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    Companies paying salary in India in dollars

    Looking for companies paying salary in dollars in India? Find out more from our career counsellors about MNCs paying in dollars in India.

    Hi All
    Currently i am working as a software engineer in Datawarehousing platform in a reputed company.
    I want know whether do we have any companies in India will pay in Dollars($) as a salary in this technology .If companies like this are there please let me know and help me how to get into it?
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    The answer i got from my friend, who is working in TCS. The indian software companies do pay employees in INR instead of US dollars. But these companies pay in dollars for the on-site works in abroad.

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    If you have worked in the USA and continued the same job in India for the same company, then you are eligible to get paid by US Dollar.

    Most of the Indians for most of the professional IT jobs in India for US company never get paid in the US Dollars but good salary get paid in Rupees only.

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    There are no companies in India who pay employees in dollars as long as they are working in India. However, if an employee is sent abroad to work at client site or on a short term assignment from the foreign branch of the same company, then, the employee does get paid in the currency of the foreign nation. But, the moment the assignment is over and you are back to India, you again start earning in INR. So, I suppose to earn in dollars you will have to find job in a company that has overseas operations in USA and increase your chances of getting an onsite opportunity.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    All the companies in India are paying in INR but depends upon when they are sending you abroad then they will pay you in either Dollar or Euro based on which country they are sending.
    There are number of companies in India who are sending their candidate for abroad site works or lab works and they are paying accordingly in the currency of the posted country.
    Few software and other companies detail given below:
    Applied Material

    There are more examples you can have.

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