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    How to increase my computer speed

    Using AMD Semptron processor and want to know how to increase the speed of computer with 2 GB RAM? Read the experts views on how to speed up the personal computer and which components need to be changed to increase the PC speed.

    I am using 2.20 ghz AMD Semptron processor having 2 GB Ram, 250 GB Hard disk, Windows XP service pack 2. It has been 3 years since i am using this system. No hardware problems have been occurred yet. But for previous few months the system has been little bit slow down. My hard disk is not full. No virus problems are there. Now what can i do to increase the speed. Do I have to replace the windows or is there any hardware problem associated with it.
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    Hello Asif
    First of all know that there isn't any magical trick or software that can increase your speed tremendously.
    Moreover never download a software that claims to boost your is only going to make things worst.

    However if you take care of certain small tips i am going to mention now you can get noticeable increase in speed.

    1.Clean your browsing History,windows log files,empty recycle bin etc. and fix registry errors.You can use a freeware like CCleaner for this.

    2.You can use ready boost for additional memory if you have a usb storage device that supports ready boost(most flash drives have it):Just plug it in, right click on the removable disk icon and click on properties,then click on readyboost tab and select "dedicate this device to readyboost" and click "ok".

    2.Run Disk Defragmentor once in a while to organise the free space in your Hard Disk.

    3.Keep your anti virus up-to-date and run a normal and boot time scan. You can have anti-malware software also for added protection(e.g.malwarebytes,free version doesn't have real time shield but you can scan periodically)

    4.Click on start and type "msconfig"(without quotes) and hit Enter,click on start up and disable any service that you don't need on start up(e.g. utorrent.exe etc.).This will help your pc boot faster.

    5.Clean up your hard disk.Trust me you don't need most of the stuff you have on your hard disk--get rid of em'.

    6.Go to control panel and remove any program that you dont need.

    At last if after doing all of these steps you are not satisfied you should probably go for an upgrade of your system.

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    I agree with whatever Krypt stated above and i think your system configurations are good enough to run xp at its best.
    You should try defragementing your hard disk . deactivating start up programs using there individual control panels and MSCONFIG Is not suggested as it is a diagnosis utility and should not be used to make permanent startup changes to the system.

    If u find it tedious to follow what is stated above you may try using one of the softwares stated below :-

    Tuneup utilities 2012 (Very good and i use this only.)
    CC cleaner (Outstanding . a must try app for you).
    System mechanic free.
    360Amigo System Speedup Free.

    There will be definitely speed boost in your performance after following step stated above.

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    Regularly run disk clean up of your all hard drive. Remove unnecessary programs from run in start up. Remove Remove unwanted programs specially those programs related to internet like games, which always ask you to being online. Disable the add-ons from internet browser. Always try to free the Hard drive from unwanted files specially the large ones. If Outlook express has too much email, this can be also creating problems. Sometime Antivirus slows the computer please check the anti virus setting or the right one for your operating system. Update your window operating system. I think with the above measures, it will be working fine.
    Farid Akhtar
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    Delete cookies in the internet explorer - tools and remove the temp files in the computer.

    Way to go:

    Internet Explorer - Tools - Options - Delete Browsing History

    Run - %temp%

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    krypt has given very good suggestions. One more thing I would like to add. You are using Windows XP with service pack 2. This window is great but has been outdated now. Microsoft no more release updates for this Windows Version. That may also the reason of slowing down.

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    You can increase your computer speed in following ways:
    i) You can get your RAM increases externally. You can upgrade it from 2GB to 4GB.
    ii) I think that there is some problem in your operating system. Windows XP and that too SP2 is now older about more than 10 years. You can install Windows 7.
    iii) You might have a antivirus which unintentionally slows down the computer speed aor internet speed.
    iv) Keep on deleting temporary files. For this click on Start menu then search for %temp% after this a window will appear with many useless contents. Delete all.

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    You can increase speed of computer by following ways,
    Hardware Upgrade
    You have to upgrade the hardware to higher version. This includes processor, motherboard, RAM.

    Software Upgrade
    Upgrade the operating system to next level. Like if you are using OS as XP, and then change to Windows 7.

    Below things also you can try,
    Delete the temporary files
    Delete the cookies
    don't store much data in C drive
    Uninstall the unwanted soft wares from your system
    identify the high CPU taking applications and if not required, uninstall those application
    Execute disk clean-up and disk fragment tools which is available on your system

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    Dear Friend, you can increase your computer speed by adopting following guidelines or suggestions.
    1. Delete all the temporary files under head "temp" from your computer memory.
    2. Increase the memory of the computer or the system you are using.
    3. Delete all the unsaved data from the desktop.
    4. Delete all the unsaved date from the "C" drive for fast functioning of the root drive and thereby least consumption of the memory.
    I hope above details will help you out.

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    Dear Sir,

    I would suggest you to go through my article on speeding up a computer by using a software called Glary Utilities.
    To view the article, click on this link - Glary Utilities. This will surely help you out.

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    Windows XP by default enables all visual effects if it thinks your PC can handle it, even PCs with 256mb of ram it enables it, some of these features are pointless and can be turned off without the loss of the eye candy.

    Right click my computer
    Click on settings under performance
    Disable all the visual effects except the last 3
    Click apply and OK
    OK again
    Right click your desktop
    Untick the first two boxes.

    You should now notice a great speed up in your PC without losing the visual effects of windows XP, off course you can disable them completely and notice an even greater speed up but some of you might want the blue and green look of windows XP.

    This is one trick for more

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