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    Which is the best between streaming and download

    Want to know whether online streaming consumes more bandwidth than downloading a file? Let us see what the experts say on which is the best one to save bandwidth between online streaming and downloading.

    I want to know the difference between streaming or buffering of online videos and of downloading them. I understand that streaming is just viewing online directly and downloading is to save locally to view offline. From the point of cost of internet usage which cost much or they are same. I mean to say we have to pay much money in streaming or in download process (irrespective of internet provider). Does downloading takes much bandwidth than streaming, because downloading makes browsing slower than streaming does.
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    That depends on your purpose and the quality of the content you need compared to the one you are streaming or downloading.
    For example, streaming is good when you don't know whether the video content is the one you are searching for or is useful. You can easily escape from fully downloading unwanted content. Downloading is good when you are sure the content is what you need and need to view the content fully or twice or thrice etc. Download managers like IDM has resuming capability, so you can discontinue and continue later, and the time used for downloading is smaller though not much from my experience. Also, downloading is much better if you have slow connection.

    As for bandwidth, they both use same bandwidth but download managing software's etc can increase bandwidth usage a little by using much of total bandwidth available, thus decreasing browsing speed.

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    Streaming means when you are watching a video online you can see a circle appearing which is streaming the video so that it runs out without getting strucked up in the middle. Streaming takes more time if the internet speed is very slow in your system.

    Downloading is when you download an active application that is a song or a video it starts using up the speed of internet to increase the download speed but it decreases the browsing speed. You can see the change when downloading a video or a game if your internet speed is slow you can see that it takes very much longer time to load a page and its contents, it takes nearly a minute for the page to get loaded.

    Downloading uses more internet usage because it is downloading an active application but streaming its just loading it from the server. Downloading makes your system to perform slow because it totally applies all the speed in downloading and you will get bored if you open up a page.

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    If You have good internet connection, that is you are able to see the videos without much buffering than it is advisable to go for streaming as it is genuine and every site in this world allows streaming. But if your internet connection/speed is slow and you face buffering problem while watching videos through streaming you can opt for downloading those videos, as you may get irritated watching a 2 minute video by wasting 7-10 minutes due to buffering.
    And as far as internet usage or bandwidth consumption is concerned you will see lesser bandwidth consumed while streaming videos than downloading the same.
    And one very important aspect of video downloading, many sites don't allow you to download their videos, so better you go for streaming the same if you have good internet connection.

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    Its fully depends on you that a downloading suits or a streaming for the media content that you are going to watch. If you want a movie to watch and keep for future then downloading is a better option but if you watching some news then streaming is good option for you. I hope you got the point.

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    Streaming means online video watch through the website through which it is allowable. Streaming helps for a person to neglect downloading the unnecessary video if not required to download at the system. Hence it is upto the user to use streaming and to see whether the video you are seeing is what you need or not, if so then you can surely download even on your system.
    Downloading means first you need to download and then to watch. For certain pics you can get some preview trial video for the one which you like to download where you can get advantage which you will get during streaming.
    Ultimately both are equally advantageous based on the situation and circumstances.

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    Firstly, there is no difference between streaming and downloading. All those who say they are different are crazy.

    Downloading: Downloading means when you are actively downloading or capturing a file. In downloading, one cannot be sure of the content of the video or audio. But, he can pause and resume the downloads whenever he wants. Particularly, when you download the file it is stored permanently on your computer hard drive where you can later edit or delete the file.

    Streaming: Streaming is mainly what we say buffering a video file. This is VERY SIMILAR to downloading. When a person is buffering or streaming a video or audio file, he or she is actually downloading the file. The only thing is most people don't know that. The file which is downloaded is mainly a temporary file and is primarily stored in the computers cache. Hence, every time we refresh the page, we have to buffer the file again because it is actually downloading into cache.

    Best Solution: If your are on a computer, then goto the internet's explorers options. Open the temporary files tab or cache option.( Do this only after you have streamed the video completely once.) Keep scrolling through the list unless you find a file which is very big which you can say is a video file. Right click it and save it on the computer with a particular name. Open it with VLC and have downloaded the streamed file without needing to actually download it. i.e you have downloaded the video after watching it.

    This method will cut your internet usage by half if you are watching videos or listening songs.

    ONE MORE THING: You are downloading DATA even when you are streaming a video. So don't wonder why your internet usage is high.

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    Basically streaming is also a type of downloading!
    But the main difference is that during streaming the media content downloads but gets stored in the RAM of computer which is temporary, where as when you download any media then it directly gets stored in your hard disk drive.

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    Reading the above responses you probably know what they mean so getting to the point: Streaming is basically downloading-but the file is not saved onto your harddisk. Downloading with some download manager like IDM,orbit etc. yields greater download speed compared to the download speed you get while streaming a video. So if you have poor net connection i would recommend you to download the video first and then watch it(provided that you are sure of the content). Otherwise if you have decent net its your call whether you need the video in future or not.
    And while you download your browsing will get slow but still you can browse.

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    There is a lot of difference between streaming and downloading a video.
    When you watch a video online for example in youtube, the video there streams firsts and then only you can watch the video. Many times we get a loading problem. It is due to the reason that the video is not getting streamed, reasons may be slow network.
    As you have mentioned above, downloading means saving the video to your had disk so that it can be watched offline.
    Downloading a video needs more data and thus more cost than streaming.
    The reason for this is that when you download a video it gives more clarity than watching online for which streaming occurs in case of slow networks.

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    Streaming in actual sense is a stream of data without the actual files. The data is transferred from the server to the client (user) in 0s and 1s in real time.

    Downloading is moving the data from one location to another on a network which can be utilized later.

    Please refer to this link for further clarification:

    So if you are watching an online streaming video of size 5 MB on Youtube, the video is actually getting downloaded and played at the same time. Here the amount of data downloaded will be 5 MB.

    When you are downloading a file or data, it is usually done by the download manager which uses more bandwidth. The manager is designed to download data as fast as possible hence if affects the bandwidth.

    I would say that downloading is better as it enables you to save the data on your PC and you can access it anytime you want to. If you keep streaming for the same data then it will affect your data usage. Again its your choice if you have an unlimited data plan, just keep streaming.

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    The basic difference in streaming and download is:

    Streaming: Data comes from web is stored in ram or in temporary memory.

    Downloading: Data from web stored on your hard disk or in a permanent memory.

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