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    What are the job opportunities for MTech in Computer Science/VLSI/Embedded Systems

    Want to know what are the job opportunities for M Tech graduates in Computer Science/VLSI/Embedded Systems? Here are the best jobs for M.Tech Computer Science/VLSI/Embedded Systems graduates.

    Hi all,
    I have decided to pursue M.Tech in computer science and engineering or VLSI or embedded systems.
    My query is, after M.Tech in above mentioned streams what kind of job opportunities available.

    Currently I am having B.Tech(IT) with 2.5 years of IT experience. Does my 2.5 years experience be counted at the time of M.Tech on/off campus interview?

    Thanks in advance
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    It is always good to have a masters degree in any field of education whether it is arts, commerce or sciences. The use of masters degree in any streams makes your feet set in the industry. As you mentioned you want to do M.Tech in computer science you have following opportunities after completing its course:
    i) You will surely get a teaching job in any engineering college and even some engineering colleges are giving good packages.
    ii)If you don't want to do teaching job then you can apply in any private company and since you have B.Tech, M.Tech and a reasonable experience you can get a good job.
    iii) One thing to cheer for is that the IT sector needs great employees with at least some experience so you can be almost guaranteed after doing M.Tech about any job.
    iv) Even after M.Tech you can apply for civil service exams as many candidates with such qualifications clear those exams.
    v) Since you have a good experience some companies can recruit you on the basis of your B.Tech degree and increase your package after you complete your M.Tech.

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    Well there are many opportunities for a person holding masters degree in computer science technology.Some of them are as follows:

    1.A person with masters degree in any stream is paid well in engineering colleges.
    2.If you are really gud at subjet in depth you can establish a your own computer institute as a enterpreneur.
    3.Doing through GATE, IIT and IIIT institutions carries more weightage than doing through PGECET.Morever You get stipend through IIIT,IIT and Gate institutions if you are qualified in entrance.
    They even place you in good MNC's which holds good package.
    4.Even central Government releases some notifications for Computer science graduates if you qyalify that you are well settled in a good job.
    %.Even in bank jobs you can get promotions very easily.

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