautions or test are do be done before planning pregnancy?

    Planning for a baby? Look out for all the pre-praganancy tests that you should get done before you plan a preganancy. Also know about various precautions that should be taken before preganancy.

    I have completed more than a year of my happy marriage. Often me and my husband discuss about when to plan a baby. We live far from our family. There are many many doubts and fear that we have in our minds.
    1.Using precaution may cause any harm to female body? (so one must go for a baby early after marriage or for how long it is Ok to go with precaution and can plan as per own convenience?)
    2.Rh factor of parents affects pregnancy? ( Couple should consult doctor or should go for blood test before planning for a baby?)
    3. Any other useful information related to this query.
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    Dear member,
    Very nice question. It is better to clear all doubts before planning a baby. You need not get so much scared for the new commer.
    About the question, What precautions should be taken for avoiding unwanted baby, here are my suggestions.
    Taking pills for a long can affect harmons of your body. So do not take pills for preventing a baby for long. It may cause for infertility in future. The best mode of precaution is to use condom. It will not only protect you from unwanted baby but also from STD (sexual transmission disease), which may cause infections in ovary/fallopian tubes.

    Rh factor can affect your pregnancy. So it is better to check Rh factor before being pregnant. If Rh factor is same for couple you have to take some easy precautions and medications.
    It is very pleasant experience to be a mother. So don't worry. There are some easy steps after getting pregnant, which can be made by a mother easily. It is better to take suggestion from elders timely when you are pregnant. Feel free to ask any queries in this section.

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    yes, we are trusting condom, but my close friend told me that even condom is not safe for time like two or more years. As she told me in laymen language that long usage of condoms block some passages or something. I told her this is false but I wanted to be confirmed. I want to be a mother but I would like to take some more time. But if that reduces chances of being mother in any extent, I have to alter my life plans and have to go for a baby first. What is your suggestion, how much time should be taken for planning a baby after being active in sexual life or say after getting married.
    Chitra Rana

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    Hi, Using condoms never alters your chances of getting pregnancy after stopping the usage. Pills may have some effect if used for longer time. Also using pills alters your hormonal balance especially the good effects of hormones-oestrogens which are cardio-protective and osteo-protective. So it is true that they have some side effects in long term use. Combined pills are little safer.
    2)Rh factor: You dont worry about that. It is a problem if you have a negative blood group like Anegative, B-negative, O-negative etc and your husband has a positive blood group. Even if the problem is there you are not going to avoid children. Am I right? So dont worry about it now. Once you get pregnancy, your Obstetrician will check for your Rh compatibility and give you anti-d antibodies to prevent the HDNB (hemolytic disorder of new born). There is no chance that she misses it as it is a universal protocol.

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