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    Rubbing nails for hair problems

    Looking for tips to reduce hairfall? Check out some yoga tips to prevent hairfall and other hair problems. find out how effective is the finger nail rubbing yoga exercise for hair loss.

    Rubbing nails have been recommended in yoga and accupressure to get rid of hair problems like hair fall, greying and hair regrowth.
    It is believed that tips under the finger nails run to the scalp hence stimulating the scalp and increasing blood circulation.

    Has anybody seen or experienced its effects?
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    According to me rubbing nails to cannot be advisable solution to cure the hair problems rather you can follow these effective measures to cure hair problems. These are as follows-
    • For increasing the blood circulation so as to have shinny and beautiful hair one can switch to oiling of hairs.
    • Increase the content of iron in your food
    • Try to use herbal products on hair
    • Keep it clean and rinse properly
    • Manage your hair properly by combing and tying it up

    All the above mention measures are simple and effective. Even you don't feel like you are caring allot for your hair but results are appreciable.

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    Rubbing nails will not help.
    You can do the following:
    1. Wash your hair with shikakai.
    2. Massage your hair with warm oil, keep it for 30 minutes. wash it with warm water.
    3.Keep your hair and comb clean.
    4. once in a week, apply egg yolk to your hair.
    5. Brush your hair regularly. Don't do straightening and don't color your hair with chemical dyes instead use herbal mehendi.
    6. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water.
    7. have protein foods.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Varsha Naik

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    Rubbing nails is not a solution for hair problem but it also causes hairfall because when you feel itching in your scalp you start rubbing your head and you end up with hairfall.

    To avoid hairfall:
    a) Apply shampoo rarely i.e., weekly once is more than enough because without shampoo your hair becomes dry and you will not be able to comb your hair.

    b) Applying shikakai and avoiding shampoo is also good because many of the shampoos are medically been proved that they contain paraben and sulphate which may cause cancer. Shikakai should not be used regularly because it produces more cold on your body.

    c) Apply oil before you go for bath and soak your hair for 15 minutes so that the oil spreads on your scalp completely. Applying oil after bath will make you easily comb your hair and oil prevents your hair from getting damaged.

    d) Avoid your hands from scratching your head instantaneously. When you start scratching your head heavily it gets heated up so your hairs fall down.

    With regards

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    I don't think that rubbing nails can have a great impact on the condition of hairs. Actually it is a method which can take great time or may show results after many years of continuous rubbing exercise. So you can opt for some methods which are instant or take less time. Some of these methods are:
    i) regularly oiling your hair.
    ii) having massage in your hair.
    ii) proper cleaning of hairs.
    iv) protecting hair from pollution
    v) use of less chemicals and use Ayurveda cures like amla and almonds.
    vi) protect your hair from sun especially these days
    vii) use of a good clinical shampoo
    viii) Having good diet plan including vitamin A and C

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    First of all let me tell you,Rubbing nails work.I have used this technique and I assure you that if you do it 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the evening it will help you in controlling the hair fall.This technique also grows new hairs.

    Reason - When you rub your nails fast,blood rushes towards your head.The hair root gets more blood and nutrients.

    Scientifically and Astrologically it is also proved.

    I would recommend you use the Kesh Kanti shampoo,a product from Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Yogpeeth.I use it regularly.It is a perfect combination of herbs.Try that.Also,oil your hair with Coconut oil only.

    A yog asana is there called Shirshasan.That is the best asana for controlling hair fall.You can try that.

    Main point -1. Follow a strict and good daily routine.
    2. Stop junk food.
    3.Bath daily(but don't shampoo daily)
    4.Don't take stress.
    5.Do pranayam(best thing possible)

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    Yes, the rubbing of nails does affect your hair and its growth. Under every finger we have pressure points which are directly connected to the nerves. These nerves mostly go to different parts of body but via the brain and the head(scalp). Hence constantly rubbing these results in a enormous increase in blood flow which gives more oxygen and nutrients to your head. Hence, it a mildly good exercise when done with yoga. But, ONLY depending on it is very childish and if you have serious hair problem, you should consider a dermatologist.

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