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What is Gorilla glass display and how is it scratch resistant?

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If you are a smartphone lover, one thing that you look into is the type of the glass display the phone has. Now a days almost all the major companies are manufacturing phones with either gorilla display or coning gorilla (Thinner version of a normal gorilla display). The main idea behing a gorilla glass display is the fact that it is scratch resistant.

My question is this - What is it that actually makes a piece of glass surface highly scratch resistant? What is the technology behind this invention?


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Are you a Smart phone user and want to know what is the Gorilla glass display system used in Smartphones? Let us see how Gorilla glass display system works and how it is different from coning Gorilla display system. Also our experts will give their opinion on whether Gorilla glass display system is scratch resistant or not.

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Gorilla glass is manufactured by Corning. It has high strength and doesn't get scratched. Even if you drop your smartphone having gorilla glass it won't break.

Reason for high strength and scratch resistance:

During the manufacturing of gorilla glass large ions are stuffed into the glass surface by a process called as ion exchange process. During ion exchange process large potassium ios replace th small sodium ions thus making the glass all the more harder stronger and scratch proof.


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