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    How to remove worms from intestine?

    Suffering from intestinal worms? Find out what is the treatment for worms in stomuch and what medicines should be taken for removing intestinal worms.

    My intestine is affected by worms, whenever I eats something sweet the worms get active and I can feel the motion of worms inside the anus. I observed the small and white worms in toilet. I have taken some tablets prescribed by the doctor but after some days I ate sweet and start the same problem. Due to that medicines I was feeling weakness and also my weight is not increasing. I want to remove this worms completely. So suggest me effective treatment.
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    I would like to suggest you some small things and parallely needs some information like your age, your body status (slim, average, fat etc)and the location where you are staying.
    Besides this please find the following:
    1. Worms need to be removed in the early stages during childhood by treating carefully under expert's supervision.
    2. Please use neem leaves (herbs)and the juice of the same early morning before eating anything.
    3. Consult the physician expert in the stomach problems.
    4. Avoid sweets as much as possible.
    I think this wiil help you somewhat
    All the Best

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    To remove worms in a natural way follow these things:

    1. Maintain cleanliness at the time of cooking as well as eating
    2. Avoid taking leafy vegetables bought from roadside vendors are these are full of mud and soil which might be full of the larvae of such intestinal worms. If so need, purchase clean leafy vegetables from reputed shops
    3. Do not let the nails grow and keep trimming these as and when required. And also wash hands thoroughly with a hand wash before eating any food item
    4. Avoid eating food at the roadside vendors
    5. Consume half a spoon full of any one of these juices empty stomach in the morning: neem leaves or bitter gourd leaves or methi / fenugreek leaves
    6. Or else consuming even a spoon full of ginger juice / extract mixed with beetel leaves juice (paan ka patta) empty stomach in the morning would be an excellent home remedy for getting rid of worms. Mixing a little nutmeg powder in this extract would be beneficial. Other wise consuming only nutmeg powder would be good for getting rid of the intestinal worms
    7. Avoid eating sweets for some time till you get rid of these worms.
    8. If the problem is severe it is better to consult and get treatment from a gastroenterologist

    Thanks & Regards

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    There are three types of worms found in human's stomach. These should be treated in the early age. But it can also afffect the adults. Its growth increaes in unhygenic cndition.
    After toilet, hands should be properly washed.Because hand is contaminated by the worms. Foods should be cooked properly. Worms are found in some vegetables because some people dispose off garbages in the vegetables which may contain worms and eggs of worms.
    You can eat pumpkin seeds to get rid of this problem. You can also drink onion juice to remove worms from intestine. Grate an onion and soak it in water and drink that water. It will help you.
    Don't eat sweets. It will increase the growth of worms.

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    You are probably infected with ascaris lumbricoides. The worm infects humans by eating food contaminated with mature ova. The clinical features of ascariasis vary from malnutrition to abdominal pain. In later stages the worms may cause obstruction of the small intestine. The worm may even infect the airways by moving to lungs and in this condition antihelminthics should be taken only under the guidance of a physician.The diagnosis is confirmed by finding ova in the faeces. Worms may be demonstrated radiographically by barium examination. The management comprises of taking mebendazole 100 mg 12 hourly for 3 days, albendazole 400mg as a single dose but a good physician must be consulted before taking the medicines. However numerous whole worms may be expelled after taking the drugs.

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    Get your stools tested for worms and blood hemaglobin level as there are chances of your being Anemic for which you should take a healthy diet and iron supplements, with this your weakness and tiredness will be taken care of.

    Your Weight is not increasing due to under nutrition caused by worms.

    The most effective treatment for intestinal worms is taking anti-helminthics like albendazole 400mg as a single dose with meals, mebendazole 100 mg 12 hourly for 3 days with meals. Preferred is Albendazole 400mg single dose.

    Complete treatment includes the above medication as well as personal hygiene and food hygiene.

    Wash raw fruits and vegetables properly with running water before consuming. keep flies away from food as they also carry these infection causing worms.

    Wash hand before eating and after defecation.

    Dr. Nikhil Thakur

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    By the description and the symptoms you have given, I can give you a 100% assurance that the worms you are taking about is roundworms. Completely getting rid of round is not an easy tack and requires a long period under medication for at least one week to completely kill them all. These roundworms reproduce very fast. An adult female roundworm can lay up to 100 eggs in just one day.
    1. The first thing you should do is to go to a well known doctors/physician and find out how severe the problem is and do mention that you are suffering from roundworms. The doctor will prescribed you medicine such as Albendazole, X-worm to kill the roundworms.
    2. If you have a pet dog or a cat, try to keep a big distance from them. If you have rodents like mice in your house, get rid of them immediately. They might be one from whom you got infected.
    3. Wash your hand properly with hand-wash or soap before having something.
    4. You can eat garlic, pineapple, pumpkin to minimize the activities of the roundworms.
    5. Have only leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, lady fingers as they will increase your immunity (production of white blood cells) and will also help you to restore the lost nutritions.

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    Drug of choice against various parasitic worms in intestine is albendazole, mebendazole etc.

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    dear friend self care is the best care so follow the flowing points first otherwise no treatment is going to work for you.

    1.Having a good and healthy body would save you from lot of trouble
    2.Wash your fruits and vegetables before eating
    3.Cook your food very well to remove all the chances of any worms or parasites
    4.Drink boiled water or filtered water
    5.Personal hygiene is also very important like washing your hands before eating, after touching pets, having your finger nails short and clean
    6.Always de-worm your pets from these parasites for healthier hygiene
    7.Having cloves in your food kills parasites
    8.Cleansing your colon to be done with ozonated water and hydrogen peroxide by colonic irrigation
    9.Eat pumpkin seeds throughout the day to get rid of a wide variety of parasites.
    10.Clean your large intestine out by scheduling an appointment to receive a colonic. This process uses ozonated water and hydrogen peroxide to clean the intestine directly. can use these two medicine to get rid of worm infection MEBENDAZOLE AND ALBENDAZOLE
    12.Eat garlic,it will help to clear worms.
    13.You may opt for this trick too.when you are going to sleep at night take some lime and keep that into a give some water in the cup.leave that for the whole night.wake up in the morning,flash out the lime.take just the water of that can do this using a clean and clear cloth.


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    No doubt appropriate treatment start with exact diagnosis ,complete treatment & avoid recurrence. So first for diagnosis you should first done your stool check for worms & also complete blood examination to exclude anemia which can be associated with worm infestation.Next for treatment Albendazole is drug of choice for most common worm,given 400 mg single dose.For avoiding recurrence proper hygiene,mainly hand washing with soap atleast two times after going toilet & also to see other family member should also be treated

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    firstly you have to know what type of worms you are infected with,
    1.Pin worm
    The most common form of worm that can be found in the human body is the pin worm. Pin worms live inside the colon but leave to lay their eggs on the outside of the host's body, typically at night in a location the host will reflexively scratch, thus transporting the eggs to infect a new person, or reinfect the host.
    Hookworms are a particularly nasty parasite that actually has teeth.Infection can be caused by consuming compromised fruit or water, or by coming into contact with soil or water where the worms reside. This parasite lives in the intestine, where it drinks blood.
    3.round worms
    Another common type of worm that can make its home in the human body is the roundworm. Infected soil or fruits are the main method of transmission to humans. Unlike most other worms, Roundworm eggs can find their way from the intestines to other organs where they can do major damage.
    4.tape worm
    One of the more well known parasites, tapeworms are commonly found in cats and dogs, but have been known to make their home in humans as well. Undercooked fish is one potential cause of transmission. This parasite feeds by attaching itself to the wall of the intestine where it lives off nutrients that the body absorbs.
    5.liver flukes
    Liver flukes make their home in the human body where they attack the liver and make holes. They can survive for decades. There is a wide variety of methods of becoming infected by a liver fluke, including eating contaminated food, or drinking contaminated water.

    try these tips:
    1.Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Detoxifying the body is a quick way to kill worms in humans. Stay away from red meats, and rely on fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapes, green beans and spinach.
    2.Drink plenty of water. Drink water to quickly detox and remove toxins from your body. This can speed your recovery. Drink between eight and 10 glasses of water a day.
    3.Buy yogurt. Yogurt contains live cultures. This healthy bacteria can get rid of worms, and restore your digestive health.

    And please talk to your doctor about anti-parasite medications. If your body doesn't respond to home remedies, make a doctor's appointment and obtain an anti-parasite medication to kill the worms.

    Get well soon.

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    1. Wash your hands before eating

    2.Wash your fruits and vegetables before eating

    3.Cook your food with a sufficient temperature and for a sufficient time

    4.Use clove in a large quantity in your food,it helps to kill worms

    5.Eat garlic to get rid of this

    6.You can use two medicine to get rid of worm infection, Mebendazole or Albendazole

    7.You may opt for this trick too.When you are going to sleep at night take some lime and keep that into a cup.Now give some water in the cup and leave that for the whole night.Wake up in the morning,take just the water from that mixture.Do not take the melted lime.You can use a fresh and clean cloth piece to do this process.

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