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    How to increase blood production in our body?

    Have you been diagnosed Anemia? Looking for treatment for Anemia or remedies to increase blood count? Find out here about what foods should be eaten for increasing the blood count in humans.

    How to increase blood production in our body by natural food? Which food to intake for blood production and which food to avoid in order to loose produced blood?
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    eat green vegetable is best

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    To improve blood circulation and increase blood production in our body, please try to adopt healthy food habits as noted below:
    -Drink lots of water on a daily basis.

    -Ensure salad is a part of your lunch and dinner as well.

    -Foodstuff like carrot, beetroot, brocolli and lettuce should be a part of your diet in any form.

    -Eat Avocado regularly.

    -Eat as many green leafy vegetables and pulses as possible.

    -Drink lots of fruit juices and eat fresh fruits after lunch or dinner on a daily basis. This helps to purify blood.

    -Make sure you have oats, muesli and baked beans as part of your breakfast.

    -Practise Yoga regularly and play a sport to remain active and maintain good circulation of blood.

    -Get a full body oil massage done on a periodic basis to improve blood circulation to all parts of the body.

    -Consume Olive oil based food stuff, instead of normal cooking oil.

    Blood is an important component of a healthy body and following above tips will help you to increase blood circulation in your body and purify your blood.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    To increase the blood production in the body you should follow the following natural tips:
    1.To increase the blood iron is the most important element which plays the key role in blood production in the body. So you eat iron rich food.
    2.Eat dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach which is rich in iron.
    3.Eat Blood building foods like soy foods, apricots, apples, kidney beans, etc.
    4.Herbs and spices also useful to increase the blood such as ginger, cardamon, etc.
    5.Eat groundnut seeds with jaggery which helps to improve blood production.
    Simply you eat the food which is rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. These are the three main elements which build the blood.

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    Iron is the major mineral that contributes to produce Hemoglobin that in turn increases blood level. Intake of Iron alone will not suffice iron deficiency. You must also take Folic Acid that will act as absorber in your body.

    A Nutrilite product Iron Folic is available in Direct Marketing sales. It is 100% natural extract from Spinach and Folic acid. I will be able to give you information over the phone and counsel your body at free of cost. You may contact me at 09677122819

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    Eat green leafy vegetable, avoid outside and junk food. Drink maximum water. Do daily exersize, maintain routine, sleep well and give most attention to your wealth.
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    A nutritional deficiency in your diet can cause anemia, a shortage of red blood cells. To encourage blood cell production, target the foods in every food group that offer iron, protein and vitamins B and C.
    One cup of cooked spinach has more protein and iron than all other non-starchy vegetables, as well as high content of several B vitamins including folate, and vitamin C.
    Oranges are best known for their effect on immune system health, but they contain several dietary properties that bolster blood cell formation.
    With more protein, B vitamins and calcium than milk or cheese, yogurt supports healthy blood as well as the bones in which blood cells are made.
    All of the foods in the protein group also contain significant B vitamins, but cooked dry beans have the broadest nutritional contributions to your blood. Pinto, black, kidney and other beans are high in protein, iron, several B vitamins and vitamin C as well. Fish, meats and poultry have greater protein but, in general, smaller amounts of the other blood-making nutrients.

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    You can use the blood production by using following tips.
    1. Eat as much vegetables as possible, like spinach specially.
    2. Avoid eating non-veg food
    3. Avoid eating fry & dry food
    4. Start eating food having more amount of water
    5. Eat rice as much as possible
    6. Exercise everyday.
    7. Do yoga and pranayam everyday like Bhastrika will be the most important yoga exercise for increase in the blood circulation.

    I hope some of the above tips will be quiet helpful to you.

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    Nutritional deficiency can be a major cause for reduction in red blood cells in the human body thus causing anemia. The red blood cells carry oxygen to various cells of the body. Proper diet and healthy life style are most essential to increase the red blood cell count in our body. I will give you foods prescribed by the elders in the family and which actually work wonders in the body.

    Increase intake of fortified cereals during breakfast. Multi grain cereals and oats are the best for body for increasing the blood in the body. 

    Green leafy vegetables like spinach contain high iron and enable the body to induce blood formation. Spinach also comprises of vitamin B -12 , folate and protein content.

    Other greens like broccoli, asparagus can be taken in frequent intervals.

    Leaves of radish are said to contain high iron content and a bunch of these leaves taken regularly can bring blood levels to normal miraculously.

    Beet root and carrots are known to improve the RBCs in the body.

    Similarly, drumstick and it's leaves have a direct effect in increasing the blood count in the body.

    Promegranate is the best among fruits directly said to increase the blood production n the body. This is one of the grandmas favourite recommendation for increasing blood levels.

    Citrus fruits are best for the body to absorb the iron content of the above foods. Oranges, lime juices, guava, avacados, grapes help indirectly in improving the body's resistance capacity and increase iron content.

    Yoghurt is another natural blood booster in the body. It supports the blood already produced and the strengthens the bones producing the blood through its nutritional content of calcium, protein, vitamin B.

    All protein foods like beans, dal, nuts help in maintains the blood levels in the body.

    Fenugreek seeds also have a good benefit in increasing the blood levels in the body. Actually, Indian households do add a pinch of fenugreek in their food while cooking which aids blood production in the body.

    Pranayam like annulom virom can work wonders in curing the problem of red bolls cell deficiency in the body.

    Apart from the food, walking increases the blood circulation in the body. If you are already anaemic, do not strain yourself at this stage, first gain the strength and regain normalcy before you start walking. A smal stroll can be taken for a few minutes for freshness.
    In fact intake of healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding fried food can help in improving the blood count in our body.

    Aparna Shankarraman

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    To increase hemoglobin in the blood you have to take green leafy vegetables, fruits like mangoes, oranges, pomegranates etc, vegetables like carrot, protein rich food, food made of jaggery etc.
    The life span of Red blood cells is constant around 120 days so because of foods in won't get changed, but some infections and diseases can alter the content of blood cells in plasma.

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