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    What are the seven basic Sur in Music?

    What are the seven sur in Music? Learn about the seven sur of music, the importance of sur in songs and the notation for the seven sur in music.

    What are the seven basic Sur in Music? What does they mean? How any music or any song is made with the help of these sur? What is the role of SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI SA? When a particular sur or surs are used? What is the significance or importance of each sur while singing a song? What is the notation of each sur or basic word in Music?
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    Hi,Origin of music is done by these seven rhythms. Kharaj means SA(Agni Deva),Rishabha means RE( Brahamma Devta),Gandhar means GA( Sarasvati), Madhyam means MA(God Mahadev), Panchama means PA(Goddess Laxmi), Dhaivata means DHA(Lord Ganesha)and Nishad means NI( Sun God) are the seven basic sur in music. These surs are used in making any music or song. These rhythms include all rhythm of music by making frequency changes that is high, low and soft etc. Any type of rhythm is made by using these seven rhythms.

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    The seven sur or 'swara' are 'Sa, Ri.Ga,ma,Pa
    Dh and Ni.

    They are each a base sound staring from base and ascending. A music learner firs has to 'fix' the basic sound or swarasthana. This is reinforced by basic instruments like harmonium. After many repetitions under the guidance of a teacher, the student can reproduce the corresponding to each sur or swara correctly , even when woken up from sleep.

    The Ragas or the tune in which a song is sung is actually a permutation and combination of these swaras. A raga contains generally a combination of five swaras.

    Such basics are also there in Western system of music. The notation symbols are mostly for western system. In the Indian system it is written as the letter of the surs.

    Based on the combinations of sur, there are some basic ragas. Apart from these, a creative composer can make many variations also.

    For easy description these swaras, are named with the first letter -example Rishabam for Ri, Nishadam for Ni , Madhyamam for Ma etc.

    Whetehr to sound hard or soft or melodious is termed with qualifying words like Komal Nishad etc.

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    "Sur" is also known as "Swara" and 7 swaras are insiped from nature. This way, every "Swara" comes from various animal tunes. These are as follows-

    • Sa - Tune of Peacock
    • Re - Tune of Skylark
    • Ga - Tune of Goat
    • Ma - Tune of Heron
    • Pa - Tune of Nightingale
    • Dha - Tune of Horse
    • Ni - Tune of Elephant.

    But nature is not limited to
    animal tunes. "Swara" is also inspired from various colors. Bellow is the list of Swaras representing Colours -
    • Sa - the lotus leaf
    • Re - red
    • Ga - golden
    • Ma - kundan powder
    • Pa - black
    • Dha - yellow
    • Ni - Combination of these colours.

    Thus "Seven Sur" is inspired from nature.

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    The seven basic surs are

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    Simply sa re ga ma pa dha ni
    next frequency of "sa" is the 2* of the 1st "sa"

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    Venkiteswaran's reply is good and practical explanation of why in all music classes beginner singers are asked to match the sur with harmoniom sounds.

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