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    How I will prepare for MPSC and UPSC examinations?

    Planning to appear for MPSC or UPSC exam? Find out from experts tips to prepare for MPSC and UPSC exams and tips to score high in MPSC and UPSC exam. Also check out eligibility criteria and syllabus of MPSC and UPSC exam.

    I am now studying in 3rd year of basic nursing . I want to go for MPSC and UPSC examination . So for it , how i will prepare . On one side my professional degree and on one side I want to make career . So give me the suggestions that how i will prepare for my examinations and also for competitive examinations . Which book I should prefer for the competitive examination? In which form the examinations are there? Which type of question they ask in the competitive examination?
    So please give the information about it .
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    The best way to prepare for any civil service exam is that read and learn how much you can. You have to act to your full potential with no flaws because clearing civil services examinations needs perfection. Following are some tips for you:
    i) prepare for the pre-exams and also complete the syllabus of any one of the selective subject.
    ii) When you clear the pre-exams your one selective subject is complete by that date so start preparing for second optional subject.
    iii) If you complete mains then start preparing for interview.
    iv) For interview you must have good English skills so start preparing as soon as possible since you can't prepare English in one day.
    v) You must posses good general knowledge. For this you must read newspapers and magazines.
    vi) You must choose those optional subjects which you like and which are marks gaining as well.

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    First you decide your career field and if you want to make your career in govt. sector then you need to do spontaneous study. Make your ideal schedule for study. If you want to prepare for both UPSC and MPSC then you start the study of UPSC examination.
    Guidelines for UPSC:
    1.Various posts are filled by UPSC so you watch the website regularly. (
    2.The books of NCERT from 5th to 12th is very important for preparation of this exam.
    3.First you take the syllabus and look at the subjects you have to go through.
    4.You should know the current affairs and issues because the UPSC civil services have no boundaries on it. It can be asked for any current topic.
    5.Classify all the syllabus in following three main areas.
    (i)General awareness-
    (ii)Subject expertise- e.g. History
    (iii)Skill development- like reasoning, quantitative, etc.
    6.There is long list of books you can find but no book is perfect which fulfil your all requirements. According to your basic knowledge you can select the books.
    Guidelines for MPSC:
    1.If you are preparing for UPSC then automatically you are completing 50% to 70% study of MPSC. Remaining study of Maharashtra and its history and geography can easily learn because you are residence of Maharashtra and you have studied all history and geography upto 10th class.
    Tips for study
    1.Such types of exams have wide syllabus so that you have to study regularly. Decide your daily hours for study.
    2.You should attend the seminars, read the motivational articles, meet to the seniors who passed the UPSC and MPSC and listen their experience and try to convert your way of study.
    3.Solve the previous year question papers so that you might be know the pattern of question papers, important topics and points.
    4.Set your goal first so that you will not miss your way and struggle to catch your goal.
    Try to follow these tips which will definitely helps you. Best luck.

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    For appearing Civil Service Examination graduation is needed in any field. To prepare you have practice competitive and objective type of exams. There are many books available in market. You can join any professional coaching class to get study material and guidelines. For updates and news about MPSC and UPSC examination use referral link,
    With Best Regards,

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    Best option is to open upscportal website where you can find all questions and answers related to upsc exams and the pattern as well.
    Another way is to go through your technical as well as all the matters outside happening throughly and deeply.
    main way to crack is to study hard and answer it smartly.
    For that, first prepare for short questions in which many books are available in market and you can also opt for your own technical book. Rest of out knowledge depends upon your interest toward that.

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    Friend, If you are just planning to start UPSC and MPSC examination, you have to plan it well as you are pursuing your degree as well.
    Whenever you get some time like 10 days or so when you can make out some more time for arranging and knowing UPSC examination and requirements for its perparation(this may be after sessionals or after exams).
    In this time register yourself at From there you may know all recent vacancies, all imporatant books and important news, that will help you a lot in preparation. This all information will be provided to you through email.As you know you have to pay some extra time for studies, in starting do not try to finish up the books, just try to be regular and learn by heart. To avoid not necessary thing you have to go for important newspaper only.UPSC use to ask questions from those current affairs which are having some international importance. In pre examination science questions are also increasing. Those are easy to learn and to complete you need to study NCERT books only.
    You have to go though last year papers and surely need an encouragement behind you, that role can be played by any Magazine. Start with any good magazine, with time you will be able to differentiate between good and bad magazine. Be in touch of those who are also preparing for same examination this will help you to rate you progress and knowledge about recent happenings through discussions.

    Chitra Rana

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