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    Which branch Of Engineering should I select?

    Confident to crack IIT or JEE and want to know the best engineering branch to opt? Let us see what the experts say on the best branch of engineering to take admission.

    I am planning to go for I.I.T and I can bet on it that I can clear the exam (J.E.E or I.S.E.E.T) but which branch should I opt for?

    I am basically a confident girl and have given many public speeches too. I have been the best in event management and am very interested in business as well.

    I am planning to add on an MBA degree to it (if possible, from I.I.M).

    So, which branch of engineering should I opt for?

    Please suggest some branches that will have great demand after 5 to 8 years and will pay well.

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    As you are opting for IIT and you are sure that you would clear it then you should not worry for the placement.IIts can give the best placements all over India.
    You should select branch of your choice;of your interest.
    You can only predict about the demands but you cant assure it.But still branches like civil, electrical, electronics are the evergreen branches which always have great demand.
    But still you should opt for branch of your choice.
    Hope you bang onn!! in IITJEE.

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    1.Every branch yields good result if a person is interested in it, but if we chose on the fact that which one will pay off better, then one day saturation will come and we will be dissatisfied.

    As I am an Engineer by profession so I can tell you this from my experience.

    2. What will be the benefit of doing an IIT engineering when you wish to pursue MBA from IIM, as after doing an MBA the domain changes completely, unless you do it in a IT MBA etc.

    3. Do not go when we see that others are doing same, then we should also do the same.

    4. A Botany honors friends of mine cracked an MBA from IIM A, by convincing them that she will become poet after that. So be sure to follow passion, not money making machine.

    5. Since you are good at speaking as well as management, I would like to advise you when you have to do an MBA, then you can do that in Event Management, from ISB Hyderabad.

    6. Please try to chose branch that interest you, as some females have made a mark in Mechanical Engineering, some in Computer Engineering and some in Chemical engineering branch, so chose with which you can do justice.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    Almost all the branches of engineering are having good scope in the future. Its upto you to join in the course which is of your interest. There are some usual courses like Electronics engineering, Electrical engineering, computer engineering, etc., which will have value all the time. Since you are planning to join in IIT, you don't have to worry about placements.

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    There are many course to carry out in B.Tech Engineering course...

    -> The top courses which can be carried out in B.Tech is as follows....

    -> Electronics and Communication Engineering.

    -> Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

    -> Computer Science and Engineering.

    -> Mechanical Engineering.

    -> Aeronautical Engineering.

    -> Civil Engineering.

    -> BioTechnology.

    -> Food Processing.

    -> The above all courses are really good... one thing which you have to keep in mind before selecting the course is your interest in it...

    -> Many will suggest that some of the engineering course is good and other 's are bad, but it's your future which you have to decide of selecting the course..

    -> If you take up the course which you are interested in then for sure you will excel in your future..

    -> You might have a question in your mind now saying that how can i find the interest in course when i don't know anything about the course??.. now here you need some time to explore the courses which is given above and know about it and select the one which you are interested in....

    -> As you have said that you want to go out for doing PG course there is demand for every course after finishing B.Tech.. So first finish your B.Tech course well and then plan well for your future...

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    I prefer you to take civil or mechanical branch because they are evergreen branches. You will get sure job in some company and even you can get good government job. Also they are burden less branches so you can even give time for preparation of CAT in order to do M.B.A. Also if your mind changes after 4 years and you want to switch to some other industry or other degrees in masters then these branches will be helpful.
    If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

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    First of all, congrates you for awesome confidence level for your bright future.

    As you are planned for IITs with management study in future, You can chose these highly ambitious & top branches for your B.E or B.Tech study which are mostly suitable for girls who wants to build carrier in highly paid business industry...

    1.Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECE)

    This is the dreamed stream for top students.ECE has too much demand in the market.Being an Electronics Engineer I am suggesting you to chose ECE because for this digital world ECE has always good market demand.
    You can go for both Core and Software field in ECE.

    2.Computer Science Engineering(CSE)
    This is the 2nd option for you.This is also a good stream with high market demand.This is mainly for software field.Core field is limited.

    3.Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering(AEIE/EIE)
    This is also a good stream.Here you can chose Core as well as Software job field.

    So all the best wishing bright future carrier.

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    Automibile engineering is one which would have a great demand in near future. There us a need for the renewal of automobile parts and be replaced with some great parts.
    The other is textile engineering. People are always gonna wear clothes so this one field which will always be able to pay you well.
    The engineering that would be in most demand will be environment engineering, someone is needed to balance the earth before it blasts out and manage the uses and production of resources and thinks of new technologies. I personally recommend you to go with environmental engineering, its going to pay you off very well

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    Dear friend, first of all I would like to appreciate your confidence about self, which is found in many of the few people.
    I suspect with the data you have forwarded I would like to suggest you to go for BTech in Electronics Engineering which has a great demand in the current world.
    At the same time in the coming 5 yrs of time the demand of this engineering will increase like anything.
    At the same time same scenario will happen in abroad as well.
    There is no industry where these people will not get right package, right credit and right upgradation.
    I hope you will find your answer from above explaination.

    "Do not get disappointed with change in circumstances. Ride on the changed circumstances and get the solution"

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    This is the most confusing question for every aspirants. Mostly students are unable to take decision that which branch is best for him. First thing is that always choose that branch which suits you better.
    There are many branches in engineering. Every branch has its scope and job profile. First you have to choose that whether you are interested incomputers or machines work or construction. Some branches, its working, and its scope is given below-

    Computer science and engineering & Information Technology

    CSE and IT are based on the development and uses of softwares, its changes and information about hardware. The only difference in CSE and IT is that in CSE you will learn about hardware and software development
    where in IT you will learng about only software development. Today IT sector is on boom. Hence this the best branch for getting high package job. You can get job in TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Accenture, yahoo,
    Microsoft, Google etc.

    Mechanical Engineering

    It is the oldest branch of engineering which is the base of industrial revolution. Mechanical engineering deals with the production and design of machines, engines etc. In mechanical engineering you will learn about the construction and production of every machines which you see around yourself. It is the toughest and very interesting branch , also
    evergreen branch. You can get job in the BHEL, DRDO, IOCL, HPCL, NTPC, ISRO, Maruti suzuki, Toyota, TCS etc.

    Civil Engineering

    Civil engineers deals mainly with the construction of bridges, dams, roads and highways etc. It is also the oldest branch. As India is a developing country. Hence there is a wide scope here. You can get job in public as well as private sectors like DMRC, RITES, GHIL, NTPC, JP group, L&T etc.

    Electrical Engineering

    Electrical engineers deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. They have to work with the resistors, capacitors, motor, diodes, transistors etc. After B.Tech you can get job in BEL, BHEL, DRDO, HAL, DMRC, ISRO, NTPC, JP group, TATA, Reliance, Samsung etc.

    No doubt today CSE is the most paying branch. Today CSE graduates are earning much. As you want to do MBA then CSE and IT is beneficial for you.

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    I think you have to take mechanical branch. this is the best branch. you can get job easily by mechanical branch and the other branches which are good are Civil and Electronics...wiss u best of luck

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    First of all concentrate entirely on cracking IIT.Once you clear the exam,according to your rank you will be granted choice of branches.At that time chose wisely the branch according to your interest.If you were to chose according to demand ECE and CSE will be good option.

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    I suspect the selection of engineering branch is totally self dependant rather than to discuss with anybody especially to the candidate like you (I guessed based on the confidant level you specified about yourself). I believe you must consider the best of your interest level to select the branch while admitting into the engineering faculty. For the same to arrive at high level understanding you must go through various advantages and disadvantages of various engineering modules in the practical life through internet. This knowledge will help you in your future as well since this kind of mindset will help in deciding the right path for our self during selecting the organization, selecting the role after graduation.
    I hope above understanding may reflect some good things to you to enable you for great success in your future.

    "Do not get disappointed with change in circumstances. Ride on the changed circumstances and get the solution"

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