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    Which is the best diet for pregnant women?

    Diet is the most important aspect of pregnancy. Read here to know about the best diet for pregnant women and what fruits and vegetables should a pregnant women eat.

    I want to know the best diet for having healthy baby. Please tell me what a pregnant lady should eat. Also it would be great if anyone will tell the best fruits and juice for pregnant woman.
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    Hi,for babies bones calcium(1000mg) is must and it comes from milk and orange juice.Vitamin c(75mg) for tissue repair and comes from strabeeries and boiled broccoil.for eye sight vitamin A is importand and comes from spinach and potatos.All fruites and vegetables like apple,orange,pineapple ,spinach,potato etc. are good for babies health.Avoid junk food.

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    Recommended diet for pregnant women:

    • A healthy balanced and nutritious food with food supplements
    • Increased intake of green leafy vegetables as these are not only the rich sources of vitamins and minerals but also are rich in iron which is very essential at the time of pregnancy for maintaining the hemoglobin percentage in the blood.
    • Include vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage which are rich in calcium as these are required for the healthy bone formation of the fetus.
    • Avoid taking papaya, asafoetida, celery, parsley, brinjal, chilli, garlic, pepper and too much spicy food
    • Include foods that are rich in dietary fiber which helps in the easy bowel movement
    • Increase the intake of milk and milk products like yogurt, cottage cheese and the like as these are very useful not only for lactation but also for a healthy bone structure
    • Consuming tender coconut water is advisable as it helps in the healthy hair growth of the fetus and also keeps the body hydrated
    • Taking healthy fruits or fruit juices like apple, orange or banana is good.
    • Include cereals and pulses as well like nuts, dry fruits and daals as these are rich sources of not only carbohydrates but also of proteins.

      However, it should be kept in mind that overdoing of anything is good for nothing. Hence, eat as per the requirement and also maintain cleanliness while eating which is highly essential for a healthy mother and baby.

      Thanks & Regards

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    Best diet for pregnant women can be suggested by the gynaecologist and elders in the family. Nothing can buy experience and the useful food tips given by elders during pregnancy are very useful. They have been through it before and so are more aware of the Dos and Donts as far as food habits are concerned during pregnancy. It is also important not to take advise from too many people with regards to pregnancy as it may create lot of confusion. You can simply trust your gynaecologist and elders in your family to guide you in the right direction.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    During pragnancy take vitamins,calciums, protiens etc. are most important.
    Take proper medicine as it is suggested by doctor.
    Take juice regularly. Apple juice and orange juice is most important for a pragnent lady.
    Take green vegitables regularly.
    Take all types of food in your regular diet. Apple is most important fruit to everyone because it says that "An apple in a day, keeps the doctor away".
    Take milk reularly two times in a day.
    'SOYABEEN's' neutrees are useful to eat.
    Take chees, salid.
    Eat carrot, cumber, chees etc. in salid.
    Take pomegranate's juice regularly.

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