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    What causes Ozone layer to deplete? What are the ways to reduce its depletion?

    What is Ozone Layer? What is Ozone layer depletion and what are the causes of ozone layer depletion. Read here to find the ways to reduce depletion of ozone layer.

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    We are taught in school that Ozone layer of earth is deplete day by day and due to this, protection from ultraviolet rays of Sun is getting down. I want to know, What causes Ozone layer to deplete? What are the ways to reduce its depletion? Some times we heard that Ozone layer is deplete due to some refrigerants used in refrigerators. How does it possible and what other factors affecting Ozone layer?
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    The ozone layer is relatively high concentration of ozone(o3) located in the lower position of Earth's atmosphere approximately 20-30km above it. This layer absorbs 97-99% of the sun's high frequency ultraviolet light.

    Ozone depletion is a hole in ozone blanket covering the upper atmosphere. This fact is of great concern as harmful ultraviolet rays can now come to Earth through this hole which was previously protected by ozone blanket. The various causes of ozone depletion are as follows-
    • Huge combustion of fossil fuel and organic matter.
    • Excessive use of nitrogenous fertilizers.
    • supersonic rockets and space shutters.
    • Nuclear test
    • Excessive use of chlorofluorocarbons

    Some refrigerant use chlorofluorocarbons which is one of the major sources of ozone depletion. Chlorofluorocarbon are inert, highly stable, colorless, odorless chemicals which can be easily liquefied. It considered to be most damaging pollutants of the stratosphere, as they persists in the atmosphere for a period as long as 150years. A single chlorine atom can destroy 10,000,00 ozone molecules.
    The various ways to reduce ozone depletion are as follows-
    • Plant more and more tress which provide huge amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and avoid deforestation.
    • The height of Aircraft flights having high altitude should be minimize.
    • Replace the use of CFCs and HCFCs gases with other gases which is not harmful.
    • Promote the use of ozone friendly products
    • Circulate awareness in school and society for protection of ozone.
    • All banking institution should switch to green banking scheme promoting ozone protection at business level.
    Hence by these simple ways ozone depletion can be avoided to some extend.

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    Ozone layer is vital layer that protects human and other living things from UV(ultraviolet) rays which comes from the sun. Ozone layer is situated at stratosphere in earth's atmosphere. In polar regions ozone laye is more depleted since 1970s.

    How it is depleted
    The center cause that deplete ozone layer is CFCs(chloro fluro carbons). One atom of chlorine atom attracts one atom of oxygen from ozone (o3) and process remains continues. Ten thousand molecules of ozone are being deteriorated by single chlorine atom and it increases the hole in ozone layer.
    one solution is to reduce the use of CFCs. Many nations are agreed to reduce the use of CFCs in their country.
    Yes in Refrigerators CFCs is used. So reduce the use of refrigerators in some extent. Awareness amoung people is very mandatory.


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    The atmosphere is divided into four layers- troposphere, stratosphere, ionosphere and exosphere. In the stratosphere lies a thin shield of ozone (an allotrope of ozone) which helps to absorb the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
    Due to the decrease i the density of the ozone in the atmosphere, the UV rays are able to penetrate the atmosphere and harm the life forms on the earth. This depletion of ozone due to harmful activities of humans is called ozone layer depletion.

    cause of depletion
    The major cause of ozone layer depletion is CFCs (chloroflurocarbons) and other gases like nitrogen oxides (from fertilizers), and hydrocarbons. CFCs are generated by old fridges, air conditioners and aerosols. Jet engines and motor vehicles and other industrial activities are responsible for depletion of ozone. Flying at stratosphere heights, the supersonic aircraft causes a major disturbance in the ozone levels.

    Temperature at the South pole is lower than the North pole. Therefore due to density difference such ozone depleting substances (ODS) accumulate at the atmosphere of South Ple cause a huge ozone hole there.

    effects of ozone depletion
    Ozone holes allow UV rays to reach earth. Due to this there are several problems like:
    Temperature changes and rainfall failures on earth.
    Reduction in immunity, cancer and cataract, genetic disorders are other major problems.
    Reduction in plants chlorophyll, marine ecosystem disturbance and microorganisms may get harmed as well.

    ways to control it
    National and international conferences to discuss o0n this issue and framing of strict laws should be given top priority.
    Use of alternative technologies is to be implemented. Modern fridges and AC should be used that do not emit CFCs.
    Aerosols free of CFCs must be only used. Natural fertilizers should be used.

    If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

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    What is ozone gas layer and its importance:
    Ozone gas is a compound formed from oxygen atoms it has a property of absorbing ultraviolet and bosnia rays by reacting with them and producing nascent oxygen. Thus it prevents there rays from reaching earth surface.

    How we are destroying ozone layer?
    Nowadays the ozone layer is being destroyed by human acts like combustion of fossil fuels,organic matter also use of nitrogenous
    fertilizers, polluting atmosphere by supersonic rockets,
    Nuclear test, use of

    What is the reaction behind it?
    These polluting gases react with ozone gas and produce nascent chlorine which reacts with other ozone atoms to destroy them and release oxygen and nascent oxygen. Hence chlorine destroys remaining ozone layer.


    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

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    What is ozone?
    Ozone is a chemical compound formed by bonding of oxygen. It is represented by O3. These ozone molecules have formed a layer over earth's atmosphere termed as ozone layer and it doesn't allow UV rays to pass through it and hence protects us form harmful UV rays.

    Cause and process of depletetion
    Ozone layer is depleted because of many gases like chloroflourocarbons (CFC), carbon dioxide, methane etc.
    CFC molecules are unbreakable till they reach the top of earth's atmosphere. When they reach at the top and UV rays fall on these molecules, they releases chlorine molecules. These chlorine molecules react with ozone molecules to release plain oxygen which is not capable of trapping UV rays. Hence ozone layer is depleted.

    The only way to prevent the depletion of ozone is by having a check on various harmful gases. CFC is the major one but not the only one. Emissions from vehicles like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide etc too cause ozone depletion. Planting more and more trees and controlling the pollution level are some of the measures by which ozone depletion can be prevented.

    Remember ozone layer is a very important part of our earth and recent studies have shown that a hole has been formed in it which is expanding. Doing our bit will be helpful for protecting ozone.

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    Pollution as we know is a great issue these days. Ozone depletion is a prey of such pollutions. Pollutants such a sulphur di oxide ,ChloroFloro Carbons(CFCs) and HydroChloroFloro Carbons (HCFCs).

    Brief description

    Burning of Sulphur componds can cause ozone depletion and also yellowen the Taj Mahal by producing Sulphur di oxides.
    HCFCs and CFCs are produced from refrigerators and airconditioners.They are the major ppllutants that causes ozone depletion.They react with Ozone (O3) to produce oxygen(O2) and Carbon di Oxide(CO2).As a result of which there are holes created in the oxone layer letting the UV rays to enter the earth.

    Carbondioxide on the other hand is a green house gas, which means it allows heat and UV rays to enter the Earth but only a minimum amount is reflectrd back into outer space.These heat is trapped and further leads to Global Warming.
    Each and every small incident is interlinked and can add upto to huge problems ,which to an extent has already lead us to problems.
    "Tiny drops of water from rain can add up to a big oceans", similarly a pollutant from here,another from there can add to bigger pollution problems.


    The only ways to prevent such problem is to plant maximum trees in every place possible. Deforestation should be banned,although already banned, yet people are practising it.
    Such issues should be viewed personally and politically as well.Any offensive activity should be punishable and only then we can live in a greener and healthier society.

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    Ozone hole is not like a well. When quantity of ozone gas reduced, the ozone layer become thiner and as a result ozone gas totally absent at some places. Those absence are called ozone hole. Reducing the quantities of CFC and freon gas is only way to prevent this deplation.

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