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    How to increase height at the age of 20?

    My age is 20 and I feel very short.I used to try every possible things that I can do for overcoming this. But all in vain. I need to know the exact nutrition and excercises required to add some extra inches to my height. So please tell me the valuable instructions to follow for achieving some extra height.
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    First you need to understand the fact that height of an individual is inherited and is decided by the genetic factor. Hence, if there is a family history of short stature, then it might be difficult to increase the height. Even otherwise in some individuals the growth stunts due to some reasons. However, though it is not that easy to increase in height as this age but yet is is not impossible too and hence if your are really serious about increasing your height, here are few ways of improving your height at the age of twenty:

    • The most important thing to be kept in mind is to consume high nutritious food which is balanced and healthy. As intake of healthy food solves many of the health problems and keeps the body in good condition. So take foods that are rich in proteins and reduce the carbohydrate content in the food
    • The next important thing for increasing the height is a regular physical exercise. This is another important thing which helps in increasing the height of an individual. So involve yourself in regular physical exercises like cycling, running / jogging and stretching exercises like pull-ups. For this you can hang yourself by holding the shades of windows and doors and keep stretching yourself
    • Even involve yourself in games like volleyball and basketball, shuttle or tennis / squash and the like where you need to keep stretching your body and such a stretching helps in increasing the height. Nothing else can help in increasing the height than these games
    • Other simple things to be followed in life are, in case you happen to live in apartments, use stairs for going up and down instead of using the elevator. Similarly avoid too much use of vehicles instead you can walk to nearby places or go by cycling to for nearby areas. This will not only help in increasing your height but also help in conservation of resources as well.
    • Also avoid using fast foods as these put the body weight and thus give an obese appearance to the body which in turn makes the body look shorter. Moreover, these are not even good for health.
    • Avoid the consumption of soft / carbonated drinks as these will result in loss of appetite and thus stops you from taking healthy and nutritious food which is a must for increasing the height
    • You can also involve yourself in strenuous / extensive work which helps in burning out calories and removing unwanted fat from the body
    • Avoid leading a sedentary / lethargic life instead make life as active as possible

    If you strictly follow the above mentioned ways of increasing height, you might be successful in growing in height

    Thanks & Regards

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    Nowadays, anybody can become taller in certain age if he/she concentrate some regular exercise including running for a long distance.

    Swimming is considered as a good exercise and helps for becoming taller in certain age.

    Having protein and vitamins food in a particular age will help his/her personality and possible for taller.

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    Growth of height is depends upon genetics. At the age of 20 there are very few chances to grow your height Stretching excercise may increase half inch height after long period. Your height grow stop when grow plates of your bone closed. Some peoples also growes after their teens. Go to your doctor to know that is there any absence of growth harmone. There is a process of growing called Artificial stretching in which your bones are broken and steel rods are attached and succesfull.

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    The important thing is that height depend on hormones. For girls growing stop by 15 years and for boys growing stops by 18 years, this is because of hormonal changes taking place in the human body. Hormonal changes results in changes in vocal cord and also stop growing taller. That is the reason, we often find people around growing till 18 year only. It is very different to grow at this age but it is not impossible to grow.
    To grow taller follow the following step:
    Take a lot of protein content food.
    Proteins are body builder, they help to grow taller and also gives the body a good structure.
    Proteins are rich in non-vegetarian food like fish, frowns, eggs and Dal also contains high amount of proteins.
    Eat lot of dry fruits.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Don't only depend on proteins because protein content spoils kidneys.
    Eat a balance diet. A balance diet consist of carbohydrates,proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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    First, I would like to inform you that at the age of 20 an individual has very minimal chances of increasing the height. But my friend you can even has chances to increase the height by following some tips and instructions in a regular mode. Eating Nutrition food containing leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, carrot beetroot, drinking milk and doing regular exercises will help you in terms of increasing the height. Exercises should include running, climbing walls and pull ups and you have to be always fit physically. By following them regularly you can increase the height but no need of getting worry if your height won't increases after doing so, height is not important for getting success and reaching heights in your life. Follow the principle of Hard-work, commitment and dedication whether in studies or at job, surely you will get success.
    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    Your height mainly depends upon your hereditary factors and it is totally controlled by genes which determine how much you should grow and till what age you should grow.Studies have shown that a person can keep growing till his of age of 22.This might be not possible in everyone's case but you can still try out different techniques and with good nutrition.If you are so much concerned about your height then you can follow these steps.

    > Try to consume balanced nutritious food that includes protein,good quality carbs,vitamins,fibrous fruits and vegetables.Stay away from junk foods.

    > You can play sports such as basketball,volleyball,swimming and stretching exercises which can really help you to increase your height.

    > Consume calcium rich foods because your bones need calcium to grow.It can also help you prevent osteoporosis.

    > Cultivate the habit of good posture.Sit straight and avoid hunching your back because this can interfere with your growing spine.

    > Make sure you take in enough zinc to meet all your body requirements.Studies have shown that deficiency in zinc can lead to stunted growth in children.If you cant consume enough food with zinc then you can try for supplements that include zinc.

    > Yoga is a good way of stretching your body from every possible angle which relaxes both your body and mind.It can also boost your confidence level.

    > If you have tried everything and still have no results then you can consult a doctor for growth hormone replacement therapy for adults who are GH deficient which are prescribed as injections.

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    Hi friend,
    To increase height at this i will suggest you some of best ways:


    YOGA is the best way to increase.You will surely get result start doing height increasing yoga and see the results yourself.


    Apart from yoga i will prefer you to drink lots of water,intake diet rich in protien and proper sleeping habits that will help too.


    Go for a walk atleast 3 mile and also sprint a little and after returning from cardios immediately drink milk added with some mashed banana also add little salt.Trust me this will surely help.


    Everyday do some exercises hang for half of minutes 5 to 6 times,do some pull ups also.

    Hope these ways will help you.

    With regards

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