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    Which is the best permanent part time Home based online job without investment

    Looking for online part time earning websites or jobs? Here are the best online part time jobs to earn money without any investment.

    I am a 10+2 graduate. Im good at physics, chemistry and maths. I have good communications and writing skills in both Hindi and English, and also a good command over both the languages. Also, I have a proper internet connection at home.
    I waste everyday several hours on the internet searching for a part time job of my level in which I don't need to invest. Yes, I can pay from 350 to 450 rupees if the job really offers a good salary with guarantee. I registered into many US based websites for job, but they later ask for huge investment up to 5000 rupees. Being a student, I cant trust someone like that.

    Please help me out so that I can start with a trusted company. Currently Im doing my with the computer Science as my stream, and in need of a part time home based online job as soon as possible!

    With regards,
    Aishwarya, 19
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    Hi Aishwarya,
    I would suggest you to keep yourself away from the various sites without analyzing the same. If you want to make money online, You can write good articles here in ISC and you will get payment between Rs. 0 to 100 depending upon the quality of your article. In addition to this, you can also participate in the various contests held by ISC and make efforts and try your luck.

    Also after getting Google approval, you will be able to earn good enough in your part time. For that you will have to achieve gold level and satisfy some additional conditions.

    You can also design your own blog and contribute daily in it , good articles.

    Permanent as such you will not be able to find online, as one cannot give guarantee for how much time the particular website will exist.

    You can also post Question papers, Answer ask expert questions, write reviews of different schools and colleges and can participate actively on ISC for earning purpose.

    Apart from that, you can refer Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and How to earn online articles which would help you enough to earn.

    I am hereby mentioning, some of the methods through which you can work on internet :
    1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. Blogging
    3. Freelancing
    4. Paid to Click sites
    5. Earning money by uploading files.
    6. Online Consulting
    7. Survey Sites.
    8. Data Entry Jobs
    9. E- tutoring
    10.Google ad sense

    Although, before contributing your efforts to these things, You should make sure that the site is not fake.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Varsha Naik

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    It is important to utilize the time spent online to earn money doing home-based online jobs. Good part-time online jobs which require no monetary investment are as under:
    -Be a regular member at IndiaStudyChannel and make useful contributions in various sections. At ISC, you can learn as well as earn. After writing few quality resource articles and becoming a gold member, you can apply for google adsense and start earning in two ways: via ISC and via adsense.

    -Since you are good in few subjects, you can easily become an online tutor on websites like tutorvista and teach. This way you will improve your command over the subject and also earn good money.

    -You can become a freelancer on websites like "odesk" and "freelancer", which pay you to complete small tasks in a variety of areas. You can bid for tasks in your strong areas and complete them easily earning money in the process.

    -You can also earn through your own blog site and by uploading original interesting videos at youtube through youtube partnership program.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Friend, is fake website.Do not lo gin there. This one of most popular fake website. You can see this by rechecking in Google.
    I feel try to write more and more articles here and on similar sister site will be more helpful.

    Chitra Rana

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    Being a regular member of INDIASTUDYCHANNEL and utilising the opportunities which it provides can help you earn decent amount of money and also it does not require any investment. It is absolutely free of cost.

    After writing few quality resource articles and becoming a gold member, you can apply for google adsense and start earning in two ways: via ISC and via adsense.

    You can design your own blog and contribute daily in it by posting good articles.

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    Hello Aishwarya

    According to my point of view searching a good online part time job which provide you regular money for daily requirements is very tough job. But you are at right place for making money without investment. Yes I am talking about the ISC.
    First suggestion for you, ISC is the best platform for making money online without investment and there are lots of sections where you can share your knowledge and win prices and cash credits with extra income by Google AdSense.
    Google AdSense account provide you more money and regular money and through ISC you easily get approved AdSense account.

    Second option for you make a blog on Blogger or on WordPress, on that topic or subject in which field you are expert and you think you may provide best knowledge others because if it is old concept and copy paste material then no one can view your blog. When your blog goes to popular then make an Google AdSense account and linked with it, you also use Kontera adds for same. This provide you full time money and good one online job.

    Third and also good option for you for part time job is online tuition to US based students for physics, mathematics, statistic and for more subjects.But you need broad band connection with webcam and fluent English. You can earn more than regular job money by 3-4 hour online tuition.

    Rajendra Singh
    I am not the BEST,
    but I am not like the REST........

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    Hi Aishwarya
    Affiliate marketing is one the best way for part time Home based online job without investment
    First of all, let me tell you that there are many affiliate programs in the market and people are making huge money out of it. You can choose Amazon affiliate program for both India and US. If your website gets a lot of traffic from this two countries then it can convert well. There are other platforms like Cinchbucks referral program, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Click Bank etc. which provides too many options to choose products from. Depending on your website's content and the kind of visitors you get, you can choose affiliate links for the products from here.


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