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    What is the definition of electronics and communication engineering.

    What is electronics and communication engineering? What all subjects are there in electronics and communication engineering and what is the difference between electronics and communication engineering and electronics and electrical engineering?

    Hai members
    I am a b.tec student. My trade is electrical and electronics engineering. Lot of my friends are in electronics and communication engineering department. But I dont know what is the meaning of electronics and communication engineering. I wish to know that. If any one you know that please answer to my question. This not only my doubt but also my friends doubt who studying in electronics and communication engineering department.
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    Electronics and Communication Engineering one of the top most branches in engineering. We simply called it as ECE.

    As the name resembles it is a combination of electronic engineering and communication engineering.

    Electronic engineering: itself contains electrical engineering. In electrical engineering we deals with the micro chips and small scale power systems where as electronic engineering deals with the applications of electromagnetism and power motors.

    Communication Engineering: as the name indicates it mainly deals with the communication. Communication is nothing but the transfer of information from one place to other place. In general this communication is done in 2 ways
    1. wired
    2. wireless
    To transfer data from between two instances we need some protocols. Each protocol contains different layers.

    So the subject which deals with power electronics and signals is nothing but electronics and communication engineering

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    Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE) is one of the top branches in engineering which most of the students opt. In ECE, you will study in detail about electronic circuits, microprocessor, microcontroller, communication engineering, antenna and wave guides, digital signal processing, etc., You will be studying to parts here, Electronics and Communication separately. Here you will study about the electronic circuits and transmission methods in communication, etc.,

    As such, there is no much difference between Electronics and Communication Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering since whatever you see in one course, you will definitely come across in the other one also except very few subjects. The thing is EEE people will study about machines deeper, they will have it in 2 or 3 semesters and ECE will have machines for only one semester. Similarly, ECE people will study about communicatio deeper in many semesters, whereas EEE people will study it in one semester only.


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    Electronics and Communication Engineering is an engineering discipline which uses the scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electrons to develop components, devices, systems, or equipment which deals with the electronic devices like micro chips, electronic gadgets, and other electronic applications.

    It makes the electronic device small in size which reduces the production time as well as cost.

    It is one of the most effective branch of engineering which include man power, electronic device and communicating tools.

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    As the name itself suggests, Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE in short) is an engineering stream in which we focus learning and exploring the features and applicability of electronics and communication devices. Electronic devices are those which very generally consume lesser power than electric devices; for example chips, microprocessors, and so on. The communication part basically focusses on the development of devices used for transfer of information place to place using wireless, wired and several other mechanisms.

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    Dear Siljith,
    I am graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering. So I thought I would somehow help you to imagine what this department is all about.
    Electronics is very much familiar to all in this world. Most of the products we see are electronic items. So I don't think you need a much more explanation about electronics.
    Communication is often misunderstood as the English communication skills. But here the communication is nothing but transmitting information from source to destination. We see many things which is communication oriented such as telephone, satellite, antenna, television, etc.
    So Electronics and Communication Engineering is all about studying, designing and testing all the devices which are used for electronics and also for the communication purposes.
    For the first three years of your education, you will not know overall meaning of domain, but in the final year you will come to know everything about your department and you will realize all this.
    If you have any doubt in Interview process and want to know how to prepare for the aptitude exams, feel free to ask me.

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    Electronics and communication engineering (ECE) and electrical and electronics engineering, both these branches have almost similar concepts.

    ECE as name indicates, it even include the concepts and phenomenon regarding communication process along with the principles of electronics. In general, it includes topics from the fields of:
    • Digital and analog electronics
    • Network analysis
    • Programming logics of microcontroller microprocessors and Hardware description language
    • Application of Linear ICs
    • Signal processing
    • Different modes of communication and
    • Some power electronics concepts.

    Whereas electrical and electronics engineering generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Usually higher voltage applications.

    Basics of both the branches are similar. They differ in application of concept under different conditions.

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    My Friend in general EEE(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) is referred to as parent subject while ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering)is referred to as a child branch which is derived from EEE.
    ECE i.e., Electronics and Communication Engineering as its name indicates deals with both the study related to Electronics and the study of communication systems.
    Basically in electronics & communication deals with the study of E.D.C(Electronic Diodes and Circuits) and E.C(Electronic Communication).

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    Hi Siljith,

    Electronics and telecommunication is considered one of the top most branches in engineering, which at the same time is considered tougher than rest of the branches, because of the kind of question papers that are set for this stream of engineering.

    This branch includes the basics of Electronics branch, like transistors, FET's, the IC's, the various circuit laws etc.
    It also includes the subjects related to communication like radio waves, how they travel in space, topics related to how exactly the signals are traveling from the transmitter to receiver, it also has contents related to antennas, etc.

    In short it combines the best of electronics branch and that of communication branch. The job opportunities are also immense.

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