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    Prolonged fungal infection on inner thighs

    I have been suffering from a fungal infection on the inner thighs and groin area for the past 10 years. I am 18 years old now. I was too embarrassed to tell my parents and finally met up with a dermatologist 4 years ago without my parents knowledge.
    The following drugs were tried almost 4 years back:( prescribed by doc)
    keteconazole:2 weeks
    fluconazole: 1 month
    micanazole: 1 week
    clotrimazole:1 month
    ketaconazzole : 2times for 3days 150 mg

    Clotrimazole powder tends to aggravate my condition. I have been using flucos dusting powder ever since during summers to reduce the infection, itching used to be present in the intial 2 years then became tolerable. Is there a way to completely get rid of the infection.

    I dont trust my dermatologists any more and i am planning to use diflucan tablets as follows:
    400 mg *1day
    150 mg* 1 week
    100 mg for once in 3 days for the next 3 months
    along with flucos dusting powder.

    Can you tell me the approximate cost of Diflucan tablets? Can i afford it?
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    My situation is same as u n even our age is same :D. but i think the medicine i take really works. I just met doctor 3 days before n seen lots of progress. Try

    Clotrimazole Cream I.P 2% W/W (twice a day)
    Cetirizine Tablets I.P 10mg (once a day at night)
    Fluconazole Tablets I.P (EFLZON-150) 150mg (once in 2days)

    Do this for 5 days everything gonna be ok... :)

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    Fungal infection in the skin is caused mainly due to unhygienic conditions of the skin which in turn is due to excessive sweating in the area. Hence the simple and best way to control the infection is:

    • keep the area as dry as possible as you can
    • keep washing the area with clean water, if necessary use little detol antiseptic lotion for cleaning, as many times as possible
    • keep changing the underwear instead of staying with the same garment the whole day
    • allow the area to dry after cleaning with clean water and then apply ordinary talcum powder in the area and then wear a fresh / clean undergarment
    • cleanliness of the under-garments also is highly essential, so keep washing the used underwear. Avoid using underwear without washing. If necessary wash these in detol water.
    • Once a week, apply a paste of neem leaves and turmeric powder which is very effective in reducing fungal infection.

    Remember that cleanliness and hygienic conditions are of utmost importance. Hence follow healthy and hygienic life style instead of getting infected with such infections and thereby using unnecessary medication for getting rid of rid. Prevention is always better than cure.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Prolonged fungal infection on inner thighs is common problem. Similar kind of infection I had, but when it was in initial stage I used product named "Sapat Lotion" and within a few weeks it cured completed.

    If your infection is initial stage then you can use product "Sapat Lotion".

    Below are few comments from my end -
    1) The medications you have tried are all very appropriate for fungal infections.
    2) For an oral medicine, often fluconazole is a bit better, but if taken correctly ketoconazole should also be effective.
    3) Given that your rash is not getting better on these medicines I am wondering if your rash really is a fungal infection.
    4) Jock itch can affect the penile shaft and scrotum. Other possibilities include a contact dermatitis or even a bacterial skin infection.

    I would suggest that you see a dermatologist if possible. Doing a skin scraping and culture to try to grow the yeast may also be helpful.

    Also if the fungus can be cultured antifungal medication sensitivities can be determined to be sure you are getting an appropriate medicine to treat the infection.

    From your description it is clear that infection is in extreme condition, then it will be better to consult a good dermatologist.

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    I had the same problem in my college days for around 2-4 months and i just was not able to do anything rather than thinking about the fungus.
    When i came to meet one skin doctor in west Bengal, he suggested me some cream, tablets etc. i don't remember the name exactly but its better to consult a good skin doctor and by seeing your fungus status, he can suggest you better medicines.
    All the best

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    You are probably suffering from Jock itch( also called tinea cruris). It is an infection caused by a fungus called tinea.

    Jock itch is treated with one of two types of anti-fungal medications -- azoles or allylamines.

    For a mild case of jock itch, your doctor may suggest first using an over-the-counter anti-fungal ointment, lotion, powder or spray.

    Keep the skin clean and dry.

    Apply topical over-the-counter anti-fungal or drying powders, such as those that contain miconazole, clotrimazole, or tolnaftate.

    Wash and then dry the area using a clean towel.

    Tolnaftate (Tinactin, Aftate) and undecylenate (Cruex, Desenex) are well-known, effective medications.

    Haloprogin (Halotex) -- Agent for use in the treatment of tinea cruris.

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    I am also suffering from this problem. In night time, there is so much itching . So for that first I used ItchGuard for 2-4 days . Then itching become less frequent but infection as it is. Then I concerned towards my family doctor then he give one injection . And then he prescribe some medication and ointment as given follow:
    1. Terbinafine 250mg
    2. Cetirizine Hypoglyceride
    3. Ointment Zole-f miconazole nitrate & fluocinolone acetonide
    Terbinafine 250mg for 7 days in night.
    Cetirizine is for 7 days 2 times a day .
    And ointment is applied in groin region after bath and while sleeping.
    After getting this treatment now I getting relief from it .
    So you should use this treatment. And you get relief earlier .
    Thanking you . . .
    - Kiran

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    This problem is faced by many people.

    Regular cleaning with anticeptic , anti-fungal soap is a must. Moreover, shaving of public hair is necessary. After shaving the area must be washed with Detol or Savlon. Moreover, using clean and appropriate under-garments is essential to prevent this problem.

    Medicines should not be advised/prescribed in this forum. For this purpose, one must visit the Dermatologist, instead of discussing the matter in this forum.

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