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    I need a name for our new home. Please help.

    Are you moving in a new house? Looking for a name for your new home? Get lots of unique house names here from our experts.

    Hi friends,

    We are shifting to a new home next month. We have been debating many house names, but we cant decide on a single name. We cant find a single name that we all like alike. Can anyone suggest a nice name for our new house? Sanskrit or Hindu house names will be the most suitable for us. Please suggest some beautiful house names with good meanings and sounds good. Please mention the meaning of the name along when you post a name. Thanks in advance.
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    Please search in this site. I think this site will help you.

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    Ghar Meeta Ghar- Home sweet home

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    Below are some suggestions for house name:
    1. Shiv- shakti sadan : A house where Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati reside.

    2. Matri-Bhavan: A house of mother

    3. Lakshmi sadan/ Sri sadan: A house where devi Lakshmi resides.

    4. Pratiksha: A place to wait

    5. Gyan bhavan/Gyan sadan: A house full of knowledge


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    We were going through the same problem few months back. I'd suggest you some of the best ones we shortlisted.

    1.Gokulam - Lord Krishna's dwelling place

    2.Samvardhani - Good things keeps growing. So as your house.

    3.Surabhi - Lovely, Charming and pleasing. It is also the other name of Hindu-Goddess Lakshmi and the bovine Goddess Kamadhenu

    4.Kalpataru - This is the other name of 'Wishing Tree'(Kalpaga Vruksham). It says that your house will reciprocate all your wishes.

    Hope this would be useful.
    All the best!

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    Naming of home is very great work because it remains forever with house. Some names are here-
    Anmol means priceess
    Bhuvi means heaven.
    Divya means divine.
    Jahan means world.
    Megh means cloud.
    Tejas means bright.
    Natraj means shiva.


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    Please, I think the best name your new home will be gurukrupa or vishwas.Remember the meaning of these two words are very hear-touching.

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    I am suggesting some names of the house with meaning. Hope you would like that-

    1.Aalayam = Home

    2.Aastha = Faith

    3.Aavaas = Home

    4.Aikya = Unity

    5.Bhuvi = Heaven

    6.Darpana = Mirror

    7.Ekaparnika = Goddess Durga

    8.Ekta = Unity

    9.Ela = Earth

    10.Ganesa = Good luck

    11.Ihita = Desire

    12.Jatan = Nurturing

    13.Navita = New

    14.Ikunj = Bird nest

    15.Nilaya = Home

    16.Nithya = Eternal

    17.Nivas = Dwelling place

    18.Nivriti = Bliss

    19.Nivati = Destiny

    20.Utpal = The beginning

    All the best!!

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    As I am devotee of Lord Venkateswara Swami, I suggest you Sri Nivasam
    Sri means Lakshmi and Nivasam means residence.
    Thus, the word "Sri Nivasam" means the residence of Lakshmi.
    I think you may like it, as every one of fond of Lord Lakshmi Devi.

    Uma Peri

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    Mathru Chaya- Shadow of Mother

    Mathru Krupa- Blessings of Mother

    Vrindavana- The Garden in Heaven

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Here are some names of houses as per your requirement:

    1.Aavaas = Home

    2.Rochi = Light

    3.Sannidhi = holy place, temple

    4.Yahvi = Heaven, Earth

    5.Ronak = brightness, radiance

    6.Vrishab = Excellent

    7.Rohana = sandalwood

    8.Aastha = faith

    9.Nabanipa = A new flower

    10.Bhuvi = Heaven

    11.Mithila = Sita devi's birth place

    12.Illam = Home

    13.Iyla = Moonlight

    14.Idha = Insight

    15.Iha = Wish

    16.Ihita = Desire

    17.Advaitham-Non duality

    18.Nirvana-Free from personal soul from the physical world

    19.Niranjanam-Pure,free from falsehood


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