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    Which group to take after SSLC

    Want to be an engineer and want to know which subjects to take in +2 or intermediate after SSLC? Let us see what the experts say on the best group in Intermediate to pursue engineering after completion of +2.

    What to take after sslc, PCMC,PCMB or PCME ? I want to become an Engineer, in which scope is more that only I want to take. please tell me in which combination scope is more? And if i take PCMB and later wants to go for other for example: PCMC or PCME will it become tough later
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    Hey there.
    There are two ways by which you could make your selection.

    1. What do you like?
    2. What is the future of 'What you like'?

    I took PCMB. At that point of time, all i wanted was to become a healthcare professional (A Doctor- that was the dream). But later realized that the Biology field is not as easy and rewarding as the computer field. In the former, there are a limited number of opportunities available for yo; but once you make it on to the top, there is nothing that can stop you. It all depends on how determined you are.
    Computer is and was always the 'in thing'. There are a lot of opportunities out there for IT professionals, and the growth is pretty good, provided you have the right knowledge and attitude.
    My suggestion would be, PCMC.

    All the best with your future!

    Cheers :)

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    Dear friend,
    Every one will say, it is your choice in choosing your future. I am also supporting that opinion. But in making up that choice itself you should be very careful. First try to find out the subject in which you are the most interested or well versed in. Then search for different combination of subjects including this subject. Then select from these the best one you will be comfortable with. Do look before you leap .Take guidance from teachers, parents and elders in making up your mind. If you are too confused it is good to consult an career guidance expert in person. But once you have made a decision never try to regret it and always see the bright side of your decision. Do as much hard work as you can and thrive for success.

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    It depends on you. If you like Biology and choose a combination that lack Biology, you may not be in the top. Everyone should go forward according to their interest. If you force yourself involving with a subject that you not like so much, you may not be in the top. So, I recommend you to understand carefully all the combinations before taking the final decision.
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    If you are looking forward to become an engineer it will be better you take PCMC.Computer knowledge though not necessary for the engineering admissions will become an essential tool during your engineering studies.

    If you are looking for medicine along with engineering you can opt for PCMB which maks you eligible for writing both the entrance exams so that you have choices.

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