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    How to prevent bad smell from mouth?

    How to prevent bad smell from mouth?
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    Here are few simple tips to prevent bad breath.

    Brush your teeth after every meal. Also rinse your mouth after every meal to remove food particles sticking in your teeth.

    Try to clean your tongue with tongue cleaner while brushing your teeth.

    Try to drink plenty of water to avoid making your mouth dry. This will also help in flushing out bacteria present in our mouth.

    Use good mouth wash which can kill bacteria and fights bad breath.

    Keep a check on your diet as specific foods can cause bad smell. Garlic, onions and fish are known to cause bad breath and try to reduce its intake.

    Check your dentist regularly for gum disease which is also one of the root cause of bad breath.

    Hope this helps.

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    The problem you are facing is called Halitosis. Below are some tips to get rid of your problem, try out which suits you the most.

    - gargle some mouth wash. Chewing sugar free gum can promote salivation and aid to free bacteria

    - chew sprig of mint, a fennel seed or two

    - some diets may cause bad odour like fishes, milk, garlic, onion.

    - some of the problems may be due to the medications you are using, for that contact your doctor.

    - fresh fleshy fruits and plenty of water can hydrate your mouth and thins up your mucous membrane to prevent the lodging of bacteria.

    - brush properly in the insides of teeth as well as use proper tongue scraper as teeth are not the only place for bacterial growth.

    - do not forget to floss regularly.

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    Hello Annapurna,

    It is a good and essential thing to keep our mouth always fresh. Here are some tips you can follow:

    1. Brush your teeth twice a day in the morning and evening.

    2. Use good tooth paste for brushing.

    3. Always wash your mouth after eating anything.

    4. Use mouth wash before sleeping to keep away bad breathe.

    5. Gargle your mouth with salt water twice a week.

    6. Clean your tongue regularly.

    7. Use mouth freshners often.

    8. Avoid strong foods which get between the teeth.

    9. Drink plenty of water.

    10. After following all these tips. If you still have the problem then consult a doctor.

    Hope these tips will help you.


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    try to keep your stomach free from troubles brush regularly drink plenty of water and visit dentist regularly

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    hi annapurna,
    to prevent bad breath from oral cavity u can follow some following methods:
    1. brush daily in morning and before going to sleep.
    2. u can use chlorhex mouth wash marketed by colgate twice a day.
    3. try to drink more water
    4. rinse your mouth after each and every meals
    5. u can use chewing gums to prevent bad breath.

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    Hi Annapurna,

    There are certainly some tips that you can follow to avoid bad smell coming out your mouth.And they are as follows.:

    1.Brush your teeth i the morning.

    2.Use a Good Tooth Paste which containd mint flavour.

    3.Do not take a heavy breakfast and heavy lunch.

    4.After lunch you can should gargle with water.

    5.Try to avoid eating raw onions in food.

    6.You should chew mint leaves immediately after having your lunch.

    7.In night after taking your dinner you must again have brush.

    8.You should clean your tounge very well and gargle your throat.

    9.During the whole day the best thing is drink a lot of water so that it will keep the bad smell away from from your mouth.

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    Well its really a nice question to address. Many people really do not get a correct answer to this question. As a result they suffer from bad mouth smell.

    Anyways I have the right answer for this question.
    For any problem relating to bad mouth smell or teeth you can always rely on one particular tooth paste.

    This paste is a homeopathic complex.
    This is called HOMEODENT.


    1. Mint flavor
    2. Saunf flavor

    It is not too costly as well.
    It is available in a 100g pack at Rs 40/-

    I bet this will take care of your bad smell more than you. This may be noted that this particular paste forms a litle lather. So a take a good amount of it while brushing your teeth. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day.

    Brijesh Singh

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