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    Shortcuts for quantitative aptitude solving

    Find how to the shortcut methods for quantitative aptitude and problem solving questions. Discover how to answer quantitative aptitude questions quickly in a competitive exam.

    I am in need of shortcuts to solve aptitude.I know how to solve the problems but time is insufficient for me to solve all the problems when I appear for aptitude test. Please anyone tell me the short cuts and tricks to solve the quantitative aptitude and easy problem solving techniques.
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    As you have said that you can solve all the problem and the only problem that you are facing is the time taken, I assume that your basics are clear. Now we do have a lot of books that provide tips as to how we can solve a given problem in a faster way.

    But the key point lies in remembering those techniques, so you need to go through them over and over again.

    Also the difficulty of quantitative problems that we are talking about varies from exam to exam, depending on which one you are giving.

    For CET and all you may refer R S Aggarwal.
    For CAT you may go for Arun Sharma.

    The above mentioned books give a methodical way to answer each question and also gives tricks as to how to solve a given problem quicker.

    Hope this helps.

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    Follow the below tips to be able to solve quantitative aptitude questions (to be successful in various competitive exams like CAT, MH-CET, XAT, GMAT, etc.):

    -Most important thing is to believe that there is a solution to every problem: quantitative or logical reasoning or IQ based. Use simple logic and treat each question on it's merit.

    -Start doing yoga and meditation as they help to increase your concentration prowess and also help gaining control over your mind and thereby sharpen your thinking.

    -Start referring R.S.Agarwal book for Quantitative Aptitude and Problem solving. This book contains all the shortcuts to solve majority of the questions that are asked in various competitive exams and also in several aptitude tests conducted by some companies to recruit college freshers.

    -Make sure all your basics of Mathematics (like numbers, tables, algebraic equations, etc.) are strong.

    -Write down all formulae and shortcut tricks (as described in R.S.Agarwal book) in your own notebook and refer to it regularly.

    -Try to solve some puzzles for fun from puzzle books by Shakuntala Devi and also start taking interest in solving Sudoku puzzles.

    -Refer the various aptitude questions posted on IndiaStudyChannel.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Refer to quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning books to find the shortcuts. The books written by R.S. Agarwal will prove to be a great help.

    Also, practice will make you perfect to solve the aptitude questions quickly. So, try to solve more and more variety of questions.

    When practicing, keep a clock with you and set a time limit. Try to solve maximum questions to increase your question solving speed.

    You can also take help on online aptitude test to test your basic knowledge. This will also help you in improving you thinking capability.


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    Hi Abi,

    As you have pointed out, yes the time management is very essential for solving the aptitude test. I myself being the aptitude trainer and have trained more than 4000 students in my career. So I think it would be very helpful for you if I tell those tricks how to solve the aptitude test very quickly.

    First of everything, you must follow the formulae and some shortcut methods while solving the problems either from your book or from your trainer. For most of the questions we are solving in the aptitude have shortcut formulae. So it would be nice if you study those shortcut formulae while you are preparing for the aptitude. What if some problems have no short cut formulae? Yes few aptitude questions will not be provided with any shortcut formulae. We have to solve it by actual step by step procedure. But there is a trick which is used by many aptitude trainer and students who solve aptitude questions for such kind of questions. The trick which I am talking here is the "Practice". Yes one should practice the question which usually takes more time to solve. When one practices the question many times, they will feel the easiness and fastness in the way of answering. So finally your goal will be achieved.

    Don't try to practice the same question again and again. You will not be provided in the test or any exams with the same question that you are practicing. So practice more similar question of that pattern or the topic.
    Consider if you are solving the aptitude question which deals with the blood relations topic. You will find very difficult to solve when you are practicing it first. Later, when you have practiced more such problems which are related to blood relations, then you will find little easiness and quickness in the way of answering your questions. Let's try practicing more similar problems of each pattern and surely you will find that you are attempting many questions in much less time. Practicing many times is the only key to answer the aptitude questions in very short time. There is no other go. You feel that you are taking too much time to solve some problems only when you have not practiced many such similar problems at all. You would have jumped to other topics once you have understood to some extent as you might be in hurry for your interviews.

    Follow what I have said here, you will feel surely by your heart that you got the answer for your question in this forum.

    I think the article "How to prepare for the Aptitude" will be very helpful to you. Also if you want to get some interview procedures and eligibility ideas, see this article "Interview Experience in TCS"

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    This is what I do when I want to crack an aptitude test.This is from a person point of view similar like you :

    If you are trying to clear an aptitude test for an IT job go through the previous 5 years question papers of companies like ( Infosys,Amazon,CTS,Wipro,CTS ).Try solving them and recognize the patterns which they usually follow.Keep solving 2 papers every day and in additional keep solving some puzzles every day to keep your brain busy.I bet if you can answer 60% of the question you can clear the Written Exam.

    If you are preparing for CAT/XAT etc please analyze what sections are you really strong.For example if strong in logical reasoning or Quant or Data Interpretation please give more time for them in your preparation.

    The most important strength of human brain is to understand resemblances.So try solving as much as problems you can from books,internet.Once you can relate any question you can easily and quickly find an answer.

    Shortcuts for formulae or any other tricks from the book are not of real great help.Try solving in your natural way and cut down your time understading the question or deviating from the question or throw a probability on it.

    The most important thing is to believe your self and to be confident on your solution.

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