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    Best birthday gift for a girl

    Looking for some gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister or friend? Find out here some best birthday gifts for girls.

    Any gift ideas for someone who means a lot to me? I am in a fix what to give as Im not very good at deciding what fits and what not.
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    For a girl, as you have already mentioned that she means a lot to you, then you can simply gift her a giant 'Teddy Bear' of white colour. Just think about that, most of the girls do like a Teddy in White, and here you are gifting a giant sized Teddy to her. Such kind of gift will become special and ultra-memorable for her. Also you can add a nice jewellery piece or a nice outfit for her. It will surely impress her.

    Let me take you to the future: Suppose, you have now gifted this teddy+jewellery/dress to her. Now, she will hardly forget such a crazy and cute gift in her life. And also here she will not only remember the gift but also the person who had gifted her such a unique one. Just imagine, everytime her eyes go to that cute teddy in her room will make her remember those moments plus the time spent with her such a good friend.

    If the girl is an adult then you can also gift her a nice saree along with that 'teddy'. Remember! A Teddy (at least of 3 to 5" ft) can change the quality and specialty of your gift in her mind ..

    Good Luck to you!

    Ank Arya

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    To a lovely girl, we should present an item which will stay long physically and in her heart through out her life. I think this in my mind and choose my gifts. Such a presentation will also get carried forward with the generation. A very good baby doll will help to achieve our goal. I still keep a baby doll presented to my wife while she was a baby. About 10 years back, I presented a baby doll to a child. Still she remembers me. Whenever I meet her after a gap of one or two years, I ask her "Do you know me or forgotten this uncle". She would say,"No, uncle. How can I forget you. Your Baby doll is still safe in my show case".

    Do you understand the value of the gift "Baby doll"

    No life without Sun

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    You can gift a photo album with photos that will remind him/her of the sweet moments spent with you. You can gift a nice novel or a bestseller if he/she loves reading. A nice night lamp or lampshade, a wind chime, pen, photo frame, make-up kit, handy shaving set, a nice show piece are all good gift items. You can make a nice CD or a video with some lovely songs sung by you only for him/her. You can gift a nice painting made by you if you are good at fine arts. It is rainy these days, you can also gift water proof bags or boots. Last but not the least you can gift a coffee mug and give a great treat in one of the best restaurants he/she will never forget.

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    Hi, Girls like teddybears almost of the time. Select a cute pinky teddy bear and give to the girl.
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    Even i guess teddybear is the best option. But it costs more. If are do not want to spend much then give a 'Rose' :) with color which indicates the relationship between you people :)
    Thanks and Regards,

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    You can give your child many gifts wrapped in one gift box. Giving gift also depends on your budget and also on how old she is. You did not mention that.

    Best gift idea can be many gifts wrapped in a box. For example. Dress, hair clips, cosmetics which she uses, watch, gold items,shoes and everything else which she uses in day to day life wrapped in a single gift box . That will even be a surprise to her as before opening the gift she will think that you have gifted her only one gift. But after opening gift she will be very happy to see you gave him so many gifts.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Varsha Naik

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    Dear member,

    It is not easy for a boy to select a gift for a girl because generally it is much easier to empress boys rather than girls. Even a one cute smile for a boy is enough to empress (If girl give him) but after spending a lot a boy can't empress a girl well. Boy must spare some discretion rather than spare lot of money.

    I would love to share my love life. Might be this could help you to choose a gift for your girl. One day when I and my fiancée was just a boyfriend and girlfriend I did gifted her giant teddy and some red roses. She with a soft voice replied "I had also a giant teddy to hug, i.e. you, so I don't think you should spare your money and mind to seek a gift for me." "But I want to make my doll happy" I replied. She said "You could make me happy by giving me some sweet memories and jollied time, That is enough for make me happy". After those words I did never gift her anything. When I want to feel her happy I just plan for outing with lovely and memorable lunch/dinner.

    So as per my point of view if you want to make your girl feel special then you could give her your precious time because nothing is more valuable than time. Spend some good time with your girl and make your meeting as memorable as you can. Pick her up from her residence. Plan for a candle light dinner or a sea/river shore lunch. Gift her small and daily use things like perfume, chocolate, beautiful key ring etc. Drop her in her residence as well. Meet with her parents to show your care and respect for her parents too.

    Do it hope this gift would like by every girl.

    All the best

    With warm regards,
    Bhagat Singh

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    If you really love a girl, the perfect birthday gift for her would be how special you make her feel on that day. Some innovative birthday gift ideas for girlfriend, fiancee or wife would be:
    -Write down your feelings about her and how special she is for you on a paper and present it to her.

    -Give her a personalized birthday song containing her name by ordering it on meridhun website.

    -Prepare a short 10-minute video using windows movie maker containing her pictures from childhood till now (or any number of pictures that you have or can collect). You can insert some romantic background songs as well as some witty comments for the pictures that will appear in the video.

    -If you know her family well, you can plan to take them all out for lunch to celebrate her birthday or may be cut her birthday cake at home.

    -Do take her to a Temple, Church, Masjid, Gurudwara and any other nearby accessible religious place. You would want her to have blessings from everywhere on her special day.

    -You can gift her a nice mobile phone or mp3 player or ipod containing recordings of some of her favourite songs sung by you (you can record it at home and copy them in her gift).

    -You can arrange a small surprise celebration for her at a orphanage, where you can distribute some sweets, chocolates, clothes, books, etc. to kids and cut her birthday cake with the kids. You can invite over her special friends and cousins as well. Spending time with the kids will make her feel really special and wanted. Even the kids will love someone visiting them and having fun for sometime.

    -Gift her a flower plant.

    -If you are not spending the whole day with her, send her birthday wishes every hour in the form of SMS, emails, e-greetings, etc.

    -Call your local radio station and wish her via them by dedicating a special song for her.

    -You can spend a romantic evening together having a candle light dinner or perhaps have a surprise dinner party with her friends and family.

    Most of the above options are not expensive, but they will definitely make your girl feel very special. Hope you are able to spend quality time with her on her birthday.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    I think you should tell the age of your girl. In general, liking changes with time and age. Well, I'm agree with above members that Teddy in white is always liked by girls. I have some other suggestions which I believe all time hit:

    1. Clothes

    2. A hand bag

    3. Sandals

    4. Flowers

    5. God's statue like Sai baba or Radha Krishan


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    Dear member
    This is one of the cutest questions I have ever come across.Well girls are soft hearted and are much inclined towards aesthetics. So flowers are the best, be it yellow or red, they make her feel good. On a second thought chocolates, are all time favourites for girls. Many brands available in the market in great lovely packs. Next if you can afford pieces of jewellery are always welcome. Bracelets or small pendents of her initials or may be heart shaped will do it all. Perfumes are other must haves. Else you can go for hand bags, clutches as per the taste of that girl.
    And truly if I answer it you just carry a small rose bud and just be yourself, give her the most beautiful time that she would crave for again and again, and fill the day with ease, comfort, love and togetherness, keeping aside all else is just what pleases any girl.
    All the best.

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    Girls love Teddy Bear and also they want to ensure that you are treating them as a special person on the birth day. You can buy a teddy bear and take her to a nice hotel for dinner and at the end you can present it to her. Also remember to give a red rose before you present the gift. This is my personal experience.

    Good luck buddy.
    Have a nice time with your girl.

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    If she means a lot to you, just pen down gracefully a few reasons of she being special to you and believe, it would be a great choice. else just work on a collage of photographs of both of you, of he time spent together.
    don't bother your head so much into buying some girly and goody gifts for her. they are very common and do not depict true feelings, afterall. give her something that makes her feel special. this is actually what the girls want.

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    you did not mention the age. small Girls love Dress, Dolls, cooking toy set. Adult girls love Dress, make up sets, slippers, pens etc

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    The best birth day gift for girls:
    1.First wish by you.
    2.Bunch of rose flowers or ornamental flowers mostly pink color.
    3.varieties Chocolate box.
    4.Taking her to beautiful place,where she like very much as surprise gift
    5.Some girls like collection of dolls that will be a best birthday gift for her.
    6.If we do anything only special to her means she will be happy.

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    Just be on time, as seconds count here. No matter how much she sound simplistic but you need to buy a heavy gift wrapped in good cover and presented with lots of affection and you need to promise something more higher or close to impossible for the next one. My personal advise to you not to lie and for that you should work hard to get this things for her.
    Farid Akhtar
    ISC-Joined for fun but learn and earn.

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    The gift you are giving to her depends on what she likes. Generally every girl like the gift very much that I am suggesting you now.

    Take three or four best photographs of her. They should be solo photographs of her and no one else should be there in any photo. Then purchase a decent & plane coffee mug of large size. Go to the best photographer of your area, and tell him to print those photos on the out area of that coffee mug in a lovely way. I am sure that both of you will feel amazing to see that the printed mug.

    After that go to a coffee shop with her for having a cup of coffee. After ordering 2 coffees, stand up from your chair and give any alibi to her like you have to go to washroom and move towards the waiter. Give the printed mug to the waiter and tell him to serve her the coffee in the same mug. I am sure that she will have the tears of happiness after observing what the love u have given her in those few moments. She will never forget it.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Unlimited gift things for a girl. Nowaday, the best one is mobile phone or smart phone with good scheme. Secondary is, readymade clothes, watches, make-up items and so on.

    Latest gifts are available in the current market, do not give the same letter, wishes card, flower bouqette and so on.

    Roohana M.

    "Smile, it adds your face value".

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    We cant expect what they are going to do when we give a piece of diamond or other valuable things for her birthday maybe you will get a kiss.But its old school and now adays girls are not intrested in that kind of stuffs.They want simple attractive stuffs.A Handmade flower made by you will be valuable for her than a piece of ring.Only a simple thing can only impress a girls mind.I prefer to give her a tiny flower made by red paper by you.Kneel down infront of her and give it to her surely it will impress her and she will be your forever.

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    The best birthday gift for girlfriend is totally concerned on the LOVE.
    If you are able to give her your love on that day I think that would be the best birthday gift of her.

    Parents and babies will love the hand-picked selection that includes adorable baby hoodies, keepsake photo frames, classic rocking horses and more.

    Make her sweet 16 birthday extra special with our hand-picked gifts for teen girls including personalized keepsake jewelry, fun horoscope wall tiles, birthstone jewelry and mani-pedi spa certificates.

    @ check my English
    With Regards
    Bovendra Singh Bhati

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