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    Which cource is best in engineering.

    About to complete plus two and wondering which course is the best to chose in engineering? Read on to know the experts views on best engineering stream among ECE, EEE and Mechanical. Also best engineering courses to get good placement are discussed here by our experts.

    Hollow sir, I am Vishnu just completed my 12th standard.
    I wanted to do engineering. I am interested in both mechanical and communication fields. I am perfect in maths and physics.
    But i am confusing that what cource i have to choose i engineering{EEE or ECE or mechanical}. I wanted your help. Iam a hardworking person. Wanted to earn maximum. I am willing to do jobs either in india or abroad.
    Which course is best now comparing with employment, study, placements.
    Which course has a good scope now a days. Thanks
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    As concerned with modern trend, all the groups in engineering is having its own merits and demerits. In your case, you have mentioned that you are interested in Mechanical and Electronics. Both the fields are good in their own way. When considering Mechanical, only when you get placed in the top companies you can earn more. Otherwise you have to start your career with the small or medium size company and after gaining experience (say 3 to 4 years) you can shift to other large scale companies with handsome package.
    But in Electronics field, most of the IT companies are recruiting electronics students. The initial package will be attractive and you can have a sophisticated life. In Electronics, there are many chances for going abroad; either the company itself will send you to onsite for specific period or you can choose your career in abroad.
    My personal advice is, you can search in the net about these two fields about their career options and growth rate and make your decision.

    Jagannathan S
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    As per my view while selecting the engineering branch you have to make clear your interest of field either Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical. Don't think in this which course will give good return. choose your interest and concentrate on that subject and try to acquire maximum knowledge and distinction in the examinations.

    when you are master in your subject, automatically salary, job etc., will follows you.

    Hence, don't follow behind the opportunities, just concentrate on interested subject

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    Dear Vishnu, first of all I would like to congratulate you for sharing your thought with us through ISC since it is one of the very important thought to be shared by a person unfamiliar with the scenario.
    I am Mechanical Engineer having more than 8 yrs of experience in the organization.
    I suspect doing an engineering in any field is worth subject to the concern's knowledge, ability to perform, patience in life and tracking capacities.
    I suspect you have all these things inbuilt in you, if not try to get these things as early as possible.
    Looking at your thought, all the branches you mentioned (EE,EC & ME) are very good in operation in the current competiting world and will be in the future too.
    As you said you have to earn more, it all depend on how you perform in your area irrespective of in which branch you will work. You must think first for your own interest in the field, then select the field and go ahead.
    I hope you will be definitely get exposed to these things in future.
    Best Luck Vishnu.

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    One thing I can really say that due to increased modernization in industrialization the need for mechanical engineers is increasing day by day.
    Even if you are a fresher you can get a decent package if you are mechanical engineer. And after years of experience the package is imaginable. I will say that mechanical is the most flexible branch in engineering. You can even get yourself recruited in the companies of other sectors. Mechanics is everywhere and any field is incomplete without it. And if you do mechanical engineering from a good institution you will have maximum opportunity.

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    Dear member
    Being a guy it is sure that you will be attracted for the machines, and I feel that there is a scope in every field now a days all we look for the hardworking person, since you are well in that too, so now there is only question left, that what to choose.

    There is a good scope in Mechanical when you are interested in machines, if you are more into electrical then it will be Engineering provided that you do it from some good colleges.

    Some of my mechanical engineer friends are earning even better than we software engineer. There are lot of options after Mechanical engineering as there are government jobs in the same, even this is same for the EE/ECE.

    So you need to decide which is more attention seeking for you, and you will do better, if you need any help then you can also take help from counselor in the same topic as there are plenty of them which provide free service for the students.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    Dear friend,
    If you are very good in Mathematics and Physics then no need to worry. The best option in engineering is available to you- mechanical engineering. From my personal experience I can tell that I have seen all the mechanical engineers placed in some or the other sector. I will call it the most flexible branch of engineering as you can switch from one sector to the other. An overall best branch to opt. All other branches can loose their value but not mechanical. It will surely provide you a good guarantee for job even if you are a decent but not extraordinary in academics. You can opt civil services after ME and you can go to vacancies of CS or EEE or ECE after ME.

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    What is the gut feeling inside you? If it is mechanical, and you have fair chance in a reasonable college, take mechanical. It is a parent branch. After the general degree, you can go for specialisation based on your taste and urge. The other two (EEE,ECE)are based on the parent branch Electrical. There is scope for them too.If you don't have first chance for mechanical in the shortlisted college then I will suggest EEE. This is a practical field and has application in even mechanical fields.

    If you intend to go foreign, the maximum numbers we hear are in the field of IT and CS in the west. Mechanica and EEE are needed in Gulf countries. But nobody can predict what is the situation four or five years from now.

    While choosing branches you also consider the facility in the colleges selected also. Sometimes there will not be any relation to your study and the job you get. Whatever you take or get , please try to excel in that. The best in any field also gets the best welcome.

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    Dear friend,
    I will suggest you to first give some engineering entrance exams like IIT JEE for admissions in IITs, AIEEE, Combined Entrance Examination (CEE) for Admissions in Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) and Netaji Subash Institute for Technology conducted by the University of Delhi, BITSAT The Birla Institute of Technology and Science BITS Pilani and Manipal UGET. If you are getting cracking any of the above tests then you can choose any of the branches be it EEE, ECE or Mechanical. Under these colleges you will get quality education and quality placements with Healthy pay packages.
    Other than that if you are getting admissions to private colleges you should choose branch of your choice but if you are confused then I will give some information. Mechanical is evergreen branch every industry will always need Mechanical graduates. So I will suggest you to choose Mechanical Branch for very bright future.

    Jobs in Private Sectors

    If you are having qualities and capabilities then I am sure you will get a good job. Your stream will not matter what you have learnt matters a lot. After completing your degree you can get jobs in private sectors like IBM, Wipro, HCL, Infosys, Patni Conputers, Tata consultancy Services (TCS), L&t, Accenture, Maruti, Honda, Mahindra, Reliance, Yahma, Minda, Bluestar, Volvo-echier and many more.

    Below are the Government sector Jobs for any engineering student

    Air India Limited
    Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
    Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL)
    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
    Engineers India Limited (EIL)
    Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)
    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
    Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL) * Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL)
    Oil India Limited (OIL)
    Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)
    Steel Authority of India (SAIL)

    Jobs in Banks

    Engineers are in great demand everywhere and almost in all the sectors, we have also noticed lot of public sector banks are also recruiting them. Engineers prefer to join them simply for the reason as the bank jobs are thought of as one of the prestigious careers in our social value system.
    Banks like
    Reserve Bank of India
    State Bank of India
    Union Bank of India
    UCO Bank and others.

    Other areas where engineers are in great demand are the Defence forces (Army, Navy and Air Force). These three sectors provide ample opportunities of growth. One either joins the Indian army to qualify for the rank of an officer or one opts for other ranks. Combined Defence Service exam is conducted by UPSC twice every year for recruitment to office cadre of the Army, Navy and Air force. Another major exam for engineers is Indian Engineering Services (IES), a combined competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) for recruitment to the Indian Engineering Services.


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    Hi Vishnu,
    If your priority is the money, I would suggest you to take up electronics and communication (ECE) as it is the one course that pays in any college. If you get into a top college in India such as the IITs or NITs or any good private Engineering colleges, you can get placed into companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Facebook, etc whose job offers are really good. Hence ECE is the choice I would prefer if I were you. Mechanical Engineering and Electrical, when you compare the peak packages, do not match ECE, although the top jobs in Mechanical and Electrical would pay you around the same as a middle level ECE job.
    I hope this has been of help.

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    Hi friend..!
    ECE,EE and Mech all these branches have got ample opportunities. If you get excelled in your field you can definitely earn more from there. If you are very much interested in automobiles and hardware mechanisms mech is really a good branch you can opt for.
    You mentioned that you are interested in maths and physics. As I have observed, Electronics has inherited the concepts from these two fields. ECE even include much of software programming which is really interesting. EE deals with high voltage applications from the field of electronics and has some higher mathematical concepts. I believe ECE will be a better choice considering your interest. It has got a very good scope in the future.

    Finally what I would like to suggest is, first ask yourself what you really want to do in your life. No one lack in talent, but people lack in burning desire. Thats what stops them from reaching the heights. Make a choice with your own will and have a passion for it. Have a fantastic future ahead.

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    Hello Vishnu,
    This question is asked by every student who want to pursue a course in Engineering.
    Few years ago I was also in the same condition. Make one thing clear in your mind that every branch of engineering is equally important.
    You want to choose from EEE, ECE and Mechanical.

    Let me tell you about each of these branches:
    1. EEE-This is a core branch. If you want to do a government job . If you are interested in the working of large power stations , generators,transformers etc.
    Then go for this branch.Plenty of jobs are there in government sector. Great jobs in Indian Army too.

    2. ECE- This branch is similar to EEE. One can say ECE is a subset of EEE. ECE is younger in age as compared to EEE. ECE is a challenging and a fast growing branch.Jobs are both available in government as well as private sector. If you are interested in logic circuit making, semiconductor chips, wants to learn digital circuits, robotics etc . Then go for this branch.

    3. Mechanical- This branch is known as evergreen branch. Its job profile has never gone down. But it said to be the toughest and the lengthy branch of engineering. You should have a great understanding of physics if you want to do better in this branch.
    Jobs are both available in private and public sector. If you are interested in automobiles, designing and manufacturing of big and small machines then go for this branch.

    Regarding your query for best course in terms of employment and placement is Computer Science.
    By the year 2015, number of job opportunities in CSE is no doubt going to be increased. The main reason for a large number of jobs in India for computer science student is this that US is the main buyer of the software products made in India.
    Jayaprakash A.Gandhi - A well known career consultant and analyst urged the students to opt for Civil Engineering in view of the huge potential and promising jobs in the next few years.
    He asserted that four branches of engineering will have distinct advantage in the order of Civil, EEE, Computer Science and IT according to scientific analysis and placement statistics.

    Success is a journey not a destination.

    Vikram Narang

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    Hi Vishnu,

    I would tell you that if there is any subject which you love passionately, just go for it. Once B.S Warrier pointed out that everyone has 2 options: choosing a stream that one loves & loving the trade that one chooses. Its just like marrying the girl one loves or loving the girl one marries.

    I am a mechanical engineering student from Kerala. So here are my suggestions. The first year is common for all branches as far as my university goes.


    Getting admitted to a good college is very important because that ensures quality education & experienced teachers. A good college can assure better placement, better faculty, better learning atmosphere, better facilities etc. Different colleges conduct their own entrance tests & have their own methods for taking students. Though this scenario will change with the one India, one exam policy which is on the verge of implementation at present.

    Mechanical engineering

    First let me tell you about my trade, ie, mechanical. this is by far the least complex topic in engineering if one is okay in problem solving & visualizing. Often the mechanical students are referred as ROYAL MEXXX because this is the branch which often sets the standard for college life, ruling the college from the students quarter. As far as the subjects goes, there are subjects like hydraulic machines, graphics, c programming etc. These are very easy to learn once you get the concept. But, the job opportunities in our country for a mechanical engineer is limited. There are excellent opportunities available abroad. Very few girls take this stream.

    Electrical engineering

    Electrical engineering is a bit more difficult to learn. It has tremendous opportunities both inside & outside India. It deals with electrical systems, d.c, a.c and the like.

    Electronics engineering

    Electronics is the stream with the greatest demand among students. It is a bit tough, but the job opportunities are amazing. There is no shortage of jobs here. If you are into networking & security, the salary package is very high. For that CCNA has to be qualified. It can be studied even after completing class 12.

    Computer science

    Computer science is also a popular course. It deals with c, java, boolean algebra, logic gates etc mainly. But unless you want to specialize in this field, you need not take this trade. Because, you can easily jump from any other trade into computer science field, but the reverse process is not possible easily. Once you specialize in computer science, more often than not, you will be getting only jobs in that industry alone, though the pay packages & opportunities are excellent. that is, if you study computer science, then, most probably you will get jobs in that section alone. But, if you study mechanical, you can easily get a job in software field as well as in mechanical engineering field without much trouble.

    Civil engineering

    Civil engineering is an exciting subject to learn if you love designing buildings & the like. It is a comparatively easier topic to learn. Job opportunities are several because of the boom in real estate sector. Here visualizing is very important. Jobs are available in public works department and in real estate companies.

    These are the most popular courses. There are several lesser known courses like chemical engineering, aeronautics, marine engineering etc which are preferable if you have interest in those fields.

    I must also tell you that, getting admission into a good college of notable reputation is very much desirable because of the value it adds to your education. And, learning things & getting good knowledge on latest engineering topics are equally needed for a successful career. In this globalised era, proficiency over communicative english is a requisite.
    Visiting sites like,, can help a lot.

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    Hi, As of now, the mechanical engineering is a good option. It's having various options to get a good job in future
    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”
    Albert Einstein

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    In my opinion all the branches in Engineering have their equal importance. You have to choose your branch in which you have a more interest that i'll make you easy by giving info about some branches.

    Chemical engineering

    You have to choose this branch if you take interest in chemistry and physics. It's a huge branch with many opportunities but it's quite hard and have many subject similar to mechanical engineering. In this you have to study hard. Some of the subject in this branch are heat transfer, mass transfer,momentum transfer, fluid mechanics etc.

    Mechanical engineering

    You have to choose this one if your interest is in I.C engines and designing.This is also a core branch which have many opportunities in the future.

    Civil engineering

    This is also a core branch you have to choose this if you take interest in construction work like building roads etc. for this your mechanics and maths should be good.

    Electrical engineering

    It's a vast branch have many jobs in in govt sector. Choose this one if your physics is good in electrical and electronics. It's also a core branch.

    Computer science & IT

    These two are the evergreen branch. In this field jobs are more in this you have learn computer languages like java oracle etc. and electronics part.

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