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    Which is better: IIIT OR IIT? How to get into them?

    Are you a +2 student and wondering which one between IIIT and IIT is better? Read the experts views on how to clear IIT or IIIT and which is the best one to prepare for.


    Currently I am studying in +2 in Hyderabad and i am preparing for IIT-JEE. But, I wanted to know if IIIT is good or IIT is good. Please give me acceptable replies and also tell me how much should i work to get into them.

    Note: I want to mostly take up robotic engineering.

    Thank You
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    IITs are definitey better than IIITs.
    For getting admission to IIT you have to give JEE(google the new pattern of examination) where as for IIITs admission is done on the basis of AIEEE rank.

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    There is no need of question like that.IIT's are the best ever technical institute in India.IIIT's have not much popularity as IIT's has.JEE is the exam needed to get into IIT.You can get into IIIT by cracking JEE,AIEE or state entrance.
    With regards & best of wishes,


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    No doubt that as per the college rankings, IIT's are better than IIIT's.But sometimes it depends, you may prefer IIIT over IIT. It depends on the branch allotted to you in the counseling of IIT. If you are having a choice between the non desired branch in IIT like ceramic engineering, textile engineering etc and a branch of your choice in IIIT like computer science &engineering, I am suggesting you to choose the branch of your choice.

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    Obviously IITs are better. IITs are famous world wide. To get admission in IIT you have qualify JEE and also try to score good marks in your +2 as from now onwards +2 marks will also be included in JEE final merit list. For more information google the latest pattern of JEE.

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    No doubt IITs are better. They are the top engineering institutes in India. IIIT is also good but when compared to IITs it will be lowly ranked. Entry to IIT is through the iit-jee, while for IIIT it is done through aieee. Both are top institutes to pursue engineering education but IIT should be preferred first then IIIT.

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    I was also having such types of questions when I was preparing for JEE. One cannot say that all IITs are better than IIITs. IITs are famous from the tag of IIT. You have to go individually targeting a specific branch. IITs are good but see whether the branch you are interested is good there there or not.
    We all say that IITs are the best. But it all depends on the candidates who study there whether they work hard to them proud and famous or not? So it all depends on one's hard work.
    Recently a boy from MNIT made a record package of 1.34crores from Facebook. Why can't anybody till now made such an achievement from IITs.
    If students from some X college are moved to IITS and the students of IITs are moved to X college, then I am sure that the X college is going to gain reputation and the IITs would have a decline in its status.
    It all depends on students. Yes, facilities, laboratories etc matters but they cannot stand in front of intelligence and hard work.
    But If we make our admissions to IITs then we prove that yes we have within us that intelligence, hard work etc.
    As per question I must tell you that in IIIT Hyderabad, computer science is very good. If you are not able to get admission in the top IITs then go for good branches in IIITs.
    Always choose your branch of interest and not the top branch of the institution.

    How to get into them?
    Hard work, intelligence, smartness in your work, right guidance and study material are the only keys to get into such institutions.
    Stay away from bad companies, the time you are having today is a golden chance for you.
    We always had this thing in our mind, to get free from studies and to enjoy our life.
    Here is my personal experience-
    I dropped two years one for JEE, taken coaching from Bansal Institute. I was not able to make to the cut off. I scored 157 and cut off was 180. I drop one more year for AIEEE thinking that I would have taken coaching for AIEEE, I would surely had scored a good rank in AIEEE. At that time I was preparing in home.
    The whole year I realized that What is my life without education? Without studies? That year made me to know the exact meaning of-'Work is Worship'. So never feel doing hard work as a burden.
    I suggest you that even if you are not selected in JEE then go for NITs, the top ones.
    And if not got a good rank in AIEEE then take a year break and do the best you can.

    Success is a journey not a destination.

    Vikram Narang

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    There is no comparison between IIT and IIIT because IITs are always preferable institute for any course but IIIT is for only information technology and also not top rated as IITs.

    So according to my point of view IIT is better than IIIT.

    Rajendra Singh
    I am not the BEST,
    but I am not like the REST........

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    Definately IITs are better than IIITs as iit conduct its own exam for selection and is best in India engineering competitive exams while IIITs are through AIEEE exams which is one step lower than IIT.
    You said your interest is robotic engineering which is directly not possible as you have to face one of the competitive engineering exam to get B.TECH degree and then get your favorite subject for furthur scope.
    You first go through exams and clear it either in IITs or AIEEE and try to get mechanical branch which has a future option for robotic engineering.

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    IIIT and IIT both come among India's best colleges. First of all you should be very clear about the branch/field you are going to choose. IIT is surely better than IIIT as you must have heard but if you are planning to do IT(Information Technology) then I would suggest you to go for IIIT and for any other field IIT is the best in India.
    How to get into IIT and IIIT:
    IIT - Up till this year IIT used to hold its Joint Entrance Exam(JEE). It consisted of two papers based on which selection was made. But this year it has been decided that there will be only one common exam for admission to all colleges in India, so many IITs like IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur have decided to hold a separate exam. You can get details about this by searching over internet.

    IIIT- Admission into IIIT takes place through All India Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE). Your rank in the exam should be very good to get the admission.

    There is also reservation for OBC, SC/ST and it will be really very helpful if you come under such a reservation.

    Bottom line - Since you are planning to go for Robotics , I would suggest you to study hard for IIT, remember its not that easy but believe me you can do it. You just need to be consistent with your practice and hard work.
    All the best !!

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    No doubt IIT's are better than IIIT in any aspect. The best example was more than 3000 people unable to qualify EAMCET 2012 who are studied in IIIT. Can you expect more in engineering which is failed in intermediate? , No way so IIT is better than IIIT
    Write IIT-JEE for entering into IIT

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